Thank you, Laura Bush

Much as been made lately of how history will judge George Bush. However, as I sat watching PBS and the History Channel on the eve of an Inauguration, I could not help but notice how much of an impact the first ladies have made on the White House and on the office of the presidency. From Dolly Madison saving the portrait of Washington to Jackie Kennedy’s decorating, the first ladies have left their mark on history.

Laura Bush is probably one of the most soft-spoken, gracious women in America and she has been one of the most popular first ladies. Her interests run from literacy to aids cure, combating malaria, and fighting breast cancer and heart disease. Probably reading and children’s literacy would be her favorite cause because of her background as a teacher and librarian.

Laura Bush is remarkable because she has maintained her popularity during a time when her husband has been at his nadir in popularity. She has maintained a balance most fail to achieve—she supported her husband and at the same time let us all know that she was not a drone. She will be missed and her influence and grace will be permanently etched in the White House.