Plane Lands in the Hudson River

“Brace for impact, we are going down.” Those were the pilot’s words to the passengers and crew of US Air flight 1549 bound for Charlotte, NC. The news is covered with this miracle story. Apparently, birds struck the plane and both engines caught fire. All 155 passengers got out alive with minimal injury. Women and children left first.

The pilot came out of the plane last. What a hero! All the passengers said the pilot saved them and he was truly a miracle worker. We will sure be hearing more about this gentleman in the days to come. What are the chances that an airbus carrying 155 passengers can land in the Hudson, in frigid weather, with no deaths. That simply had to be divine intervention.

We have had so much bad news lately. The Hudson airplane crash and Joshua Castillo give us hope.

What does make a hero? Any suggestions?

Party Planning

We are quickly coming up on the ‘One Year Anniversary’ for Anti-BVBL and are soliciting locations for our get together.  Of course, I have a fondness for El Portal’s in Woodbridge where we held our first Economy Recovery Party last year.  I’m open for suggestions, if anybody has some other places that they’d like to suggest.