This Fox news article could not have come at a more appropriate time, considering the conversation we are having, revolving around the 7-11 ICE raid in Maryland. So, here is the crux of it, 80% of people with deportation judgements do NOT leave the country.

About 8,000 cases made it to the U.S. Court of Appeals last year and the study tracked the 7,200 cases in which the Justice Department prevailed. The study found that despite winning those cases, only 1,375 illegal immigrants — 19 percent — had been removed as of last month.

Talk about a broken system! We have SERIOUS financial and security issues facing this country. Do we REALLY want to expend all this wasted energy and money on people, who primarily, are simply working to feed their families? Do we want secure borders, sure, do we want to deal with gangs, sure, but clearly, we are wasting our money on an ICE endeavor that is failing, miserably failing.

The U.S. government spends tens of millions of dollars each year persuading federal circuit courts to uphold orders for thousands of illegal immigrants to leave the country, but those orders have been enforced in only one-fifth of the cases, according to sources familiar with a recent Justice Department study.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement, a branch of the Department of Homeland Security, is responsible for “removing” illegal immigrants who stay in this country against the law. But the study found that more than 80 percent of the illegal immigrants whose deportation orders were upheld by a federal appeals court last year were still in the country as of five weeks ago, according to an internal Justice Department memo obtained by FOX News.

“If the people aren’t getting removed, why the heck are we spending all the money?” asked one former Justice Department official who left with the Bush administration.

Two sources familiar with the memo accompanying the Jan. 16 study said the Justice Department spends at least $20 million each year paying litigators to argue deportation cases in federal appeals courts. But, the former Justice Department official said the total cost to taxpayers is much higher considering the price tag of flying some 300 litigators around the country and putting them up in hotels. That’s not to mention the cost for federal and immigration courts to operate so they can hear the cases.

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  1. ShellyB

    “If the people aren’t getting removed, why the heck are we spending all the money?”

    That’s exactly the problem with the millions of dollars our county spent on the Immigration Resolution, only to find that 1.6% of the crime in the county is committed by undocumented people, and most of that is traffic related. Then after the millions are spent collecting them, 80% come right back here. What’s the point other than to make a politician or two kind of famous?

  2. SecondAlamo

    What a loser mentality. Instead of saying there is nothing we can do, do something instead! We started at the county level to decrease the influx of illegals, and depending on your point of view, it worked. NOW we have follow through and make sure the Federal government upholds its end of the bargain. Some here would rather us just let the illegals have their way saying the fight is lost, so what’s the point. With that attitude the English would now be speaking German, and possibly so would we! What ever happened to that post 911 spirit of American unity? People flooding into our country, and all you can do is claim defeat. Pathetic!

  3. Elena

    I believe there is something called “cost benefit anaylsis”!

    Now, once again, I will ask the question. How do you know the resolution worked ?

  4. ShellyB

    What is 20% of 1.6%. Something like .25%. So, whether it’s 14 million dollars, 29 million dollars, or even if it’s only 5 million dollars. The cost benefit is just not in our favor, particularly in these lean economic times.

    It’s not only that I’m sad about what happened to Prince William County. I’m worried that it’s also happening to America. Billions wasted to appease people who are so afraid of diversity they can’t see straight. Let’s offer them some therapy instead.

  5. michael

    What is so stupid about this thread is that failure to enforce the law on illegal immigration to remove every one we can, regardless of how many refuse to follow deportation orders (and commit crime again)
    is like saying we won’t arrest anyone for doing drugs, because 95% of all drug arrests result in the people who sell drugs and the people who consume drugs continuing to use drugs, and are repeat offenders.

    Until the jail time and the punishment are seriuos and severe both drug dealers and illegal immigrants will continue to operate in high numbers in our society.

    In Thailand, one Prime Minister finally got so fed up with the drug and illegal immigration problems his country had, he gave out long term prision sentences and even in some cases executions when a person was a third time repeat offender. The crime rate dropped to ZERO in his country about 20 years ago, people could walk the steeets without fear of gang violence, and the numbers of criminals and crimes associated with drug and illegal immigration dwindled to almost nothing.

