Peace has often been described as a time between wars. 


Prowling around the blogosphere, not much is happening.  Oddly enough, there seems to be a lull in bitching other than Jeff Frederick trying to blame the Democrats for trashing Bush.  Frederick quickly and conveniently forgets the trashing poor Bush got was also from his own party.  McCain was not far behind.  Want proof, just check out a few dark screen threads.  Bush and McCain were lower than a worm’s belly over there


Wayward teachers are finding a place to bitch about the math program over on the dark screen…  The teachers are smart.  They know not to rattle cages at work.  I am surprised they chose the dark screen as the place to rattle their sabers.  That isn’t a group that garners much respect over in dark-screen land.  Someone will start shrieking ‘unions’ in hysterical girlie voices.  I seriously doubt if any union in Prince William County knows or cares much about Math Investigations. 

President Obama seems to have a 77% approval rating.  How long will the honeymoon last?  The economy seems to be dominating the scene which it should be.  Scary times.  There are rumblings about nationalizing banks.  I am not sure what that even means.  Sounds extreme to me.  So does a Depression.  Gitmo closes, theoretically.  Where do the detainees go from here.  Does anyone care that much about Gitmo?  NIMBY’s are rising to the surface.


Gov. Blagojevich (Blago) supposedly thought about appointing Oprah as Illinois senator.  Damn!  Great plan.  The woman has common sense and people listen to her.  She has all the money a person could ever want or need so she definitely wouldn’t be on the take. 


On a nice note, perhaps the class award of the week goes to the Bush twins who wrote the little Obama girls a letter of advice.  Very kind and informative—the White House through the eyes of children—a glimpse we don’t often get. 

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  1. Gov. Blogo? Is he related to this posting? : )

    As a contract teacher and test administrator, I’ve taken some heat for ANY blogging I’ve done. I would not be surprised if the same thing happens on “The Dark Screen” especially if you get some who disagree with the site owner.

  2. She, that is, meaning Blogo.

  3. IVAN

    M-H, be patient. Majority Leader Harry Reed has stated that he is going to bring the “Dream Act” up for vote again this year. I’m sure the usual fireworks will be flying around pretty soon.

  4. Punchak

    Blogo came over as a not very serious person on The View (the first time I’ve watched that show). Whoopie Goldberg, who I’ve never quite taken to, asked some really good, piercing questions, the only one of the panelists. As a clever politician, he did a pretty fancy dance around the questions.

  5. Punchak

    Guess this wasn’t the Blogo you are talking about. Sorry ’bout that!

  6. Moon-howler

    I meant Governor Blagojevich of Illinois. Sorry for the confusion. I fixed it.

  7. ShellyB

    Agh, enough about Blago! I thought we banned torture in the United States. Why is this man on TV all the time???

  8. Concerned Citizen

    “Why is this man on TV all the time???”

    He’s trying to influnce any prospective jury pool, in case of a future Federal trial. Also, I think he’s trying to line up a gig as a shampoo spokesmodel.

  9. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    MH, is “the Dark Screen” your little way of celebrating “the setting aside of differences, and the the unification of the country”? Or does it represent the ideal of “we’ll take the moral high road, and not engage in the same kind of behavior that our opposition does.” Like not torturing enemy combatants who cut our citizens’ heads off with butter knives and dance in front of cameras with them. Just wondering 🙂

  10. Punchak

    He has hired a PR company and will probably hit a lot of TV spots before he’s through.
    Like Joe the Plumber he’s milking is “fame” for all it’s worth.

    You did read, didn’t you, that Joe was reporting from Israel a couple of weeks ago?

  11. Moon-howler

    Gov Blago is strange. Why shouldn’t he get the spotlight? He is certainly is doing and saying the unthinkable and over something fairly important…a sitting president’s former seat. I have this obsession with Gov Blago’s tenacity and audacity. Talk about not rolling over and playing dead.

    Slowpoke, I am not sure what you are asking me. Far be it from me to go for unification of our country. I declared a 24 hour of truce: being nice. Perhaps you can be more specific. I think the dark screen was nastier about Bush and McCain than the ‘light screen’ (ahhhhh…typing those words felt good). I think we were perhaps nicer because there are Republicans (the blog owner for example), democrats and Independents here and we are probably a little more careful about stepping on each others toes because of the diversity. Dark screen is all conservative and most of us learned a long time ago that the ‘my way or the highway’ was the law of the jungle (awwwwwwwkkkkkkk) over there.

  12. Punchak


    He is indeed having a ball and I don’t mind at all that he gets the spontlight. In a way it’s refreshing to have someone thumb his nose at “whatyou’resupposedtodo”.

    —– That hair ~~~~~

  13. Moon-howler

    Yes, Punchak, he is sort of hitting me the same way. I have this weird respect for him. He might be the biggest crooked dirtbag in the entire world, but there is something about him looking people in the eye and saying yea, what are you gonna do about it…I find it endearing.

    I need to be more responsible and not be so facinated with this kind of behavior. [hanging head in shame]

  14. Punchak

    …. as long as it isn’t MY kid…..

  15. Moon-howler

    Oh yea….It would be time to smack him for sure.

    Speaking of kids….too bad that the snow is going to come on the day they have off of school anyway. That is when you know you are cursed. Maybe if they dance hard enough they will get Wed off.

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  17. Lucky Duck

    Tonight, as long as we are “prowling around” without real direction I will share that Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band have released a new CD that I am presently listening to – it went on sale today. Quite a treat, two cd’s in under a year from the band. I waited up to three or four years in between them in the past. I first saw him in concert in the mid 70’s in southern NY and actually saw him play once on the Jersey shore. I think he’s one of the few that has matured musically over the years. Just thought I’d share.

  18. Elena

    Thanks for sharing Lucky Duck, glad you are enjoying your new “boss” cd’s!

  19. Elena

    that should be in an Alanna Morisset song, “isn’t it ironic”! A snow day on a TWD, what are the chances!

  20. Moon-howler

    Thanks Lucky Duck. I think I will have to go racing up to Best Buy tomorrow morning. Thanks for the recommendation! That was a great prowl.

    Elena, if you are a kid then you know it sucks to be you and you feel horribly cheated.

    I think they might get a real one tomorrow if my deck is any indication.

  21. Moon-howler

    Channel 5 just announced code RED for tomorrow. 10 o’clock news tonight.

    Here it is off the website:

    Tomorrow, 1/28/2009, all Prince William County Public Schools are closed on Code Red. The School Age Care Program will not open.

    Escuelas cerradas, Código Rojo. El programa SAC no se ofrecerá.

  22. Moon-howler

    Here is the website if you want to listen to a snippet of the cd Lucky Duck was talking about. If you click the arrow on the far left, you get to hear a minute of the song. Lucky Duck, from what I have heard, it sounds like a great cd. I am glad the boss is still prolific. Best Buy has Working on a Dream on sale for $9.99. Amazon has the same price.

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