Tomorrow  the chickens will come home to roost. Many people are predicting a huge shock. Tomorrow, County Executive Craig Gerhart will present the FY10 Proposed Fiscal Plan.

Don’t go looking for any preliminary information. It isn’t there.

This Item Will Be Made Available At The Meeting

Are we going with the 10%, 20% or 30% plan? Will we have any services? Will we have a police department, considering local and state cuts in this area? (Police Officers Converge on the State Capitol Thursday)
Will we have parks, libraries? How many employees will still have jobs? How about our firefighters and emergency responders? Many are volunteer but not all. Will promises made to them be kept?

There will be 2 public hearings tomorrow. Additionally, there will be 2 Citizens’ Times. It sounds like a full day, beginning at 2 p.m.

Prediction: Many people will go to bed with good old fashioned sticker shock.


53 Thoughts to “FY10 Proposed Fiscal Plan Unveiled @ BOCS Meeting”

  1. Conservador

    The big difference between tax payers is that some trust a politician with the people’s money, and I don’t trust any politician with my money.

  2. Moon-howler

    It isn’t about trust as much as it is about the county providing services that we need. (education, fire, rescue, police, libraries) Those are the things that make an area attractive to businesses who might want to transfer workers into the area.

  3. Conservador

    Your response is “education, fire, rescue, police, libraries”…again and again.
    You said “I would always trust Mr. Jenkins and Ms. Caddigan on budget matters”.
    I say, “I don’t trust any politician with my money.” That has not changed. You changed your statement and flipped. You trust the government, because you think they know better. I don’t trust them, because I know they don’t know better. Also, they are not spending their own money; they are spending yours, mine and everyone else’s money. What is the incentive for politicians to be efficient, none. If government knew better, Communist countries full of government spending and social programs would be fantastic and everyone knows that is not the case.
    The difference between you and me is that you justify more taxes and more spending for government programs under economic depression and I believe in limited government and low taxes at any economic level. I can respect your position, but I have known that socialist government policies on spending, does not guarantee a better result.

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