54 Thoughts to “NPR: Real Estate Slump Hits Manassas, Va., Hard”

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    Why all of the sudden are my comments in moderation?

  2. Gainesville Resident

    Very strange right at the same time Alanna posts my comments get put in moderation. Should some conclusion be drawn from that?

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    Interesting – I post, for a few minutes everything is OK and THEN it gets put in moderation. Something very strange is going on here…

  4. hello

    Ooops, sorry Alanna I apologize, you did ask… I didn’t see this until just now. I addressed the resolution working or not in the other thread, now onto your second question. Again, think about it just for a second before you automatically start comparing Manassas to Fairfax when it comes to foreclosures. Ill put this stat up again just in case you missed it:

    Fairfax: median age 36, income $67,642, pct rent 28%, avg rent $878.
    Manassas: median age 31, income $60,409, pct rent 28%, avg rent $707.

    The fact is that more low income people are going to rent in Manassas since it’s MUCH cheaper. Most of those renting in Mansassas are in the construction sector, most renting in Fairfax are in the tech and government sector. When the market crashed which do you think lost their jobs? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out, I found this data in just 5 minutes of looking for it. If you want to compare a ‘resolution’ town to a ‘non-resolution’ town than at least pick on similar to ours.

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