A friend emailed me and asked me about my supposed political affection for Terry McAuliffe after the weekend post here. I had to explain that I had none, no more than I had to Moran or Deeds. McAuliffe just came on the scene with a sonic boom. Today I received some literature on Brian Moran that is full of his endorsements. He touts his Northern Virginia roots. I will attempt to post material from all three major candidates for Governor of Virginia as more material becomes available.

More on Brian Moran from the Sungazette 1/8/09

Brian Moran: Governor 2009

Yesterday, we wrapped up a statewide tour where Brian rolled out dozens of prominent endorsements with the announcement of progressive Democrats in Arlington. Grassroots leaders are coming out for Brian all over the state. Here are some clips from yesterday’s event:

Washington Post: Moran gets Support in Arlington. “Former Del. Brian J. Moran (D) received a slew of endorsements from elected leaders in Arlington County today in his race for governor. Those endorsing Moran cited his proven record of leadership in Virginia and his record of fighting for families. They include members of the General Assembly, Board of Supervisors and School Board, the commissioner of the revenue, clerk of court, treasurer and commonwealth’s attorney.” Full article.

Hotline: The Battle for Northern Virginia. “…a series of NoVa endorsements that his team believes will show he is the homegrown candidate. Moran, an Alexandria resident who resigned his seat to run for governor, will announce today that a majority of Arlington County officials are backing his candidacy.” Full article.

Times Dispatch: Moran Emphasizes Northern VA Roots. “Brian Moran is returning to his Northern Virginia home from a statewide swing, armed with endorsements…. Moran appears in Arlington County, where he began his political career as a prosecutor two decades ago. Moran expects to pick up the support of the majority of the county’s elective officials. Though Moran is backed by big-name Democrats across the state, he is emphasizing his Northern Virginia roots. In the run-up to the holidays, Moran was endorsed by most of the elective officials in Loudoun County, an outer suburb of Washington, D.C., which is becoming a Democratic bulwark.” Full Article.

With all these endorsements, Brian is proving what we all already knew – he has the grassroots support. These local party leaders know what it takes to win in every corner of Virginia, and they know Brian is the one to back if we’re going to keep the Governor’s office.

See you on the campaign trail!

[email from Mame Reiley with the Moran campaign]

34 Thoughts to “Brian Moran heads back to NOVA armed with endorsements”

  1. You could try to be fair you know. What about Bob McDonnell?

  2. Moon-howler

    What about him? Is he running in a primary? Do you see anything about Deeds up yet?

    Don’t you have a website? Bet I won’t see anything objective about any of the 3 democrats running in the primary there.

    You could try being more polite to me. You know the old adage about honey catching more flies than vinegar.

  3. Moon-howler

    That was easy to check up on, PWConservative. That’s my problem with you people. You are such frigging hypocrites. I don’t see any coverage of the Democratic Primary or even mention that there are 3 people running. Yet you snipe at me that I am not fair.

    The thing is, I don’t expect you to have fair and balanced coverage. Don’t expect this blog to compensate for your inadequacies.

  4. NotGregLeteicq

    I have to admit, when Peewee dropped by a few days ago to pimp for McDonald, I had to look him up to see who he was talking about.

    Interesting though, because if once again we have a Republican in waiting while an interesting Democratic primary runs it course, it might mean McDonald is in a hole before he starts.

  5. Moon-howler

    NGL, I think McDonnell is the only Republican show in town at the moment. Since this week all the Democratic contenders seem to be announcing, I have been trying to cover each of them as they announce. I still have nothing on Mr. Deeds. When I get it, I will post something.

    What I got so grumpy about is the snipping that I wasn’t being fair. Translation: whine. Then when I go check out Peewee’s website to see if he was being ‘fair’….Bwaaaahahahahahaha. Yea, right. Deeds? Moran? Who are they? Yup, its the hypocrisy that just nails it for me every time. Throw in that this blog is bi-partisan, it was late, and I just got snarling pitbull syndrome. Maybe the Republican Blog Mistress here will run a piece of McDonnell. I probably won’t now.

