The mother of Lexie Glover was taken into custody by PWC police around 10 pm this evening. She was charged with felonious child neglect and filing a false police report. Police were shown on channel 4 news walking away with several items from the home. And you can also see them on channel 9:

This is a sad story which will probably have an even sadder ending. Is there a mechanism to return adopted children if it turns out to be more than a person can handle? Surely there are ways that adoption doesn’t have to be a forever situation if it isn’t working out for either the child or the parent.

What about social services? Can more be done to provide assistance to families with special needs children before the situation becomes overwhelming? Social services is often the first place a jurisdiction cuts funding when times are tough. Is Prince William planning on doing the same thing?

35 Thoughts to “Mother of Lexie Glover Taken into Custody and Charged”

  1. IVAN

    If found guilty, she should be sent to GITMO.

  2. Moon-howler

    Sounds like she would have the place to herself in the very near future.

    What is going to be done with all those people there? Shudder!!

  3. Gainesville Resident

    Not to change the subject to Gitmo – but it is a real problem with what to do with the people still there. Some were about to be relased anyway, but those who were not – it is a big question as to where to house them.

    Also some survey of those who were released found that something like 60% went back to being terrorists. Some of this could be attributed to their poor treatment at Gitmo, perhaps.

    In any event, it will be interesting to see what Obama decides to do with those who cannot be released back into society. Some organizations within the USA are prepared to accept those that can be released.

  4. Marie

    This question was asked in this thread posted by Moon-Howler

    “Is there a mechanism to return adopted children if it turns out to be more than a person can handle?”

    As an employee of Social Services for many years, I can say yes there is a mechanism to return an adopted child if the adoption fails. There are also many other services available to stressed families who have adopted children and the family does not always have to pay for the services. Usually the services can be paid out of Adoption subsidy money. The goal in these situations is to protect the child, provided supportive intensive services to the family and to reunite the family, if possible. If it is not possible for a child to remain with a family then the child will return to foster care.

  5. anonymous

    I believe there is a press conference at 11.

  6. Information Only..
    They are still taking and anwering what questions they can.

  7. Howard Roark

    I saw a picture of the mother in yesterday’s paper, and said to myself ‘She looks remarkably collected and calm for a woman whose child has just been found murdered.’ Now I know why. That poor little girl barely had a chance at life. What a tragedy.

  8. Marie,

    Why wouldn’t the mother just return the adopted child into the care of social services if the adoption becomes too much for her to handle. Is there some kind of a fine or child support payments imposed for doing so?

  9. TDB

    I wager this poor innocent angel was sexually abused by her adopted father or the mothers boyfriend and the murder was a cover up!

    Dear Lord, Please protect and comfort little Alexis Glover. Amen.

  10. Alanna

    I’d guess you’d be guilty of abandonment and would still have a financial obligation for supporting the child.

  11. Marie

    There is no fine or penalty for returning a child if an adoption fails. There is no financial obligation on the part of the adoptive parent. The mother would not have been guilty of abandonment. There are cases where children have been returned. Just because someone adopts does not mean that problems will not be encountered in the future. Children who are adopted sometimes have feelings of abandonment by their biological familes. Trust and bonding are huge issues for adoptive families, especially if a child is adopted when he or she is older. There are many failed adoptions and the parents nor the child are held responsible. Sometimes adoptions just do not work even after several years.

    I have no idea if this mother sought help from her local Social Service agency. If she did I am sure the agency would offered supportive services to this family. It sounds to me like this child had a history of running away and the adoptive mother took steps to get her into a program where she could be tracked electronically if she did run, i.e. the electronic monitoring bracelet.

    When I heard the report the electronic bracelet had been found on the road, I began to get suspicious of the mother, a family member or someone who knew her. Your average Joe may not have known that the bracelet had tracking capabilities. It was found within 20 minutes of the report. I expect the child was already gone by that time. This is truly a sad and heart breaking story.

  12. Moon-howler

    Marie, thanks for the info. You are a venerable storehouse of knowledge. I had no idea about some of this, (guess that is why I asked the question.)

  13. Alanna

    The Washington Post is reporting that the child’s body had been placed in the creek before the missing child call was placed. Forensic science is absolutley incredible. I hate to admit, but I enjoy watching Forensic Files, and The First 48 Hours, Dead Man Talking, etc… where investigators solve these crimes using forensic evidence. It’s problem solving like putting the pieces of a puzzle together to figure out what exactly happened. Again, very proud of the Prince William County police force for being able to figure it out so quickly.

  14. Alanna

    Yes, thanks for the information Marie.

  15. Moon-howler

    Wow, Alanna. That truly is amazing that forensic science is that specific and fine tuned. Prince William Police Department Rules! They are the best.

  16. Thank the forensics department. They’re not really the same thing as the police force.

  17. Chris

    I want to sincerely say thank you for you question at 12:58. That was a great question you asked Marie about support or fine for returning an adopted child. I knew you could return a child, but I didn’t know if there was any penality. Thanks again.

    You’ve been a wealth of information on this thread. Thank you, very much.

