167 Thoughts to “WP: Stay at Home Moms (featuring Elena, Katherine & Myself)”

  1. ShellyB

    Apparently some of the last remaining faithful on BVBL are having a hard time coping with an African American President plus a front page article hailing stay-at-home Moms/activists Alanna, Elena, and Katherine.

    They must be tearing at their own faces, reducing themselves to a puddle of blood, as they try to notch up the hate beyond the hate they’ve sustained for two years.

    They don’t know how else to cope with January 20, 2009, and it’s just going to get worse for them every day afterward for 8 years.

    I love it!

  2. Juturna

    They should implode soon.

  3. Picayune

    Poor old ch!cko the sicko has done some shape shifting. Throw that guy a banana. He is going to end up being a cheetah next.

  4. Picayune

    That’s mighty quick shape-shifting. I suppose that was more like cloning. How is that banana? Is it true that cheetah’s don’t change their spots?

  5. black velvet reporter

    Lots of criticism of Alanna and Elena for their activism because they are mothers. Mothers have changed the world over the course of history because they want a better world for their children.

    Hypocrisy seems to be on a roll. Old grouchy-looking deportem goes to meetings every night is seems at least if she is to be believed. Isn’t she a mother? She spoke of her kid being leered at by those big bad Mexicans.

    It must be A-ok for her to be an activist but not Alanna and Elena. ”

    You hypocrite! First remove the beam from your own eye, and then you will see clearly enough to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” Matthew 7:5

    Gospel Greg II reporting in, with love.

  6. Elena

    Thanks black velvet reporter, it’s nice to know that people notice the hyprocrisy over on BVBL 🙂

  7. black velvet reporter

    Leftie is still complaining and acting all innocent because we dare to mention her name.

    She needs to learn that what goes around, comes around. yes, that is gradeschool. She should have learned it then. Learning curve must very steep.

    Its pretty simple. Leave the people here alone and you will be treated in kind, missy. You cannot talk trash various places and not expect to have it returned. And I expect you are blaming the wrong person. You do not know me at all.

  8. Loudoun

    Black velvet reporter, you are the pot calling the kettle black… and yes, I do know you. You live two streets away from me.

    Hypocrite? I think not. You quoting the bible to me is hypocritical.

    Good day!

  9. Information Only...

    Everyone KNOWS that individual can’t write like black velveteen reporter, and NOT known for quoting the bible. You’d be wise to listen to black velveteen reporter.

    Move on, nothing to see here. You’re

  10. black velvet reporter

    No LouLou, you don’t know me.
    Don’t assume. Don’t guess. It causes frown lines.

    I am assuming you are aware of karma. You need to treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. How about that?

  11. Loudoun

    Chris – you told me before that you were information only. So quickly you forget…

    And I also know you because at one time we were friends. I know your writing style (missing words, misspelled words, etc.), and the fact that you frequently use the term “missy.” It doesn’t matter which moniker you use, I always know when it is you.

    I know the Golden Rule and live by it. I don’t go around badmouthing you on bvbl.

    So how about you take your own advice?

    Good day!

  12. Chris

    You stopped being my friend. Missy is not a term I use, that’s someone else of an older era than I. I can assure, not that you care or believe me, I am NOT black velvet reporter. I have more important things to do than look at, let alone report on bvbl.

    I would not out your moniker on bvbl.

    I truly am sorry you feel so angry at me. I started to say hello to you last week, and you turned your head. I would not turn my head you attempting to exchange a greeting.

    Please, life is too short for this BS.

  13. black velvet reporter

    Shiver me timbers! Chris is not back velvet reporter. Chris is not every screen name on anti nor has she had a sex change operation. And no Loudoun, you don’t treat others as you would like to be treated unless you are a masochist, but whatever turns you on.

    Would you like for someone to point out your writing flaws, just as an example? Do you consider that kind, decent, golden rule-like?

    Actually, after trash mouthing the admins of this blog you really have one hell of a nerve even coming over here.

  14. Moon-howler

    Had one of the administrators been aware of this outting, loudoun, your remarks would have been taken down. We do not allow outting of readers or guessing about others. It serves no purpose. This really isn’t the place to air your perceived problems with Chris.

    Chris, please let one of us know if this behavior continues. We don’t check the roll over threads all that often. Had you not answered, the remarks would have been removed.

    The three of us will try to be on the look out for this type of harassment in the future.

  15. Elena


    I am not sure what your goal is coming here, but it is clear you have nothing positive you would like to add to the conversation.

    The Torah says “you shall love thy neighbor as thyself”, a rabbi, Hillel, at the turn of the common era explained that this phrase within the Torah had an even deeper meaning and that once you understood that primary foundation, you could then move on to study the remaining laws contained within the Torah.

    You see, your “neighbor” is your fellow human being, be they white, black, hispanic, legal, or “illegal”, we all bleed red.

  16. Loudoun

    [removal of names by admin. Reader previously warned ]

    Someone who is a regular reader of this site forwarded to me nasty postings on this blog about me. I came here to refute those nasty posts.

    I have not harassed anyone. Yet the harassment on this site against members of HSM, certain membrs of Neighborhood Watch, and bvbl posters is continuous. How hypocritical can you get? Obviously I disagree with your opinions on illegal immigration, as you disagree with mine. Rick Bentley disagrees with you as well. Are posts written to Rick like the above-referenced posts were written to me? No. Why not? Because you are hypocrites.

    There is only one person on this blog who knows my screen name on bvbl, and that is [name removed]. Therefore, it is logical when a poster here attacks me and that poster infers personal knowledge about me, then I know who that poster is, regardless of what moniker that poster uses.

    I don’t need any religion lessons. The Bible also tells people to obey the laws of the land. Illegals don’t do that. I don’t care what color or religion a person is – if they are here illegally – they need to go back to their own country.

    Please stop with the holier than thou attitudes, won’t you?

    Good day!

  17. Moon-howler

    People on this blog have various opinions about immigration, both legal and illegal. It would be very difficult to assign a general blog opinion on illegal immigration. The broadbrush does not work here.

    There are a few people who still comment on both the dark and light screens. I would say that many people know your identity both places. Remember, many people here were originally on bvbl.

    It is unreasonable to ask people to allow ugly remarks to go unchallenged, regardless of where they were made. I sure didn’t see a ‘nice article, Alanna and Elena’ out of you on Jan. 2. Perhaps if you had, the dynamics would be different.

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