President-elect Barack Obama has issued a National Call to Service for Martin Luther King Day, January 19th and members from our local community have responded

I have received the following information concerning a local food drive.

There is a food drive to collect non-perishable food items for the SERVE Food Closet in Manassas.

The group is asking people to bring their contributions to 6349 Retreiver Lane in Heritage Hunt, on Sunday the 18th and we will deliver it to the food bank on Monday. If anyone has food but is unable to bring it over they can call 703-743-1142 and someone will pick it up.

I encourage everyone regardless of their political affiliation to participate in supporting our new President.

7 Thoughts to “Call to Service: SERVE Food Drive”

  1. Marie

    Thanks for posting this important information. Food banks in Churches, SERVE and ACTS are having difficulty taking care of families who come to them in need of food. Their supplies are very low. With the economy we can all expect the need to grow. I would encourage everyone who has the ability to do so to donate food on a regular basis to SERVE, ACTS, Salvation Army or your local Church if it has a food closet.

    Aldi, the new store on Liberia Ave in Manassas has very cheap prices. I have purchased some groceries there, and even though the brands are not ones I am used to, they are good. Walmart is always good to buy staples to donate.

    I agree with Alanna. Let us get behind our President and let us all join in to help our neighbors. Never know when we might need it. The least we can do is help feed the hungry.

  2. Chris

    The Dollar Store is another great place to buy food donate. They have tons of spices, and they are very expensive in the grocery stores.

    You are so right in. never know when you might need the help. The food pantries have all seen an increase in need of services since July. It’s only going to get worse.

    There’s always something in the closet that’s still good, that no one will ever eat in your home, but would be very appreciated at another.

    Thanks for this information on SERVE.

    This is also,a good time too think about donating any warm coats, scraves, gloves, and hats. One outstanding boy scout in the Gainesville district had a coat drive for a project, and he was trying to gather 500(I think) coats. I bet this motivated young man did.

  3. Elena

    I imagine that food banks, during these tough times, are especially valuable. I know my daughters school was collecting food also. Thanks for the info Alanna!

  4. Tuscadero

    This is no time to fight about politics parties or anything else when we have people in this country suffering from poverty and hunger. Our children cannot succeed when their bodies are undernourished and their families are homeless. Yes, thank you for posting this information and I hope everyone chips in during this time and honors the memory of Martin Luther King, Jr. the real “King” of service and social justice

  5. The Gainesville Group

    I wanted to thank the Anti-BVBL for publicizing our food drive. SERVE told me they are serving more than twice as many families as last year with the obvious strain on their resources. I want to say too, that I hope concerned citizens in PWC will be able to band together to convince our BOCS that cutting funding to SERVE and similar organizations is both short-sighted and counter-productive. Clearly deep cuts need to be made to address the budget shortfall, and everyone has their own special interest or favorite activity, but shouldn’t choosing to help feed the hungry be a higher priority than many other facilities and activities funded by the county? I do not question the value or merit of things like libraries and parks and recreation, but the most basic of all human needs is food and shelter. Let us all work together to save worthy organizations like SERVE from being shuttered. Let us as citizens say we will not let our most needing citizens suffer more, and struggle harder, when we can do something so simply human as provide a little food and a warm place to sleep.

  6. Chris

    The Gainesville Group,
    Thank you, for your willingness to collect and take the food to SERVE. While I dropped food off yesterday. I saw two other people come with food and they were talking about future events. I visited and saw both events listed there. I was pleased to see several other events planned right in our area. I hope to see more events in our area.
    This was a breath of fresh air to see the community coming together.

    We must all support SERVE and like minded organizations.

  7. The Gainesville Group

    I want to express my profound appreciation for the support and generosity our community has shown. We have collected nearly 1300 pounds of food and supplies for SERVE. Today has been a true expression of what service to our community means.

    Thank you all

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