    When the Liberals in Thailand, felt the criminals were treated too harshly, they lobbied to repeal the laws. Now Thailand has one of the largest drug and illegal immigration problems in Asia.

    Elena, your logic is flawed and you have an agenda that is self destructive to the rest of society, while you wish to help your “illegal” immigration friends.

  6. michael

    SA I agree with you. It is mentality such as this that causes criminal elements in a society to flourish.

  7. michael

    Just ask the FBI.

  8. Censored bybvbl

    What ever happened to that post 911 spirit of American unity? /blockquote>

    SA, it was squandered by making everyone who didn’t appear to support Bush’s policies 100% an “enemy”. The old tactic of dividing and conquering does just that – it divides…gay/straight, moderate/wingnut, Dems/Repubs,pro-choice/anti-choice,for us/against us, for preserving our Constitutional rights/for expediency in rounding up suspects, etc. There’s a price paid for acting solely on fear or mistrust – both financially and socially. Maybe we can’t afford to pay it any longer. Maybe we need to analyze how we’re spending our tax dollars and go after the real people who have the potential to harm our country and not the day laborers at 7-11.

  9. Censored bybvbl

    Oops. Only that first sentence was supposed to be in the blockquote.

  10. Moon-howler

    Michael, bad boy! Please don’t call people stupid.

    This is another example of why we need comprehensive immigration reform. I can see no point in spending millions of dollars on something that at best is giving us a 19% return. Obviously it isn’t working.

    I believe it was Chief Deane who stated that criminals should be our priority. This article was rather unclear about reasons for deportation of these 8,000 but it doesn’t seem like they were dangerous. I got the impression they were being deported because they had failed to show up for other deportation hearings.

    What a waste of money. 20 million dollars off the top over 8,000 people. Get rid of the criminals and work on other ways to bring non criminal folks into the fold. I am sick of wasting money on things we have no control over.

    I would give a gold monkey to know how many of the 287(g) ‘guests’ have been deported. I expect the numbers are low there also. Wonder how we could find out?

  11. ShellyB

    If the non criminal folks were Americanized, then it would also be easier to focus on crime and national security threats. I think now that money is tight, the priorities have to come into focus.

    I mean, how many times does 8,000 divide into 20,000,000?

    I don’t know but it’s a lot, and the people who fear the loss of the white majority aren’t even seeing a dent made in that.

  12. TWINAD

    I agree with MH and ShelleyB. We were told the Federal Budget was going to be scrutinized line by line and any programs that were not working would be scrapped. Legalizing the undocumented would create countless “good” jobs that would be paid for by fees paid by the people wanting to adjust their status. A win/win situation! No more money being flushed down the toilet and instead jobs would be created, people could come out of the shadows and don’t forget that these people will be required to keep their noses clean and not have a previous criminal record. Immigrant’s without papers are committing a civil offense right now…I do not view them as criminals although the wingnut (thanks Censored! I love that term) crowd disagrees. If 12 million people pay at least $2,000…do the math. That is $24,000,000,000. Would you rather have that money go TO the government or paid out by the government and I would stake my life on the fact that it must cost well over $2K to catch an immigrant, get them through the court system and deported. In fact, I’d bet it’s at least 5x that amount!

  13. SecondAlamo

    So folks, before all the millions of illegal aliens left their beloved homelands, were they a net gain for their countries? If so, are their countries now worse off for them having left? If not, then how do you expect them to be a net gain for this country especially when a great percentage of them are getting financial assistance in one form or another. Don’t tell me they aren’t getting any assistance otherwise how do you explain a low wage laborer being able to live in the same house that normally requires the income of two professionals to afford, and then the woman stays home with the kids to boot? It took a college degree and years of experience for me to be able to afford my home. Don’t tell me a person can walk across the border, pick up a hammer, and bingo he moves in next door! Somethings very wrong with that picture!

  14. Alanna

    Honestly SA, who knows how people make their money. I travel to Manassas during the week and I wonder why are so many people shopping when they should be at work.

