11 Thoughts to “Police Looking for Public’s Help in Alexis Glover Case”

  1. El Guapo

    The day she went missing Mrs. Guapo told me that cops were all over the place. They certainly took it seriously right away. Poor girl

  2. Elena

    So unbelievable, I just look at my own children and am so thankful they are safe. I hope they catch whomever did this. We have a great police department and Chief Deane is a great public servant.

  3. Moon-howler

    it is scary knowning you have a child murderer in your community.

  4. DB

    Has anyone asked the obvious questions? Yes autistic children can run away, and when they run, few can follow them. That is a given. Yes an autistic child can figure out how to undo a bracelet. But what an autistic child cannot do is navigate themselves 10 miles by road, and 7.9 miles via woods to a creek miles away. I’ve worked with autistic children, they are in a world of and for themselves. They are NOT trusting, they are the least qualified to be taken advantaage of. They exhibit flight rather than fight. And now I’m expected to believe that Alexis ran away (which is possible), tore off her bracelet which might be possible if she was clinically aware of what the bracelet represented, and she KNEW, rationally knew, that the braclet represented a tracking device. And somehow during her flight from the library, and when she decided for the disposal of her bracelet she bumped into a child killer ? HMMMMMMMM…..not working for me.

  5. Alanna

    All scenarios seem implausible.

  6. Moon-howler

    When was it decided she was autistic?

  7. DB

    today’s wapo metro section pg B3 “Lexie’s family has said in recent days that she was autistic and had health problems, acting much younger than her age.”

  8. This is so heartbreaking…

  9. Casual Observer

    If you read this WaPo article, it’s the not first time Lexie removed her bracelet.


    I think the mother tried the best she could with a very difficult situation. I had neighbors with a Downs Child who also wanders. No matter what kind of locks they used, he could always figure a way out of the house. I remember once, when he was five or so, I walked into my kitchen and he was standing there looking in my fridge. He’d managed to get out of his house and walk across the street to mine. As a teen, he wandered to the point that his parents printed “business” cards with his name and info and gave them to neighbors and nearby businesses with instructions to call if he showed up. Trust me when I say this kid could walk away in the blink of an eye. We moved from that neighborhood a few years ago, so I don’t know if he’s one the the kids (he’s 18 now, I think) with a GPS bracelets, but he’s certainly a prime candidate.

    It’s such a sad ending.

  10. Alanna

    I received an email about the video that was originally associated with this topic thread creating problems. Instead of simply removing the video, I unpublished the thread with the intent to go back to it later and debug it. Unfortunately, I got sidetracked and didn’t get back to it. This was completely unintentional. If anyone is interested in viewing the video just follow the above posted link to the Washington Post.

  11. Moon-howler

    Police are searching the home where Lexie lived for clues.

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