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Rule of Law! Point of Order!

February 27th, 2009 17 comments

Much has been said in recent days about what was and was not done prior to adopting the Immigration Resolution. Both Linda Chavez and the Brookings Institute Report have noted that there was no official public hearing on the Resolution. So how come that marathon citizens’ time meeting wasn’t a public hearing?

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More Discord on the Brookings Institute Report Part 1

February 27th, 2009 17 comments

The DC Examiner today examined the reactions to the Brookings Institute Study of Prince William County’s Immigration Resolution by some who find fault with the report.

Prince William County’s government was unprepared for — and reacted ineffectively to — a massive influx of Hispanic immigrants, according to a study released this week, but some have raised questions about the report’s methods and findings.

The report by Audrey Singer, Jill H. Wilson and Brooke DeRenzis of the Brookings Institution also concluded that there was not sufficient vetting of the immigration resolution or research into its potential consequences before its passage two years ago.

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Corey Stewart Revisits the Immigration Resolution on WAMU

February 26th, 2009 10 comments

Yesterday Corey Stewart, along with Brooking Institute senior fellow Audrey Singer, were guests on the WAMU Kojo Nnamdi Show.

Some people have suggested that Corey Stewart is weakening on the Immigration Resolution.  According to the News and Messenger, Stewarts says no, he isn’t.

Prince William Chairman Corey A. Stewart, R-at large, said the county’s illegal immigration resolution is here to stay even in these hard economic times.

“We think it’s working and we’re going to keep it,” Stewart said in an interview Wednesday on the Kojo Nnamdi Show on WAMU, a National Public Radio affiliate.

Nnamdi asked Stewart if his focus hadn’t wavered recently in light of record foreclosures in Prince William County resulting from the failing economy.

Stewart told Nnamdi that he thought people in the community were satisfied with things as they stand, and the board wouldn’t abandon the resolution that first came under discussion in July 2007. The resolution was finally implemented in July 2008 and required police to ask anyone they stopped about their immigration status.

“Those in the community seem to be content with it, even those who opposed the policy initially,” Stewart said.

Still other things demand the board’s attention, Stewart said.

“We’re trying to move on to other problems and other concerns, namely the economy,” Stewart said. “People are worried about their jobs and their homes and everything else.

“We’ve got a lot of financial problems in the county just like a lot of other counties. We’ve had to cut about 20 percent of our budget,” Stewart said.

It sounds like Corey wants it both ways. He doesn’t want to leave the anti-immigration pack but also doesn’t want to linger. Is he now trumpeting the ‘time to move on’ theme?

[UPDATE:  Here is the link Leila left for us to listen to the interview with Stewart and Singer]  

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Brookings Institution Report on PWC & Illegal Immigration

February 26th, 2009 15 comments

Here’s the link to the Brookings Institution report on immigration in Prince William:

Click the download icon to see the full report.

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Prince William County Foreclosure Rates in Comparison to Surrounding Jurisdictions

February 25th, 2009 75 comments

According to this chart from the George Mason Regional Analysis Center, Prince William County Foreclosure Rates are OFF THE CHART in comparison to surrounding jurisdictions. WTOP news is reporting Prince William property values have dropped more than double of Fairfax County and slightly more than double of Loudoun County.
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Obama’s Econcomic Address to Congress

February 24th, 2009 21 comments

Consider this an open thread to discuss the Address to Congress as it is given. ( 9 PM)  After tonight, it will be for any subject  you hearts desire.

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Mexican-American Discrimination Exposed on American Experience

February 24th, 2009 18 comments

Last night A Class Apart was shown on all the PBS channels.  I am sorry I didn’t realize it was on earlier so I could have posted an announcement.  You can now view information about the film online.  It isn’t the entire program but gives a good overview. 


A Class Apart  tells of the Mexican-American Civil Rights movement in Texas in a post WWII world.  There was urgency in the film because of the age of those who had been leaders in this movement.  The case, Hernandez v. Texas happened in the 1950s so everyone involved was rising up in years.  It  challenged  Jim Crow-style discrimination in southwestern America. 


This little known Supreme Court case ended segregation of Mexican-Americans in schools and wiped out many social practices in the southwest that kept Mexican-Americans as second class citizens. 


It is rather amazing that this much information has been left out of the general history books.  According to the Houston Chronicle:


Hernandez v. Texas stemmed from the case of Pete Hernandez, a farmworker accused of killing a man in a bar fight in the Jackson County town of Edna in 1951. His case drew the attention of a group of San Antonio and Houston attorneys, who saw the case as a vehicle to break down the Jim Crow-style laws and customs that oppressed Mexican-Americans in the same fashion as African-Americans.

The attorneys argued that Hernandez could not receive a fair trial because Jackson County had systematically eliminated Mexican-Americans from juries. The state countered that Mexican-Americans were lumped in with Anglos under the law and thus were not entitled to special treatment under the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause.

The case, the first to be argued by Mexican-American lawyers before the Supreme Court, was heard during the same term as the Brown v. Board of Education case seeking to outlaw segregation in public schools. In a decision that was overshadowed nationwide by the Brown decision a week later, the court ruled that Mexican-Americans were a distinct group entitled to the same constitutional protection as other minority groups.


Click here to view film on this case at PBS 

Additional reading: Houston Chronicle

Introduction from PBS

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NPR: Real Estate Slump Hits Manassas, Va., Hard

February 23rd, 2009 54 comments

Real Estate Slump Hits Manassas, Va., Hard

NPR reports on the Manassas City real estate market where 10% of all homes have gone into foreclosure.

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House inspections proposed; vetting renters

February 22nd, 2009 20 comments

Article in this morning’s Washington Post about keeping up neighborhood maintenance in PWC and City of Manassas with the rise in rental properties:

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Chandra Levy Murder Solved, Perhaps

February 21st, 2009 54 comments

We rarely include stories on crimes committed by illegal immigrants. Most of the crimes are more than adequately covered by other blogs. However, this crime rocked the nation during the late spring and summer before 9/11. I chose to make an exception. At the heart of this story is the tale of diligent parents, incompetent police, a philandering congressman and ironically, a murdered intern with the Federal Bureau of Prisons in DC.
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