I have had several folks on me about endorsing Terry McAuliffe. Actually, I haven’t. I don’t even have an opinion on the 3 gubernatorial candidates. I want to apologize for appearing to have a favorite. I believe I was bowled over by McAuliffe’s announcement and I do know that in politics, money talks. If fund raising is going to win Virginia, it seems that McAuliffe has an edge.

So, to dispel all rumors, here is our final Democratic candidate for governor of Virginia, Creigh Deeds. PWC, Alanna is going to do a blurb on McDonnell. Gently remind us if you don’t see something in the near future.

Senator Deeds is from Bath County but is currently serving as the Senator from Charlottesville. That gives him an edge with me. The text will be from his website:

Meet Senator Deeds

Senator Deeds has spent the last two decades serving constituents from all walks of life–from his start as Bath County prosecutor to his current position as a State Senator representing the City of Charlottesville and a district that stretches to the West Virginia border. Whether he was working to clean up one of Virginia’s largest Superfund sites, fighting for economic development, or writing some of the toughest legislation to keep our families safe and secure, Deeds has built his career as a consensus builder who delivers results.

He wrote Megan’s Law, which allows public access to the state sex offender registry, and sponsored the Amber Alert Program to keep our children safe. Using his relationships with law enforcement officers and his experience as a prosecutor, Deeds wrote the state law that has turned the tide against homegrown illegal methamphetamine drug labs.

In addition to his work to cleanup the Kim-Stan landfill Superfund site, Senator Deeds also wrote one of the most progressive laws to preserve open space and protect the environment. For his leadership and advocacy, he received the Leadership in Public Policy Award from The Nature Conservancy and the Preservation Alliance of Virginia named him Delegate of the Year.

When Virginia was in a financial crisis, Deeds worked with Governor Mark Warner to put the budget back in order: cutting waste and protecting important priorities. The 2004 bi-partisan budget agreement invested more than $1 billion in education, eliminated the state food tax, and put more police officers on the streets with the tools and the training they need to keep us safe.

Today he’s working with Governor Tim Kaine to keep Virginia moving forward with an energy policy that will cut greenhouse gases by 30 percent over the next two decades and a pre-kindergarten program that will put children on the path to success from the start.

Senator Deeds was first elected to the House of Delegates in 1991, winning reelection five consecutive times before leaving the House to fill the seat of the late Senator Emily Couric in a special election in 2001. Four years later he was the Democratic nominee for state Attorney General, losing that race by the closest margin in Virginia history. He attended Virginia’s public schools and after completing undergraduate work at Concord College, he received his law degree from Wake Forest University in 1984. He and his wife, Pam, live in Bath County at the western end of the 25th Senate District. They have four children: Amanda, Rebecca, Gus and Susannah.

10 Thoughts to “Meet Creigh Deeds”

  1. This is for all those who self-servingly wallow in their white denial and laughably claim that white people can be victims of racism in this country:

  2. SecondAlamo

    Gee Mackie, you’re soooo right! No white person has ever, and I mean ever, been treated differently by a single member of a non-white group simply because they’re white. Oh, and by the way, I’ve got a nice bridge in Brooklyn for sale if you’re interested!

  3. SecondAlamo

    Yeah Mackie, from the video you posted it’s the white folks fault for having made laws against rape, robbery, and murder. If it wasn’t for white folks we wouldn’t need so many prisons now would we. I think the guy is correct in that, as a responsible person, he is looked at differently because he is black. However, the only way that will ever change is when the black community enforces its own control over the individuals in their community that are giving them the bad rap. Sorry, but when the majority of violent crime seen on the nightly news is perpetrated by non-whites, then whites will always be suspicious of members of a perceived violent ethnic group. It’s called self preservation, and it has saved many a white butt. That’s why I don’t go for long strolls in North East DC at 12 AM!

  4. Moon-howler

    White people most certainly can be victims of racism. However, this thread is not about that topic. I am not sure that Senator Deeds needs such a preposterous statement made as the opener to the thread. I understand that topics digress but lets not start off being so far off topic.

    I find the comment objectionable. I am not going to waste my time on a video posted by a person who wants to harm this blog.

  5. IVAN

    M-H, I thought the topic of this thread was Alice Through the Looking Glass vs. Mackie’s Trip to You Tube Land.

  6. NotGregLeteicq

    Thanks for this, M-H. Honestly I am not ready for another Democratic primary but I will do my best to sort this out.

    I used to just wait until the primaries were over to start paying attention, but then came Obama vs. Clinton. This blog and it’s predecessor have forced me to pay attention to local government and local elections. Now this. When does it end? ( =

    Before PWC Con comes over here to complain, can we have a thread about McDonald? I’m interested in knowing more, but not enough to look him up myself sorry to say.

  7. Moon-howler

    Alanna told me yesterday she was going to do the thread on McDonnell. I too, am interested in knowing more. Judging from some who are singing his praises, I am not anticipating a positive impression, but that really isn’t fair, is it?

    I agree, I am not ready for more Dem primaries myself. One thing I found off-putting about Deeds– and please tell me if I am just being rigid here–but I have gotten no campaign emails from him. Now don’t those guys usually buy your name from the contributors’ lists and from local primary lists? I hunted him down and started doing the thread. I could not find the man’s first name. His website kept calling him Senator Deeds. The other 2 were heavily in to Hi, this is Brian, or Terry. I felt he was remote. He doesn’t have a widely known first name. Use it!

    He might be the greatest man in the world but if he doesn’t reach out, he won’t win a primary to become governor. Primaries are won by the party faithful and name recognition is everything. I lied. Money is everything. But you can buy name recognition.

  8. MH-

    Can You have Alanna check the Antibvbl email account? I have the contact info for a McDonnell campaign person that could give some in depth policy positions and central campaign positions, the campaign hasn’t posted it online. I’ll email my email address to the antibvbl email address.


  9. I think the guy is correct in that, as a responsible person, he is looked at differently because he is black. However, the only way that will ever change is when the black community enforces its own control over the individuals in their community that are giving them the bad rap.

    Funny, which faces carry most of the blame for the mortgage housing crisis, financial meltdown, and tons and tons of other white collar crime? Are those white faces or black faces?

    It’s funny how that never seems reflect badly upon the average white guy.

  10. Moon-howler

    I told her, PWC. Expect to hear from her.

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