    Go drive around some upscale neighborhoods and observe the decadent lifestyles. How do they afford it? I can’t figure that out either. But am I going to jump to assumptions that they aren’t paying their taxes or are running a scam of some sort? or should I just reserve those feelings for my Hispanic neighbors?

    Here’s an idea. Go talk to your neighbor. Maybe you’ll find out that they have rich relatives, or won the lottery, or immigrated with money, or bought and sold homes every few years reinvesting their gains into their next home. Then too, I’d bet the guy is probably busting his tail at a couple jobs working 12 hour days.

    If you would like a list of immigrants who arrived in the US with little more than the shirt on their back and have been able to accumulate some wealth then we can start a list. You might be surprised. Put the California Governor at the top of that list.

  15. TWINAD

    No, SA, they were not a net gain on their economy at home because there is no opportunity there. Their homelands are better off now because they are able to send home 10 or 15% of their American salary and that is plenty for a whole family to live on. Keep in mind that an AMERICAN retiree can retire to Guatemala or El Salvador and expect to live comfortably on $500-$700/month. It only takes a fraction of that amount to meet the needs of an average Central American.

    And I’m not buying that a “low wage laborer” lives in the same size house, in the same neighborhood as a college educated person. They either have more people than that contributing to the household or they are not a “low wage” earner, contrary to popular belief. I don’t know any “illegals” that make less than $12/hour and most make more like $15-$20/hour. They work “hard” labor jobs…they aren’t getting $8/hour unless they are a day laborer.

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again…I actually KNOW more than 100 “illegals” and I don’t know of a one that receives any kind of “assistance” that you claim they “must” be receiving. That is just a blatant lie.

  16. SecondAlamo

    So Alanna, what prevents a Latino from obtaining all the financial aid benefits of being a minority in PWC? How would they be turned down for free lunches for their children, food stamps, and forced to pay for medical treatments when needed? How would they be able to verify a day laborer’s income to deny benefits based on income? Don’t forget free child delivery services care of you and me. My daughter has witnesses hundreds of them. It cost my daughter thousands for the birth of their child, while witnessing others being given assistance instead of having to pay a dime! What’s fair about that! This Alanna, is how they can afford the same things that Americans have worked for with much less income. It gets even better when you consider that some, being payed in cash, don’t have a single payroll deduction. My net income would double if I didn’t have any payroll deductions, so therefore they only have to earn half as much to be able to afford the same things.

  17. Conservador

    You should read an article in the National Review by Richard Nadler. The name of the article is “At What Cost.” It explains why the Republican Party needs the Hispanic vote. The article explains that the anti immigration propaganda, and the hatred by some conservative groups are making Latinos distance themselves from the Republican Party.
    The future of the American Conservative movement is not in the hands of the in-the closet bigots, but really rests with the rational Conservative Americans who understand humanity better and will build a conservative harmony.

  18. ShellyB

    I remember when SA seemed to have some weight to his arguments. You all even thought he was a professional politician for a while. But, as Corey Stewart has shown, a professional politician knows when to give up the ghost. Illegal immigration is not a winning issue anymore. Not now that the economy is bad and no one wants to incur the economic costs and wasted taxpayer money.

    But seriously, if you could flash back a year or so, it’s amazing, how far the SA’s and Slowpokes of the world have fallen…

  19. ShellyB

    I agree Conservador! But I’ll have to read your article later on.

  20. Censored bybvbl

    SA, I know a lot of native born whites who underpay their income taxes, have no health insurance but use the hospital, use their student loans for cars and then default, etc. What do you propose doing about them?