  6. IVAN

    M-H, Slightly off the topic; Jeff Fredericks has announced that he is not running for re-election for his house of del. seat from the 52nd district. I know his district encompasses part of PWC. Will this effect many of our readers? Is there anyone we know who might consider a run for this seat? Could anyone on the BOCS with political aspirations be eying a run for this office? Inquiring minds want to know.

  7. Moon-howler

    Ivan, when did he announce this and where did you hear it? What is the reason?

    Are you thinking that Mr. Deep Cuts Stewart might be eyeing that seat? Would Corey even want a lowly delegate seat? I thought he aspired to the governors office.

  8. Information Only...

    Map is located on vpap.org
    It consists of southern Rt.234 and the Rt. 1 Corridor.

  9. IVAN

    M-H, I saw the announce on Jan. 6 on http://www.bluecommonwealth.com. Apparently he has decided to honor his pledge to not run again after being named RPV chairman. Corey may not be too confident of re-election to the BOCS Chair in 2011. He may try to stike while he still thinks he has a base of support out there. At least this will put him in some small place of influence on the State level.

  10. NotGregLeteicq

    I prefer Fredericks as the GOP Chair for PWC. He can do less damage to the Commonwealth that way (and more damage to his party).

  11. Alanna

    Hold-up I really like PWConservative. He’s one of the only Republicans that I can agree with on pretty much everything. 🙂 I do miss reading his blog, last I checked it was last updated mid-December with the shoe throwing Arab using Bush’s head for target practice. Let me see what we can find on Bob McDonnell. If he’s not an anti-immigrant nutcase then I’ll give him a fair shake.

  12. Moon-howler

    Alanna, then he needs to behave himself and not snipe at me. PeeWee that is. And you know that your agreement statement has me clutching my throat as in, “Hold on Elizabeth, here comes the big one!”

    Ladies, gentlemen, and black velvets! Please read the statement Alanna just made and think twice before you all do the shrill,, shrieking girlie-sounding liberal squawk on her again.

  13. Moon-howler

    Isn’t Frederick the one that made some horrible racial gaffe? Ivan, can you refresh our collective memories about Frederick really putting his foot in his mouth big time?

  14. IVAN

    Just prior to the Nov. election, Frederick was addresing some Rep. volunteers before they went out canvasing voters. As the story goes, he stood up on a chair and told them to remind all those they spoke with that Obama and Bin Ladin had friends in common.

  15. IVAN

    And furthermore, he also referred to Colin Powell’s endorsement of Obama as a “cowardly act.”

  16. NotGregLeteicq

    Not really a racial gaffe though.

  17. Moon-howler

    Arrggghhhhh. Thanks Ivan. That was a pretty nasty comment, for sure. NGL, you are right, not a racial gaffe. I just couldn’t remember.

    Didn’t someone major in the party admonish Frederick for his bad taste? Are you sure he didn’t do more than that?

  18. Behave Myself?
    I thought this blog was simply pro-immigration and not a mouthpiece for the democrat’s, I of course am openly biased toward McDonnell considering He is the only pro-life candidate. Excuse Me for wanting to prevent the murder of of over a million babies a year, Including the 250,000+ Abortions performed on Hispanic babies. It would seem that as such a “Compassionate” Person that You would agree with this position.

    The Holidays are over so I’m back to posting regularly.

  19. Moon-howler

    No, the Anti blog discusses local, state and national events. We do not just discuss immigration issues and we have never described ourselves as pro-immigration. We are anti-fear being used to intimidate and harass residents. We do support the 287G program.

    During the election I tried to treat all candidates equally. I might not have succeeded but I did try. I am not the ‘Compassionate’ person. That would be Alanna. Compassionate Conservative. We are not a mouthpiece for the Democrats or the Republicans. People from both parties are welcome here. We also do not take an official blog position on abortion. The three administrators all have different points of view.

    I hope this clarifies and I do respond much better to please and thank you.

  20. Rick James (it's a celebration bitch, enjoy yourself)

    So if moonhowler isn’t the compassionate one may I venture to call her the cold hearted bitch of antibvbl.net?

