We are quickly coming up on the ‘One Year Anniversary’ for Anti-BVBL and are soliciting locations for our get together.  Of course, I have a fondness for El Portal’s in Woodbridge where we held our first Economy Recovery Party last year.  I’m open for suggestions, if anybody has some other places that they’d like to suggest.

14 Thoughts to “Party Planning”

  1. IVAN

    Alanna, I’m easy. You say where, I’ll show up.

  2. Guns of Love

    Maybe the band can play again like the party at El Rinconcito Latino.

  3. Marie

    I think it would be great to get together for a celebration. Any place is good for me but I would like to ask if there is a possibility that it could be held on a Saturday night.

  4. Moon-howler

    Is that the band where John played and someone played the goat hoofs? They were neat!

  5. Alanna

    Yes, that band was good. Did they have an official name?

  6. I noticed in the video linked to above, that lots of people were speaking. Did you guys host a community debate at the economy recovery party? If so, will you host another one?


    Looking forward to it! I, too, am hoping for a Saturday night, Marie!

  8. Elena

    Hmm, well, lets do a saturday night then! I say El Portal again, it’s far for me, but I think it would be fitting to have it there.

    it was not necessarily a debate, more like an open forum for people to share their feelings about what was happening in PWC.

  9. Moon-howler

    John and the goat hooves were in Dale City. How many people would be willing to drive across county?

  10. Moon-howler

    El Portal is not necessarily the chosen restaurant. The lurkers score a zero once again.

  11. IVAN

    BTW, it’s a Mexican restaurant.

  12. Marie

    Cindy B,
    Thanks for letting everyone know about this new restaurant that will open in Manassas Tuesday. I read about it in the paper this morning.

    I think it would be great to have our celebration there. I understand they will serve authentic Mexican food which, by the way, is very different than what we have become accustomed to in the US. Authentic Mexican food is muy sabrosa (very tasty).

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