Tonight I got a Delegate Jackson Miller conference call. Delegate Miller and I don’t agree on too much politically but actually, it was pretty neat. How did it work?

Well, let me reconstruct the event. I was sitting there, watching TV, minding my own business. The phone rang and a robo caller said it was a conference call and if you wanted to comment push zero. I did. I hung on the line and could hear all the other callers. It was like being a political voyeur.

Finally someone came on the line and asked for my name and what my question was. I pulled a question out of …my ear…and went back to listening. They never did get to my question and I think I know why. But nevertheless, it was really interesting to hear what people thought were important state issues. Dillon rule, immigration, e-verify, transportation, cigarette taxes and bans in restaurants and the budget seemed to be hot topics.

Delegate Miller did a very good job with those questions. Even though the helper who you actually spoke with took down the nature of the question, he really was taking cold calls. I thought he gave very reasonable, well-thought out answers, even those I didn’t agree with. He was also very personable and professional. It resembled your own personal fireside chat.

I hope he will do many more of these conference calls and that I will be included again. I am not wild about Jackson Miller’s politics but I was impressed with his conference call.

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  1. silver fox

    Miller has made a name for himself and doesn’t need Monsieur Letiecq. I’m not sure I’ll be voting for Miller for a third time. I know many others that will consider someone else this upcoming election season due to his close association with Letiecq. Letiecq only has a handful of “faithful followers” and that’s not enough to win an election. It would behoove Miller not to have Letiecq knocking on doors for him.

  2. ShellyB

    Thanks Monsieur Fox, that’s all I’m saying. Jackson Miller is in need of a rebranding. I may not have been interested in local and state issues until recently. But I’m like a lot of people who became interested when we realized what a huge impact a county government can have when it gets hijacked on a runaway train. Miller is mixed up in all that and it can’t be good. There are a lot of people like me who are recently attuned to local and state government, who only know Miller because of Letiecq immigration propaganda.

  3. Notabigot

    It appears that Jackson Miller recently dismissed his legislative aide Bryan Fumagalli. Could the dismissal have anything to do with the incident reported in the Washington Post Dec 5, 2009 and partly captured on film by Channel 7 News where the republican legislative aide of Jackson Miller VA delegate was charged on Nov 22 2008 with assaulting two men who were walking outside the Capitol Hilton Hotel and waving a rainbow flag? A rather colorfull story that does not appear to be mentioned in the MJM or on BVBL. Jackson Miller continues to push previously failed legislation whereby a VA police officer can arrest a person for a misdomeaner violation at the police officers discretion. If the law passes it might be wise to hum a bar of Dixie when approached by a Virginia police officer.

  4. Moon-howler

    It sounds like young Mr. Fumagalli is a sore loser and has problems with impulse control. I can just see it now….a REAL American with his flag, assaulting 2 gay men.

    Jackson Miller was wise to fire him. I don’t know why he would have someone like that hanging around in the first place.

  5. Spectator

    Wasn’t he the one yelling and screaming about getting video up at the Stonewall Middle precinct in 2007? A very aggressive white guy with brownish hair? Bossy, got in people’s faces? If he is who I am thinking he is, he argued with election officials also. I wasn’t sure if we were going in to polls or a war zone.

  6. Spectator, what are you talking about with the Stonewall Middle School precinct?

  7. Spectator

    There was a flap on election day 2007 at Stonewall Middle School. The Bryan person was being aggressive to people about what was going on at the polls. He was being overly attentive and volatile.

    Maybe Alanna or others will remember the details. I remember him. I didn’t know at the time why he was acting out.

  8. ShellyB

    A few days before the election, Gospel Greg created a post trying to get people all pissed off about Hispanics going to the polls. Of course he immediately transferred that to “illegals” are going to the polls even though there has never been a case like that in Virginia history. But sure enough, the nutjobs of the world united, and there was an attempt to harass or discourage people of Hispanic heritage who tried to vote at certain polling places. Stonewall was the worst of them. Perhaps this was not Letiecq’s fault, but I think it had a lot to do with people’s behavior that day.

  9. Lafayette

    I was at Stonewall all day with a couple of short breaks at home. I didn’t see anyone intimidated as you suggest. What did you see that was so intimidating? I remember at one point in the day papers went flying from the table I was at. And guess what? Alanna was kind enough to help pick the papers up. I can’t say others would have done the same for her.

    Remember there was also an investigation, and NO intimidation was found. Frankly, there weren’t that many Hispanics that I saw come to the polls. Nor did the Hispanics look or act intimidated in the least. I only saw this Bryan for a minute at best and then he went inside. I don’t know what happened there.

    Let’s not forget there was supposed to be some “expose” video of the day.

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