Talk about a unique opportunity to really become involved in our community. Prince William Conservation Alliance is having a Green Breakfast. No, the food won’t really be green but the conversation will.

I know I will be there and hope many of you will come too. It’s at Wetland Studies in Gainesville and even the building is really cool. If you’ve never seen a green building before, this is your chance. Everything is made of recycled materials and there’s even plants on the roof!

Tom Davis will be there to give welcoming remarks, followed by a great presentation on how we each play a vital role in maintaining wildlife habitats. Even if your backyard is small, it still matters. (Don’t forget what  Horton says, no matter how small…). Read the invitation, I couldn’t have said it better myself.


WHEN: Saturday, February 28 at 9:00 a.m. (registration required)

WHERE: Wetland Studies & Solutions, 5300 Wellington Branch Drive, Gainesville

REGISTER: Click here to download the flyer and registration form.

Green is in and the benefits of acting locally have never been more apparent. From the Obama administration to the state’s Renew Virginia initiative, there’s lots of noise and even a few details on how we can really make a difference. There’s a huge variety of good things to do… from low impact development to energy efficiency, protecting natural resources in our communities and creating wildlife habitats in our backyards.

Even though times are tight, we value our community and remain committed to acting locally to ensure a bright green future. We hope you will join your conservation-minded friends and neighbors on February 28 at Wetland Studies green building for a great breakfast, good conversation and to learn more about how we can act to create healthy communities close to home.

10 Thoughts to “You’re Invited!”

  1. Will there be any promotion for deer management so they don’t get overcrowded, inbred and diseased? Like Hunting for instance? I would be interested to see, If so than I would be more than happy to bring some delicious Venison for the “Greenies” to try out.
    I can’t say that I could see Tom Davis butchering a deer though.

  2. PWC, I’m just guessing, but I don’t think you can hunt deer in subdivisions.

  3. Elena

    FUNNY PAP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Moon-howler

    Run, Bambi, Run!!

  5. PWC,

    Will there be any promotion for deer management so they don’t get overcrowded, inbred and diseased?

    Forget about the deer, what about the republicans?

  6. Hunting deer in subdivisions depends on the average size of the yards. For lots over 10 acres, where the HOA has not restricted hunting, hunting is permitted. Suburban Whitetail Management is a non-profit group that helps homeowners and communities reduce their deer populations. Here’s a link to their site:

  7. Conservador

    Mackie, that is not a nice comment, I’m a Republican.

  8. Elena

    Agreed Conservador! My husband is a republican 🙂

    mackie, geez, even on a feel good thread you have to be poisenous?

  9. PAP
    Not all of PWC is covered in subdivisions (I’m in Nokesville)
    But You can shoot them with Crossbows in subdivisions, I took out one that was eating my friends moms bushes in one of the subdivisions off of Linton Hall, Many houses back up to open areas and crossbows only have a 70 yard range, at about 100 yards the arrows eat dirt, To Hunt You must take a 3 day safety course where they could scare anyone into being a safe hunter.

    Republicans Overpopulated??? I WISH.
    I do like to target practice on Socialist Libs, Wanna come over???

  10. greenthumb

    Back to the topic at hand, looks like a great event! Thanks for posting Elena. I appreciate you keeping citizens informed about the important conservation opportunities in PWC.

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