Police officers converged at the state Capitol last Thursday to urge lawmakers not to cut any more money from law enforcement funding.  Many of those who went to Richmond, according to the DC Examiner were area Chiefs of Police like Chief Charlie Deane of Prince William Country, Chief Tom Longo of Charlottesville, Chief Doug Davis of Waynesboro, and Chief Rick Clark of Galax. 


All these chiefs echoed the same theme:   No more state law enforcement cuts.  Governor Kaine has proposed cutting the Aid to Localities with Police Departments program by 7% to help reduce a $3 billion shortfall in the state budget. 


These officers warn that further cuts could severely interfere with public safety.  The state aid to local police departments puts about 2,800 officers on the street.  With fewer and fewer resources, anticipated layoffs, unfilled positions, less overtime, outdated equipment,  many localities are beginning to feel the pinch.  The chiefs are concerned.  Many fear an increase in crime as police officers are simply spread too thin. 


“In most of our communities, we need to be increasing the number of law enforcement personnel,” said Police Chief Charlie T. Deane of Prince William County.

Deane and other police chiefs said the proposed cuts likely would result in potential layoffs, pay cuts and less overtime and training.



Should law enforcement be prioritized and have a veil of fiscal protection thrown over it?  Isn’t protecting citizens one of the first jobs of government?  Or, should all agencies tighten their belts equally in bad times. 


Will the federal  stimulus package contain money for local police and sheriff departments?  Does anyone know how many officers we have lost here locally?   Have positions been protected because of promises made by the BOCS?  Weren’t we told that we would have all the officers we needed as the resolution was passed?  I believe that promise was broken sometime last year. 


Prince William County has increasingly more urban type crimes being committed on what seems like a weekly basis.    We can not afford to cut back on law enforcement.  The more serious crimes, such as the ones we have been having lately require many officers for longer periods of time.  When many officers are pulled to work a case, some place else is being shorted.  Overtime on the more difficult cases also adds up very quickly. 

Governor Kaine needs to know that we cannot spread our police force any thinner.  State law enforcement funds are desperately needed.


8 Thoughts to “Police Officers Converge on the State Capitol Thursday”

  1. Poor Richard

    An interesting story in today’s WaPo Metro section (C6) – headlined
    “Stewart Soften’s Tone, Shifts Focus From Immigration to Economy”

    Pay special attention to the “unusually pointed remarks of Chief Deane”.

    At a recent police academy graduation, Chief Deane declared “In simple terms, I expect
    you to treat all people with respect, professionalism and dignity – regardless of their
    background, ethnicity, economic status, station in life or their immigration status.”

    Hopefully, Corey was also listening.

  2. The cutting of services is inevitable as the economy slowly implodes. Printing money and distributing it will temporarily delay the implosion but eventually the economic forces will be overwhelming. Once the dollar starts a steady decline, each dollar will be worth less and less. If you’re not positioned for it, it could be very painful.

  3. Moon-howler

    Poor Richard, thanks for posting Chief Deane’s words here too. I think all who treated him shabbily need to reflect on his words.

    He set the benchmark where it should have been and did not waiver, regardless of how many nasty articles were twisted around on the dark side. I feel he is definitely a man of principle.

  4. Rick Bentley

    Deane is a lazy old self-important hack whose main concern ius minimizing the amount of work his officers have to do. And his county is a lawless joke.

  5. michael

    Chief Deane is an “illegal” alien lover. It is puzzling why..but someday it will cost him his job.
    All people can be treated with equal respect, even as they are being deported under 287G and deported because they are here “ilegally”. What amazes me is that Chief Deane does not respect or protect the rights and security of the majority of the “legal” population from “crimes” and negative effects committted against “legal” residents by “illegal” immigrants. Talk about double standards…

  6. Moon-howler

    Michael, that is a ridiculous thing to say: An illegal alien lover?
    You are aware that Chief Deane was one of the people instumental in bringing 287(g) to Prince William County?

    He certainly respects and protects the rights of the legal population. Name me one instance where he does not. It is talk like this that is just based on foolish dark screen spin and propaganda, not on fact.

    Chief Deane doesn’t want his police force used to track down illegal immigrants like bloodhounds. He feels it is bad for business. Why should he tie up his officers doing the federal business? It is far too time consuming and is not funded. You are letting your hatred of illegal immigration get in the way of common sense in law enforcement.

    Lastly, the Prince William police dept serves the public. The public doesn’t divide along legal vs illegal lines.

  7. Juturna

    Deane is on the jail board and was instrumental in bringing 287(g) to the jails where in his opinion and the majority of the US Law Enforcement Executives feel it is most effective and efficient. Jailers cost less, it is now a routine process and has sent ICE spinning to keep up with PWC.

    There was a triple homicide this week, just because the guy said he did it doesn’t mean it’s locked up in a capital murder. It still needs to be investigated with t’s crossed and i’s dotted. The Commonweatlh Attorney does not do that.

    Based on comparisons with other police departments, we in PWC have fewer officers for every thousand residents. Maybe we would prefer they just send fewer people when you make a call for help? They’re tied up at the 7-11’s.

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