Yesterday Corey Stewart, along with Brooking Institute senior fellow Audrey Singer, were guests on the WAMU Kojo Nnamdi Show.

Some people have suggested that Corey Stewart is weakening on the Immigration Resolution.  According to the News and Messenger, Stewarts says no, he isn’t.

Prince William Chairman Corey A. Stewart, R-at large, said the county’s illegal immigration resolution is here to stay even in these hard economic times.

“We think it’s working and we’re going to keep it,” Stewart said in an interview Wednesday on the Kojo Nnamdi Show on WAMU, a National Public Radio affiliate.

Nnamdi asked Stewart if his focus hadn’t wavered recently in light of record foreclosures in Prince William County resulting from the failing economy.

Stewart told Nnamdi that he thought people in the community were satisfied with things as they stand, and the board wouldn’t abandon the resolution that first came under discussion in July 2007. The resolution was finally implemented in July 2008 and required police to ask anyone they stopped about their immigration status.

“Those in the community seem to be content with it, even those who opposed the policy initially,” Stewart said.

Still other things demand the board’s attention, Stewart said.

“We’re trying to move on to other problems and other concerns, namely the economy,” Stewart said. “People are worried about their jobs and their homes and everything else.

“We’ve got a lot of financial problems in the county just like a lot of other counties. We’ve had to cut about 20 percent of our budget,” Stewart said.

It sounds like Corey wants it both ways. He doesn’t want to leave the anti-immigration pack but also doesn’t want to linger. Is he now trumpeting the ‘time to move on’ theme?

[UPDATE:  Here is the link Leila left for us to listen to the interview with Stewart and Singer]  

10 Thoughts to “Corey Stewart Revisits the Immigration Resolution on WAMU”

  1. Just finished watching a very moving german film called The Lives of Others. It was showing on one of the Starz channels. If you can rent it, it’s well worth the money.


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  2. There’s also what looks like a very good film from the 1960s showing on the Sundance channel. It’s called Nothing but a Man. It’s about a how a proud black man and his wife suffer daily indignities in an Alabama town.

  3. ShellyB

    Okay. I just listened to the entire Corey Stewart radio show and he has not changed his tune, at least not when there’s a microphone in his face. He is still using false, misleading, and defamatory statistics that perpetuate the myth that immigrants are more likely to commit crimes.

    It sounded as if he was making a sales job to other counties to do the same thing we did! The damage is already done here. So from a selfish perspective, I guess it doesn’t matter as much what he’s saying. And even if he did change his tune, our reputation will be shot until he leaves office.

  4. Second-Alamo

    How about some prison population statistics? Wouldn’t that give a better indication of who is more likely to commit crime since they already have? Forget your next door neighbor, innocent until proven guilty, but these prisoners have already been proven guilty. When a minor (as of yet) portion of the population has a major representation in the prison populace, then yes they are more likely to commit crimes. How can one deny that? You wouldn’t argue a statement that said gang members are more likely to commit crimes, yet how did you come to that conclusion? You based it on crime reports and statistics not hearsay on some blog.

  5. When a minor (as of yet) portion of the population has a major representation in the prison populace, then yes they are more likely to commit crimes. How can one deny that?

    It’s easy to debunk this crap. And it’s this kind of crap from white people that reveals the denial they live under.

    It starts early.

    A person with a white sounding name is twice as likely to get a call back after a job interview as a guy with a black sounding name.

    Now try getting a job while being black with a criminal record, however minor, that you really don’t deserve. Criminal records never go away.

    Police racially profile and are predisposed to arresting people of color and charging them with crimes while they tend to let white, affluent people slide. If we want to fight the war on drugs, stop arresting all these young inner city blacks and hispanics. Start arresting all the white kids that are swimming in drugs in the suburbs and at all the ivy league universities.

    Then you find yourself having to defend yourself in the legal exploitation system. The legal exploitation system forces people to pay extremely high prices in exchange for their freedom. Who has more resources to pay those prices, people of color or white people?

    God forbid you cannot plea bargain and you find yourself facing a jury as a person of color.

    Does anyone here think that a hispanic nowadays can be confident about receiving justice in front of an all white jury for something like child rape, home invasion, drunk driving, etc.?

    All this systematic racism doesn’t reveal a conspiracy. It just reflects the bigotry that most white people harbor. Since they predominantly have power, their bigotry is what actually has a real world impact.

    And then at the end of all this systematic bigotry, dim-witted individuals shuffle along and, mouths agape, drool all over themselves at the statistics that ‘prove’ people of color are more likely to commit crime.

  6. Moon-howler

    I gotta ask, Mackie. What is a white sounding name? Apparently you haven’t tried to get jobs the same place I have. It helped to be a minority.

    I can usually pick up on Hispanic, Asian, or even Muslim surnames much faster than I can distinguish between black and white surnames. (there are exactly 2 exceptions I can think of)

  7. IVAN

    Corey has two and a half years until he is up for re-election. I think he will be “trying to move on” to various issues until then. Mean while, he will be testing the polictical winds to see which way he should sway.

  8. Censored bybvbl

    Ha ha, IVAN – Corey “Which Way Should I Sway” Stewart. Love it.

    I also see that Corey has made his usual unsubstantiated statements on Kojo’s show. “We’re going to have you removed from the country.” Umm. Isn’t that a decision left to ICE, which doesn’t seem to give us stats on how many are deported? “‘Most’ are happy with the resolution.” Let’s see some data to back that up. He’s going to “reach out to churches”. Uh, wasn’t he the one to diss the church leaders who appealed to the Board? The resolution, a public safety measure, is working to stop crime…quickly disputed by Allison who said there’s been an increase in gang-related graffiti and rape.

  9. Lucky Duck

    Geez Mackie, if I didn’t know better, I’d get the idea that you have spent some time in the criminal justice system…and knowing how anti police you are, I gotta believe you were not wearing a uniform….care to share?

  10. Moon-howler

    You last three posters have me howling!!! I am hysterical. From Corey ‘Which Way Should I Sway’ Stewart to Mackie not wearing a uniform. Thanks gang, you have truly made my day!

    The resolution, a public safety measure, is working to stop crime…quickly disputed by Allison who said there’s been an increase in gang-related graffiti and rape.

    Great catch, Censored. I missed that connection. And Allison is on his side. That’s when you know you are having a bad day, when the black velvets let you down.

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