According to this chart from the George Mason Regional Analysis Center, Prince William County Foreclosure Rates are OFF THE CHART in comparison to surrounding jurisdictions. WTOP news is reporting Prince William property values have dropped more than double of Fairfax County and slightly more than double of Loudoun County.

FAIRFAX, Va. – Residential property value assessments are down for 95 percent of Fairfax County homes. The county Department of Tax Administration says residential property assessments in 2008 dropped on average 12.55 percent.

Other local residential property assessments that are down:

Loudoun County dropped 14.96 percent.
Alexandria dropped 4.75 percent.
Arlington dropped 2.1 percent.
Prince William County dropped an estimated 32 percent.

If Chairman Stewart wants to claim hundreds of ‘illegals’ have left our school system, and that the resolution is ‘working’ than he also should acknowledge the cost to our local real estate market because surely the undocumented population lived somewhere.

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  1. Gainesville Resident

    So are you going to block my IP address now that I’ve moved. And you continue to post lies about me in your latest thread that you posted. Your definitive proof can easily be disproved in a court of law. Again, it is your right to ban me from your website, but at least be honest about the reasons. What I dislike is your dishonesty, which is evident everywhere – including distorting simple statistics to instill fear in everyone about the effects of the resolution. When I proved your dishonesty, you banned me. That’s what all this is about, but you are too spineless to admit it, and instead now cook up some evidence months after this incident. What took you so long to cook it up? Did you hire some internet experts to forge records.

  2. Gainesville Resident

    And who is Steve? My name is not Steve so if you think it is you are wrong, which isn’t suprising since you are wrong about the exterminating comment too.

  3. Gainesville Resident

    And if your “proof” of the comment being immediately captured and posted to the other blog is the proof, that is silly – anyone could have done that. I DARE you to compare IP addresses of the post on bvbl to any IP address I’ve ever used – and the proof in a court of law will show it was not me. You are a LIAR. And I am not “Steve” whoever that is. MH – how about you knock some sense in here – as you seem to be the only one on this blog that recognizes the truth when she sees it.

  4. Gainesville Resident

    And if you definition of “immediate” is something like many minutes – which my recollection is that it showed up minutes or more later – than that is a funny definition of “immediate”. Then again, your math skills are not good since you say 10X when it is really 3X. Some proof you have there – will really stand up well in a court of law. I suggest you find better proof, or cook up better proof which I’m sure you are busily doing. It took you all night long to figure out how to rationalize what you did yesterday. You seem like a pretty angry person. Again, it is your right to ban whoever you want, but at least do yourself a favor and be honest about it.

  5. Gainesville Resident

    And by the way, up until now I’ve never ever posted on BVBL, as much as in your fantasies and dreams you’d like to believe I have. I might just make my first post today over there – rehashing this entire story and your “proof” about the extermination thing, and then we’ll see who’s telling the truth and who’s the liar. I’m sure we can reconstruct the timeline and show it wasn’t “instantly” -we can retrieve IP addresses, and show that I’ve been falsely accused. Then again you do a lot of false accusations and attacks on here so I at least can feel like I’m in good company. Not sure why I waste my time, but I don’t like false accusations, based on assumptions on your part. Remember what happens when you “assume” something… Then again that is when it is an innocent assumption, here there seems to be a lot of malice intended.

    And take your argument with Steve elsewhere, as I’m not Steve, who I’ve never even heard referred to on this board. Not sure who he is, but if he is someone else you have a grudge against, that’s great, but you are taking it out on me for no reason. I’m not going to tell you my name, but my first name is not Steve. And if you call me a liar about that, it is you who are the liar.

  6. Gainesville Resident

    Oh, I see your post about “Steve” is now deleted. Maybe you came to your senses on that one. Funny how history on this blog continually shifts and gets rearranged. I’m sure you are busily doing that right now to the extermination thread to make it more in line with your “proof” that it was instantly reported on the other blog. How silly. Stop wasting your time trying to cook up false evidence. One of these days you are going to falsely accuse someone and they will take you to court and sue you for slander and shut this blog down since it is full of false accusations, personal attacks, and lies.