  21. SecondAlamo


    Keep them in the trailer parks where they belong. The whole reason I’m on a roll is that this entire ‘Illegal immigrant as Victim’ thing is starting all over again, and it infuriates me. It started with Fernandez (legal, I know) and his radical supporters jerking the city around again and getting away without even as much as a one dollar fine yet costing the city hundreds if not thousands of tax payer dollars. Then this woman resists arrest, and suddenly there’s a march. Meanwhile a bunch of Mexicans illegally cross over the border, trespass on a rancher’s property, and then are able to sue the rancher for holding them for the border patrol. The fact that it was even possible for illegals, without one red cent, and illegally in this country, to pull this off was astounding! ( I know Alanna, how do I know they weren’t rich ). Can you imagine if the rancher had lost! If people with nothing more than the shirts on their backs can become rich by illegally entering our country, and then suing people who are protecting their property, then soon the southern states will become the property of Mexico. Think about it. Any large group could come across, make up a false story, and the next thing you know they own a ranch. Don’t any of you find this totally nonsensical?

  22. Elena

    Hi Conservador,
    Very interesting article. Reallly, though, there needs to be further introspection by the Republican Party. It isn’t just Hispanics that are villified, look at Obama being accused of being a muslim terrorist. There is something very dark ruminating in the underbelly of the GOP, and it isn’t pretty. The attack on the gay community, based on religion, is also very troubling to me. No group should be used as a political tool, not the Latino’s and not the gay community either.

  23. Moon-howler

    SA, I think it is probably noteworthy that little ado was made over the woman who claimed she was roughed up by the MPPD. There was no thread about it here because the facts are not in yet. Also noteworthy is I don’t think you can say Mr. F got much sympathy for his wedge here on this blog.

    I believe that overall, you could probably say that the anti blog took a moderate stand. We are concerned when legal residents disappear for 3 days. We are concerned when deportees die in prison without medical attention. We are concerned when millions of dollars are wasted on deportation hearings when less than 20% are deported. We are concerned that locally we have spent millions of dollars to implement a program that we don’t know is really removing dangerous criminals from our surroundings.

    I don’t think that makes us screaming liberals.

  24. SecondAlamo


    I never said you were screaming liberals, but why is it that few will admit the burdens that illegals place on our society? Why also, does it appear that US citizens are being afforded less protection and rights than people entering our country illegally? The rancher’s case could have and will set a dangerous precedent. What if a group from 7-11 take up residence on your front porch, and out of concern for your safety you confront them while holding a gun, and the next thing you know they sue and own your home? That’s essentially what happened. Where are our rights? We should have the support of our country first and foremost when dealing with conflicts involving illegals, period!

  25. Moon-howler

    SA, I think that we probably see problems differently. I don’t think anyone here feels that illegal immigration has not impacted our country. II think the difference is that you and many people here see different solutions to improve things.

    If what I have read about the rancher is true, I think it is horrible. He should have the right to defend his own property. I also think the jailing of the border agents is horrible. But–I do not speak for the blog when I say these things. Sole opinion here. Also, those far away things have people chosing ‘sides.’ He said/she said. i wasn’t there and know no one who was. But, as I said, if the things I have read are true, I will fall down on the side of the rancher. And actually, if they were not illegal immigrants I would agree with him. My concern there has little to do with status and everything to do with trespassing and property rights.

  26. SecondAlamo


    That is my concern also. In the rancher’s case it was probably hearsay. The simple act of making accusations caused this person financial burden and time to defend himself while the group making the charge had nothing at all to lose. They, I assume, got free legal council, and therefore this will occur more and more until eventually some American citizen is going to lose everything they’ve worked for to a group based on hearsay by a larger number of accusers. Couple that with this bleeding heart mentality for these trespassers, and you can see how this could happen. I’m astonished that they even had the right to bring legal action. Soon all will be trying the same tactic. What do they have to lose?

  27. Conservador, I’m glad you posted that article. I agree with its thesis entirely as anyone who has been reading this blog will attest.

    Elena, I hear what you are saying about targeting gays for political gain. But this is not the same political suicide that targeting ethnic minorities has come to be. Going forward, interracial marriage and immigration will ensure that there is no political advantage in pandering to racists. However, the gay community is not growing in the same way. It’s sort of like being left-handed … a statistical minority with the percentages don’t increase over time. More over, polls show that ethnic minorities are actually MORE likely to be homophobic than Caucasians.

    Smart politicians will soon abandon targeting Hispanics to win elections, not because it is immoral, but because it simply doesn’t work. On the other hand, targeting gays for political gain will pay dividends for another decade or two. For that reason, I don’t see it going away.

