Is President Bush an illegal alien aider and abettor?

Oh no, President Bush is a liberal left wing illegal alien apologist, aiding and abetting the enemy?    Although I am no fan of President Bush’s, I wonder, how do all the Republicans get past this idea of “compassionate conservatism” as it relates to illegal immigration?   In this most recent article, the Washington Post demonstratesthat President Bush clearly sees the future of the Republican party on the precipice of a downward spiral unless a new inclusive dynamic is implemented. 
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Meet James ‘Little Man’ Presley

James ‘Little Man’ Presley can’t wait to see Obama inaugurated. He never thought he would see the day where someone who ‘came up like him’ would be elected President of the United States.

This is a bitter-sweet story that actually came out of’s Wayne Drash family story. Little Man was hired by Wayne’s grandfather as a little boy around age 6. His father had died and he had become the man of the family. Drash explores some very touchy subjects as he fights off tears. .

In the film, you will see an unsung hero and some CNN news folks on the brink of tears. It explores the symbiotic relationship that blacks and whites have always had in the south that somehow outlived the bad. It isn’t all an ugly story…not by a long shot.