See Richard Jenkins (Six Feet Under) in his Academy Award nominated role in the 2008 film, “The Visitor,” at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, February 21 in the Verizon Auditorium of George Mason University’s Prince William Campus, 10900 University Boulevard, Manassas.  Admission is free. 

Jenkins stars as Walter, a lonely widower whose life undergoes a transformation when he finds two illegal immigrants occupying his New York apartment.  The film is sponsored by Unity in the Community and George Mason University. Viewers are invited to participate in a facilitated discussion after the film. 


This is the second in a series of films that will include “Maria Full of Grace” on March 21, “Wetback: The Undocumented Documentary” on April 18 and “Frozen River” on May 16. “Frozen River” also received two Academy Award nominations: best actress for Melissa Leo and best original screenplay for Courtney Hunt.  Free admission for all films.


58 Thoughts to “‘The Visitor’ Film & Discussion Sat., Feb. 21 at GMU-PW”

  1. Moon-howler

    Shellyb, this is what I was referring to, from the other thread:

    About 8,000 cases made it to the U.S. Court of Appeals last year and the study tracked the 7,200 cases in which the Justice Department prevailed. The study found that despite winning those cases, only 1,375 illegal immigrants — 19 percent — had been removed as of last month.

  2. Conservador,

    The Republican Party is shot through with bigotry. Whether it’s against hispanics, muslims, non-christians, gays, woman, etc. etc.

    They exercise bigotry against everyone….except white christian males. Have you noticed?

    They’re not true fiscal conservatives. They’re social conservatives first who adopt fiscal conservative views unless they need to spend money in order to persecute some minority.

    Just a few more elections, and the irrelevance will sink in and solidify. The Greg Letiecq’s are doing a great job.

  3. Conservador

    I don’t know if you understand what I wrote before or maybe you dislike the Republican Party so much that you don’t respect other people’s opinions. I know and I admit that there are elements that do not represent the principals of the Republican philosophy. The Republican philosophy will always exist, because it is the philosophy of our Founding Fathers, like Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and many other Republican thinkers who created this great nation. From the moments of our Independence, the principles of Limited Government, free trade and many other principals of equality were introduced by the Republicans. You seem to know Republicans that used their hate and bigotry to insert cruelty in society and you discard people like me and others. I will invite you to visit the Republican Party and meet with some of the Hispanic members that I know, like Rafael Lopez, former Dumfries Representative and now running for the 52nd Delegate state chair, Tito Munoz a Republican activist and member of the Hispanic coalition (also known as Tito the Builder), Joseph Taylor a great person and a wonderful friend of mine. Don’t be so restricted like Greg HSM and his people and explore the other side, you may find that we Republicans and Conservatives have a heart and we are good people to others.

  4. Conservador

    Unfortunately the future society (parents-schools-citizens, and also government) has to understand that the drug problem is a dangerous problem to our nation. It is comparable to the national security issue. Also I don’t think our children have the intelligence to understand the danger that drugs and money causes to societies. Drugs are dangerous, because of the harm caused to the person that consumes them and for the money, because it is the fuel of enterprises and mafias that kill people every day for the business. The money of the drug trade is responsible for the thousands of deaths that occur every day in America, Mexico and Colombia. It will be up to us as parents to educate our children.

  5. hello

    Hi Conservador, sorry but I just saw your response… you said “Natives and illegal- haters are using the gang violence and the drug trade problem as part of the undocumented immigration debate”.

    I don’t consider myself either but think about one thing for a second. How many cities in our country are considered to be ‘sanctuary’ cities? Most of the bigger ones and most on the west coast. Now, by ‘sanctuary’ city I mean cities that ABSOLUTELY refuse to let police (after they have arrested a criminal mind you) inquire about the arestee’s immigration status. If you think that the illegal immigrant crime stats are being used now just think of what they could be if the true numbers were ever revealed… let that marinate for a minute…. okay, why do you think they refuse to let police look into the immigration status of arrested criminals? Could it be because if they did then we would have some REAL stats on illegal immigrant crime? If the American public knew the TRUE stats on crimes commited by illegal immigrants there would be an uprising of people demanding something be done. I really don’t believe in conspiracy theories but this makes a damn good case for one.

  6. Conservador

    Hello, have you, your wife, kids or any members of your family at any point in life used any illegal drug or still use drugs. Do you have any closed friends that use or have used illegal drugs? How many times have you visited the country of Colombia? How many times have you visited the Mexican states that border the U.S.A? Have you done any studies or research on the use of drugs in the U.S.A? Do you know how many Americans consume drugs in America? Have you visited any of the major places in America where people use drugs? Do you know how much money the consumption of drugs costs the US economy? Answer these questions.

  7. hello

    Conservador, so what your saying is that Americans are to blame for illegal immigrant crime? Are you joking or are you being serious? If your pinning illegal immigrant crime on U.S. citizens you have some SERIOUS explaining to do. When it comes to the drug wars just south of the boarder you may be able to make the argument that America’s drug consumption fuels the violence of these animals but how does John Doe smoking some grass cause an illegal immigrant to rape an 8 year old like just happened two weeks ago in right here in PWC?

  8. hello

    by the way, yes – not since my wife was in collage, yes – in jail now and no longer associate with him, 0, 0, no, no, yes, apparently costs the US tons by the Mexican drug cartel busted up this week. Now you answer my question, how does John Doe smoking some grass cause an illegal immigrant to rape an 8 year old like just happened two weeks ago in right here in PWC?

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