  28. Censored bybvbl

    WHWN, smart politicians won’t target the gay community either. Although its numbers may remain a statistical minority, its supporters (friends, family members, co-workers,etc.) are becoming much less tolerant of the bigotry as is society in general. It’s best that politicians look for solutions to actual problems rather than looking for a “problem group”.

    SA, none of the folks I mentioned are living in trailer parks. They’re out there in single family housing. Some have made purchasing cigs and booze more important than purchasing insurance. Let’s face it – laws are followed by people who are willing to obey them. There are, and have always been, many people who will not – and won’t get caught. You and I may get ticked off by the scofflaws because we’ve followed the rules. But the “lawbreakers” come in every ethnicity, social circle, and educational level. Frankly, I’m more ticked off by the folks who have led our national and international economies to the verge of collapse – and they aren’t the day laborers.

    Re the rancher’s case: what laws generally apply to forcefully detaining people who have been caught on your property?

  29. Conservador

    To Alanna and SecondAlamoZavala; I wrote a previous post in reference to accomplishment and envy. SecondAlamoZavala you are confirming what I know from other people is also correct with you also.
    Here is my previous post. I see the unhappiness of some Americans with Hispanics coming into the county. Some are right and it is because many Latinos are not acting properly, but I also notice that many resent the fact that the great majority of Latinos have in some way prosperous lives. That has to make people not too pleased about their own success. Someone asked me, “How it is possible that some recent immigrants have acquired almost as much or more than me.” If I was one of those people, I could see myself being unkind to those that don’t assimilate or speak proper English. I might have the potential to hate them because of my own misfortune.
    I have a Conservative friend that dislikes Latinos that are successful. I hear his position but, I do not share the resentment that this causes in him. I know, sometimes he wonders how some Latinos, sometimes, with minimum school and shaky English are capable of doing better than him.
    Alanna, you are right most immigrants work hard, they sometimes work two jobs. They save most of their money and use their good judgment in how and when to spend their money. That should not be crime and their success should be applauded, because it is a reassurance that America is a Great Nation.

  30. Conservador

    Elena, re: “There is something very dark ruminating in the underbelly of the GOP, and it isn’t pretty.”

    Elena and WHWN, most rational people do not enter into a debate with hatred and intolerance. I know that the majority of Conservative Republicans do not like the arguments of hate, exclusion and segregation. There is small sector of individuals that embrace the logo (use the name of Christianity) of Christian Conservatives and project an agenda of intolerance. This sector of individuals is making big noise, like they did in PWC. The future history will tell us that the arguments and the basis for those arguments were not based in the best interest of American values, but solely based on the fears and ugliness of people that will create this ugly part in history.

  31. D. Bornstein

    Second Alamo…In the construction and restaurant industries I have managed Latino employees over the years who made more money hourly than I did salaried. How? They worked incredibly hard consistently, not one but two jobs and they probably slept very little. Often they worked overtime on both jobs. Their take home pay was more substantial than mine and if they could buy a home larger or better than mine I would applaud them. I have known Latinos who own more than one home, and some who own investment property. Those who stereotype people need to wise up. The Latino guys who come home dirty and dishevelved with a hard hat and safety vest are often making 75K and if you stereotypers saw them coming out of a 7-11 you might think they are an “illegal.” Don’t judge a book by its cover.Celebrate hard work and diversity, it’s the American way! Stop droning on in that “There goes the neighborhood” fashion. You don’t mind “keeping up with the Joneses,” so don’t be green with envy if the Sanchezes just bought a new car, or bought the house next to you.

  32. TWINAD

    D. Bornstein,

    Standing and clapping. Thank you.

    It is so true…just because someone actually gets dirty for a living doesn’t mean they are a “low wage earner”. I also know Latino’s that work all day as Engineers in office buildings and then head off to their night job as a supervisor for office building cleaners. These guys are gone from 6 am to midnight and they can pull down some $$ and they don’t have a lot of time to go out and blow all the money they are earning.

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