  21. Rick James (it's a celebration bitch, enjoy yourself)

    So if moonhowler isn’t the “compassionate” one, I would assume that she is the resident coldhearted bitch of antibvbl

  22. Moon-howler

    Perhaps. You going to stick your hand in her cage to find out? 😉

  23. Rick James

    The Name calling is not cool, Only ignorant lowlives with a limited vocabulary use the B Word.

    Hilarious Response, Remind Me to carry mace if Your around.

  24. Moon-howler

    Thanks PWConservative. I spoke with Alanna and she is going to do the piece on McDonnell. I just put up the Deeds blurb. I had to hunt for it. I would suggest putting up something about McDonnell after the frenzy of the primary is over. He is running unopposed, isn’t he? I like it that the Dems and Republicans are equally consistent. Someone from each party jumped on me over this one. 😉

  25. Cat Scratch Fever

    rickjames-I’m sure she’ll view that as a “badge of honor” 😉

  26. McDonnell is running unopposed and He has a message that is well worth taking a look at, He has a very pragmatic approach to the issues and has an exciting (For me because I’m a senior in HS) plan to drastically reduce tuition for Virginia Students.

  27. Moon-howler

    I am sure all the parents with kids approaching college will be VERY interested in hearing about drastically reducing tuition for in-state students. Alanna will get to him soon.

  28. Firedancer

    PWConservative, does McDonnell’s stand also include in-state tuition for high school grads who are in the process of legalizing their status? If you are truly a high school senior, then you have friends who are excellent students, maybe even valedictorians, who are not going to be able to go to college because they don’t have legal status yet. Not that I would ever vote for McDonnell anyway since I am a diehard Dem.

  29. It depends on the definition of “Legalizing” Yes I have friends that are Legal Resident’s that would have the tuition discount applied to them, But I don’t know of any illegal immigrants at my school, Children of Illegals?, Yes. But as I said, They are resident’s or in College on a student visa and they can get in state tuition, Only most of them are going to Community College because of the astronomical tuition increases under Warner and Kaine, that make regular college unaffordable, Remember that under Gilmore, In-State tuition was frozen, Warner lifted it, In fact education availability was the most talked about issue at the RPV Advance at the Homestead.

    I am of the opinion that restricting education to Children of Illegal Immigrant’s is meant to keep them in the working class sector, This allows them to be exploited politically and financially. If they become educated they learn english right?
    Isn’t that the biggest complaint of the deportation crowd? It is a good reason, They should learn English, But that becomes near impossible if you cut off education availability, If they don’t speak English, It’s easier to turn public sentiment against the immigrants, (the Majority of whom are illegal)

    McDonnell has a history of taking a pragmatic approach to immigration not an ideological one.

  30. Moon-howler

    Thank you for your thoughtful remarks, PWC. I want as many young people educated as possible. It is in our country’s best interests.

    You are correct. When people are held down in the working class sectors, it does make it easier to exploit. Let’s not do that to kids.

    As for Kaine and Warner, I think they had to take the cap off those tuition costs. Actually, Virginia’s state college and university system is seen many places as a bargain.

  31. Firedancer

    PWC, I found your comment interesting about not knowing of any illegal immigrants in your school. Of course the students don’t talk about it so you wouldn’t know. It’s also funny your automatic assumption that they are new arrivals who don’t speak English. I know many, many high school students who have been in Virginia since elementary school, who speak fluent English, whom you would never guess were not U.S. native-born. And they are super, incredible students who can’t afford to go to college.

    Restricting these students’ educational opportunities is meant to punish the parents, but the effect is to keep the children in the working class sector, as you said.

    I would be shocked if McDonnell supports in-state tuition for undocumented students. No way would he be the darling of Virginia Republicans if that were the case. I’ll await Alanna’s thread to find out.

  32. Firedancer

    By the way, PWC, please don’t go around asking them now. It’s nobody’s business.

  33. All of My Hispanic friends in school are either US Citizens or Resident’s, A friend from work though is here illegally and My comment about Non-English speaking immigrant’s was meant primarily for Manual Laborer’s, I’ve met some that have been here for 20 years and still can’t speak English. That is a problem.

  34. Moon-howler

    PWConservative, I am not sure they are showing you their true face. Additionally, adults don’t need to speak English in certain jobs.

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