  18. This woman has been arrested, but if she could have relinquished custody of the child to the state, then I’m not finding a motive here.

  19. TWINAD

    She could be an abuser and things went too far and Lexie was dead. Then she would have had to figure out a way out. I would seriously doubt there was a “motive” in this case. However, this is America, so innocent until proven guilty. That is speculation on my part, not a judgement.

  20. Moon-howler

    Twinad, thanks for pointing out the innocent until proven guilty part of this case. If you read insidenova, the woman has already been convicted.

    Something really bad happened. My speculation involves a very stressed out mother who made some really fatally bad choices, probably not out of malice but sheer frustration.

  21. Lucky Duck

    To the contrary Mackie, check the websites, members of the Forensics Bureau with the local departments are sworn officers. Several of them have advanced degrees in Forenic Science and Medicine. You give enough criticism so give credit where its due.

  22. To the contrary Mackie, check the websites, members of the Forensics Bureau with the local departments are sworn officers.

    That’s unfortunate. I have a lot of respect for forensics and consider it to be real crime fighting. You shouldn’t need to be a sworn officer to work forensics. But I suppose forcing allegiance to the blue light gang keeps those forensics people in line when a piece of evidence needs to get ‘lost’ and when it’s time for ‘expert testimony’ in court…

  23. Lucky Duck

    I read the term applied a while ago and it seems it still fits…”crackpot”.

  24. You may reduce yourself to flinging insults, but I think this says more about you and the culture of your thug profession than anything else.

  25. Juturna

    Mackie can’t do so Mackie writes on blogs.

  26. Lucky Duck

    No way Mackie, you keep guessing and guessing without any basis or proof.

    As for anyone being a “thug”, You have slung more insults at a larger variety of people on this blog than anyone else, so I consider you to be what you claim others to be.

  27. Why do you constantly devolve to personal insults? Whats wrong with you?

  28. Chris

    I’ll second that!

  29. Lucky Duck

    I did not throw the first insult in this thread, you did…here’s your quote from 9:08 today

    “That’s unfortunate. I have a lot of respect for forensics and consider it to be real crime fighting. You shouldn’t need to be a sworn officer to work forensics. But I suppose forcing allegiance to the blue light gang keeps those forensics people in line when a piece of evidence needs to get ‘lost’ and when it’s time for ‘expert testimony’ in court”.

    Accusing people of lying is an insult, in case you didn’t know. So who went right to the insults first? Take a look in the mirror.

  30. Juturna

    I would call that an insult. Only on TV are forensic folks all civilians. They can be because the studio can pay for all that fancy looking equipment that they use to actually do the work. Local governments don’t have studio funding and must do with what is thrown their way and must rely on years of experience, intuition, educated guesswork and so forth……. Who on earth has a lab that looks like CSI’s in real life?

    Sooooo in the REAL world Mackie, things just aren’t that neat.

  31. The Ill Eagle

    Sounds like Mackie can dish it out but cannot take it. Mackie threw the first punch.

  32. Lucky,

    Your flailing for straws is making me lose the last little bit of respect I had for you. If you would just admit that you shouldn’t have taken it to a personal level, you might redeem a little bit of yourself.

  33. Lucky Duck

    I neither need, care for, nor want your respect. Your judgment and assessment mean absolutely nothing to me. Rest assured I won’t lose any sleep over your decision. I deal in facts, not hyperbole as I have seen from you.

    The only one “flailing” is you. You can only tread water for so long….

  34. Elena

    Recently PWC has experienced some pretty horrific events, the murder of the Smiths, this little girl Lexie, and the one and ONLY comforting outcome has been the outstanding police work by PWC. I find it unfortunate Mackie, that during such a sad time, when I am sure these police officers struggled with dealing with such horrific circumstances, that even now, you would find it “opportunistic” to insult ALL police officers. I expect that kind of behavior from BVBL contributors, but am very disappointed when it happens here on Anti.

  35. Elena,

    Do you think Oscar Grant would agree with you that we should let down our guard about the police? If Oscar Grant had been a blond haired, blue eyed sorority girl, would she even have been arrested like Grant was? If Oscar Grant had been a blond haired, blue eyed sorority girl, would Officer Mehserle have even pulled out his firearm?

    ‘These police officers’ that you shed tears over are part of a profession that has ruined the lives of thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands of innocent people of color for nothing more than the color of their skin. Right now, they are probably ruining someone else’s life without cause. And we won’t ever know about it only because there is no videotape and because this country is full of sheep, safe and sound in their white privilege who self-importantly tell us to ignore the truth because our pointing it out pierces their comfort zone.

    But their privilege is slowly dissolving as the police state grows. Look here environmental terrorist/activist:

    The video in the Oscar Grant shooting is only available because the people who captured it were on the train and the doors were closed so the cops couldn’t get to them. After Officer Mehserle executed Oscar Grant, the rest of his ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ in blue went around trying to confiscate all the videocameras and cell phone cameras of the people who witnessed the shooting.

    Why do you think they did that? This is why.

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