For the fourth year in a row, yes folks, the fourth year, Classic Concepts Ltd, along with a few other land owners, will be asking to change several hundred acres of land, witin the Rural Crescent, to high density housing. Most of this land is located in Nokesville. This Tuesday, March 17, the Board will once again have to make a decision on several major proposed land use changes.  Given the amount of foreclosures in PWC, does ANYONE really believe that a responsible choice would be to rezone ANY parcel of land from 1 home per 10 acres to multiple homes per 10 acres? Can you imagine if we had not had the Rural Crescent zoning restrictions in place ,how many more homes would have been built, only to end up sitting vacant, dragging our real estate values even further into the proverbial grave? The Rural Crescent demonstrated, in this last “feeding frenzy” of home building, what a great smart growth tool it can be. Furthermore, PWC already has 35,000 homes that have been approved for build out! How much longer can this county sustain itself on real estate alone? I would suggest that WE CANNOT and must not continue down the same broken path anymore.

No Comprehensive Plan Amendments should be initiated by this Board that would approve any changes in current land use designations, not in the Rural Crescent and not in the Suburban Rural Residential zoning categories either!

I hope that Chairman Stewart and Supervisors Stirrup, May, and Principi will hold steadfast to their pledge, signed prior to the last election, that they would deny any changes to the Rural Crescent Boundaries and would hold to the 1 home per 10 acre density. I think we’ve all had enough of “building gone wild” !,,,,,,,

10 Thoughts to “Now is NOT the time for the BOCS to dismantle the Rural Crescent!”

  1. Starryflights

    What in the world is the PWCBOCS thinking? As if real estate values haven’t taken a big enough hit, they seem to think that we need more housing in PWC? Come on! Supply and demand, people!!! There is a surplus of housing in PWC right now, why in the world do we need more housing? This is insane!!!

  2. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Common ground, here! I’m with y’all 100%. Builders will overbuild this county until houses are going for $5/pop. And even though I will stick up for Stewart, Stirrup and Covington, if I think they sell this county out for building and development interests, they will lose my support.

  3. Elena

    I hope you write all the Supervisors and tell them how you feel!

  4. Chris

    Prince William County 2009 assessment are now on line!!
    Sit down before you look at your property. It’s devistating if you live in an older established neighborhood. 🙁

    You can look all property assessments below.

  5. Starryflights

    If these new housing developments are approved, where will the labor come from? Will the Country rescind the Rule of Law Resolution in order to attract cheap migrant labor?

  6. Stewart says we don’t need to build affordable housing because we have a glut of foreclosures. Well, then, we don’t need condos or any more housing, now, do we?

    And I am sure the local retailers wouldn’t appreciate additional competition coming in when we are in a recession. The business community should be upset at the proposal to keep building new shopping areas.

  7. IVAN

    Hi folks, I’m out in the Grand Canyon area of Arizona right now and I can tell you first hand about the benefits of preserving our natural resources. Boy, talk about breath taking.

  8. Censored bybvbl

    I don’t see a reason to amend the Comprehensive Plan to boost the supply of housing in PWC. I routinely walk past new subdivisions where the roads and utilites have been installed but not a single lot has been sold. The demand – as well as the money to finance construction of a SFH- just isn’t there. Enough already. We went from being a county that relied on cheap, densely packed townhouses in the 70s and 80s for its tax base to a county that relies on its cheaply made tract housing for its tax base. When are we going to see businesses somewhat take the tax burden off of families? The more we rely on families (and their schoolchildren) to foot the bill, the more we dig ourselves into a rut.

  9. Elena

    Please send that EXACT comment as an e-mail to the board, it’s perfect!

  10. Moon-howler

    Ivan, I love the Grand Canyon! I miss that area so much. You are so lucky. (color me green with envy)

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