Today begins Senator John Warner’s first day as a civilian in many a year. Graduate of Washington and Lee University, Senator Warner’s connections run far and wide. The 81 year old senator is a former fraternity brother of Virginia’s first Republican governor since Reconstruction, Governor Lynwood Holton. Holton’s daughter is married to VA Governor Tim Kaine.

Confused yet? Senator Warner served as Navy Secretary under Richard Nixon. He and Lynwood Holton remained friends when they both competed in the Republican Senate primary in 1978. Senator Warner was married briefly to Hollywood movie star Elizabeth Taylor who just didn’t take too well to Virginia political life.

Senator John Warner has been a US Senator for 30 years. He is known for being bi-partisan and putting country and state before party politics. He refused to endorse Ollie North in his bid U.S. Senate because he felt he was unfit for office. He opposed the Iraq War after a trip from the Middle East. He said the war was adrift.

While Senator Warner will be replaced by another Senator Warner, Senator Mark Warner, the new Senator stated:

“This is a good man, and he reflects the best of public service,” said Mark R. Warner (D), the former Virginia governor who will replace John Warner at noon tomorrow — and who so admires his Republican predecessor that he has asked the older Warner to escort him onto the Senate chamber floor. “He just oozes Virginia in the best way possible. I may be succeeding him, but I’m not replacing him. He’s not replaceable.”

Many stories were bandied about Senator John Warner as he exited the Capital after 30 years of service. His old frat brother former VA Governor Lynwood Holton tells his favorite:

One of Holton’s favorite stories dates back to his term as governor in the early 1970s, after Nixon had promoted Warner to secretary of the Navy. A Navy ship had crashed into the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, which connects Virginia Beach to the Eastern Shore, and Holton rang up his old friend.
“John, you broke my bridge,” the governor said.
“Ah know,” Warner replied.
And then, Holton said, the Navy fixed it.

Most of all, Senator John Warner is a Virginia gentleman and statesman. He will be sorely missed in the Senate.

To read more about this beloved Senator click the link to the Washington Post.

6 Thoughts to “A Fond Farewell to Senator John Warner: Virginia Gentleman”

  1. Marie

    Although Senator Warner is a fine man, I am glad to see him retire. I am opposed to anyone holding an elected position for 30 years. I did not know being elected to public office was suppose to turn into a career.

    I have written many letters to Senator Warner regarding immigration reform and I can tell you from his response to me, he is against immigration reform. I think his votes on the issue speak for themselves.

  2. ISO Decency

    I did not agree with Senator John Warner all the time but I did think he was a very decent Senator who others respected. Doesn’t he have a mansion somewhere around here?

    He always represented himself and his state well and he never gave in to all the political back-biting.

  3. To be a gentleman also means to be a better man. Since the 19th century, the meaning of gentleman has exist. Simply just by walking her home, open the door for her, have her seated before you are etiquette of a gentleman the modern century!

  4. Moon-howler

    Thanks Pinklady. These days anything that elevates knuckle-dragging is a bonus.

    I agree with ISO. John Warner always seemed to rise about it and I think he was a ‘better man.’

  5. Gainesville Resident

    I also think John Warner was a good man and seemed to be a cut above most politicians. I hope he has a good long life in retirement.

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