  7. Alanna

    Let’s get something clear. You want to take me to court for … banning your posts?
    Are you insane?

    I am in the process of making my mind up about you and your lunacy is causing me to consider this to be a permanent banning.

  8. Moon-howler

    Several people have left me questions. Feel free to email me. I will respond this afternoon. I will be at the salt mines until then.

  9. Gainesville Resident

    The comment wasn’t “immediately captured”. You know it and I know it. You can try and create all the fake evidence you want. I’ve been posting for more than a month on here under the GainesvilleResident id and just now when I posted something you didn’t like you trot out this made up stuff. Whatever, again it is your right to ban me from you blog. But it is the hypocrisy that is appalling in the way I was banned. Why if this is all true you didn’t ban me when I first started posting as GainesvilleResident? It’s because I didn’t post something you found objectionable enough that you disagreed with until yesterday. That’s why, and that’s the ONLY reason why. Anyone that has followed my posts can see that. Sensible people on here will realize that and what a bunch of lies are being told on here.

  10. Gainesville Resident

    Maybe you and Greg for a change could cooperate and the proof would be there that I was not the one who “immediately captured” the comment. No, that would make too much sense, and then it would destroy all your proof. Again, it is a fantasy of yours that I post on BVBL, or am some other person you dislike named “Steve”, or Greg, etc.

  11. Gainesville Resident

    And I thought I was already permanently banned. So your last statement ” am in the process of making my mind up about you and your lunacy is causing me to consider this to be a permanent banning” makes absolutely zero sense.

    Earlier, at 8:31 you said: “Consider yourself permanently banned.”

    Now, at 9:27 you said what I cut/paste above. You are the one who is looking silly, making contradictory statements here. I’m sure you’ll shortly rewrite history now that I pointed this out and change one or both of the above posts to make yourself look “sane”. That will just prove my point about you rewriting history, and hiding/distorting facts. As I’m sure you are doing to the original extermination thread which this seems to be about. For all I know you are editing my posts to make me look guilty – I wouldn’t put it past you as in the past 24 hours it has been interesting how posts (both mine and yours) have appeared and disappeared. Take you “Steve” post for example. Wonder what people reading this blog think when the see posts and then they don’t see them – must be pretty confusing!

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  12. Gainesville Resident

    Oh, and nice personal attack “you and your lunacy” – funny how I’ve seen time and time again this blog is not supposed to be about personal attacks – except for elected officials. That was in a relatively recent thread – but obviously isn’t being honored. Just another example of the blatant hypocrisy on this blog.

  13. Gainesville Resident

    So you should make clear I never said I “wanted to take you to court”. I said someone else may want to take you to court. But it’s OK, you make plenty of other false statements to mislead your readers, so that’s just one of many, and you’ll never admit you’re wrong. You’ll just leave your readers thinking there’s going to be some huge court battle against the poor defenseless website that has never in all of its history done anything wrong or its admins have never made any false accusations or attacked anyone.

  14. Wow. Miss a few days in here and you come back to a totally different layout and insane people trying to sue for being blog-blocked.

  15. (1) In terms of how the so-called Rule of Law Resolution may or may not have contributed to PWC’s alarmingly high foreclosure rates, while it is definitely worth discussing, what must be determined now is how to solve the present problem (which will eventually translate into a budget deficit and thereby possibly a hefty property tax increase in the near future).

    (2) The owners of this site can block and/or ban anyone they wish for any reason, and anyone blocked or banned has absolutely no recourse whatsoever, legal or otherwise.

  16. Gainesville Resident

    Good one Alanna – misleading your readers about a lawsuit. Robb is right – you can ban anyone for any reason – but make it an HONEST reason – not a dishonest one. Would Robb like it so much if he knew he was being lied to, both about the lawsuit and your reason for banning me? I think not. But I know, you won’t correct the falsehood – and let your readers think there is some big lawsuit coming just so you can play the role of the victim here. Good one! I take my hat off to you for your excellent work in posting falsehoods and misleading your readers! Congrats!

