Here is the perfect opportunity, for Corey, to implement his new found direction, away from the divisiveness of immigration and towards rebuilding our community.  In the Washington Post today, the article focuses on the business license requirements in Prince William County.

Supervisor Martin E. Nohe (R-Coles), a small-business owner who expressed reservations about the business license requirement last year, said it could put Prince William at a competitive disadvantage because people in other counties can apply for their certification online or by mail.

“Anything that makes it harder to do business or adds an additional burden to small-business owners is fundamentally unfair,” he said.

Prince William’s ordinance went into effect July 1. The county issued 286 licenses last year. In January, it issued 148 licenses.

Mark Klein, another accountant whose clients are upset about the new law, said the policy strikes him as anti-business and is inconsistent with the county’s objective to promote economic growth.

As we can so easily recall, only yesterday, Corey was sharing his new found direction for the county.

Stewart’s approach is to push Republicans away from their emphasis on social issues and back in the direction of pocketbook concerns. Stewart, once the leading voice on tackling immigration, now carries a mantra of lower taxes to gatherings of statewide Republicans, to lawmakers in Richmond and to the board chambers where he helps guide county policy. And he has championed it in a manner unfamiliar to many who clashed with him on immigration.

You know the old saying Corey, ” you can’t turn the page, until you’ve read the one you are on”. It will be impossible to “turn the page on immigration”, unless and until, you deal with the consequences the various policies and your rhetoric have reaped upon our community. Repealing this measure is your chance to demonstrate your intentions to lead this county in a new direction, focusing on the issues that most of us care about–our long term fiscal health, our schools, and our ability to attract a great commercial base so that we are not dependent on our real estate taxes to thrive.

58 Thoughts to “Corey, now is your opportunity to put your “money where your mouth is” , I know you want to!”

  1. michael


    I disagree. Your view of “equality” is too idealistic to be practical, because it only works when everyone behaves the same in the world and never harms anyone else. It is an unachievable utopia that no “equal” man ever harms another, and that CONCEPT in reality undermines the general welfare and safety of society when you confuse “equality” of all men with the “lawlessness” of some men who harm others.
    You cannot treat “unlawful people” and peple who harm others equally.

    If we did we would never punish criminals and they would have ultimate power to do whatever they wanted to harm others and your “idealism” would let them.

    None of you who think this way get this. Equal Rights and Individual Rights, means a COMMON LAW. All men are created equal, means are men are created equal UNDER THE LAW. The LAW is to be the same FOR ALL of them, never different, regardless of race, religion, gender or ethnicity.

    However, when one of these “equal” men break the law and harm others by breaking that law, they are to be punished to the maximum extend allowed by the law for that crime against another individual or against an entire society.

    “illegals” break the law and harm millions of innocents in our society. You and none of your “illegal” loving, border-free friends get this.

    BORDERS protect societies from other individuals and other nations who would break the LAW and harm you if they could, steal your wealth if they coulf and oppress you if they could.

    What planet do people who think every man is “GOOD” come from?

  2. michael

    I am a Christian, but what you don’t get is that even Christ cleaves the “innocent” from the “perpetrators”.

  3. michael


    I don’t like “illegals” because they hurt innocent people. That is my only reason to kick them out of my country until they return with a “legal” invitation.

  4. Juturna


    Cops are being cut left and right (positions that are unfilled) because of cuts coming from VA legislature. Aren’t seeing much about this yet…. but check around. The county could put one back on the street with $80k. Maybe the BOCS would see that as a better deal for the community at large.

    I do.

  5. Elena

    Excellent point Juturna!!!!!!!

  6. ShellyB

    It seems to me that Corey Stewart has a lot to gain from his decision to give up being the Anti-immigrant Hysteria Poster Boy of America. But what will Prince William County gain? It would be nice if we could have the Senior Day Care Center again, or not lose the group homes for boys and girls. Or, yes, what if we again focused our police budget on public safety instead of sorting out legal status? I would like to see more programs like the robbery unit which has been very successful but never gets its due. What if we also had a unit focused on violent crime?

  7. Juturna

    What???!!! Let the Police Chief run the Police Department??? What a concept. Maybe the BOCS will continue to be the official county auditors now and let law enforcement get back to it.

  8. ShellyB

    I feel really sorry for Chief Deane having to deal with this obstruction and all the work that he and his staff was forced to devote to this one issue that has very little to do with keeping us safe. How is this “crackdown on the business community” supposed to keep us safe by the way???? I wonder why every other county in the Commonwealth ignored Old McDonald’s hysterical plea to “crackdown on the business community” statewide. Someone wisely pointed out it’s like pointing a finger at a whole group of people and saying “prove your innocence!” Not a very good way to welcome people.

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