  17. Gainesville Resident

    And Robb forgets that if someone is defamed or slandered, they do have a right to sue. It isn’t about being banned, it is about what else is said about the person by the owner of the blog. Robb is wrong in that regard. Again, I never said you didn’t have the right to ban me (and now you have succeeded in twisting my words) but you should at least be honest about it and not post falsehoods. Then again, lying is your forte.

  18. Poor Richard

    Robb Pearson #44 makes some good points.
    – The people who started this blog didn’t care for BVBL
    – If you, in turn, don’t like their blog – start your on.

  19. By the way, NO demographics of population will show that Hispanics were 25% of our County population. The highest I ever saw was 19%.

    This statement betrays ignorance of the fact that the resolution was an assult on all people of color, not just hispanics. This statement also betrays ignorance of the fact that many people were off the ‘books’. Also, it’s important to note that the growth the county was experiencing will be drastically curtailed for years to come as people of color avoid bringing their families to this county.

  20. anony

    I’ve seen my fair share of the foreclosed homes. Here’s what I’ve seen: a pretty solid percentage were homes owned by non-minorities and in the cases familiar to me, lived in by non-minorities as well. Mostly just folks who didn’t know their own loan info and got in over there heads.

    However, the largest percentage of foreclosed homes I have seen were previously minority-owned – and hispanic in about 75% of those cases. Did those folks leave because of the resolution? I don’t have any way of knowing. But I do know loan terms and I can clearly see when they took out the loan and for how much. And the fact is that the vast, vast majority of these folks were in WAAAAY over their heads. When that ARM kicked in, they were sunk. It happened to a friend of mine just last year. His loan payment jumped to over $3,000 per month on an old house built in 1960. $3000 per month is more than he earns in a month. He’s got savings and is barely hanging on. He’ll probably lose the house in a few months. He’s hispanic. And it has nothing to do with the resolution. It has everything to do with not understanding finances.

    The vast majority of previously minority-owned homes were TRASHED. And had OBVIOUS multiple families living in them. I know this for a fact because there were 3 kitchens in some of the homes. And the homes were partitioned off with doors with locks on both sides – I saw several houses in the Marumsco area that were sectioned off into 4 different homes. Many of these homes are nearly trashed beyond repair. And certainly beyond the repair ability or finances of the average homebuyer.

  21. Moon-howler

    Anony, Thank you for your insight. I tend to not blame those who got in over their heads as much as I blame those who wanted to make a sale so badly, they pushed people into buying something they simply could not afford. Time share sales folks on a local level.
    And what mortgage idiots gave those people mortgages? Who was in whose pocket on this one?

  22. Alanna

    Gainesville Resident,
    Moonhowler has convinced me that I’ve over-reacted in banning you. I trust her judgement. I apologize. I have released the comments that were in moderation. If you prefer that I remove any of them just let me know.

  23. GainesvilleResident

    OK, thanks for the apology. At this point, this thread is so far down I almost doubt anyone will read it. And, I don’t think I posted anything that I care if anyone sees and I don’t really want to read back through all of this stuff. Some of my posts above were when I was confused about the timing of it and didn’t have some info that MH provided me on the reason. OK on the overreaction. As MH and I have discussed, there’s several possibilities of who is doing stuff. I’ll leave it at that and won’t comment further.

  24. Elena

    I agree with your summation Lucky Duck and have expressed the same sentiment. I believe, actually, that most of us have here. Did the resolution CAUSE the forclosure crisis? NO. But what is the one major variable that sets us apart from Loudon? A county embroiled in division due to an immigration resolution with no due dillegence research in its possible long term effects. @Lucky Duck

  25. Elena

    What unprovoked attack are you referring to GR? @Gainesville Resident

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