County tax assessments are now available on-line. The County had estimated an average drop of $112,500 per property. How does your property compare?

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  1. Smitty

    How do you use the map to find out tax assessment?


  2. anona

    I’m in Linton Hall area and it is down about 20% but my in-laws are in the Sudley area and it looks like it is down 40%. I guess they were right when they were guessing an average of about 30% if you blend the new areas and the old areas.

  3. Marie

    That is about what the drop was in the City of Manassas. My house dropped about $109,000 but I am paying the same amount of tax as I did at the higher assessment. Wonder what will happen when the tax rate is set in the City. I expect I will still be paying the same amount in real estate taxes.


    Value is down $129K or 45%.

  5. Elena

    My home dropped 25% in value.

    Wow Twinad, that is horrible!

  6. Gainesville Resident

    54% in 20110 zip (City of Manassas). Confirms what I thought about the old neighborhood.

  7. Gainesville Resident

    Forgot to add that was a $144K drop in value.

  8. Gainesville Resident

    New neighborhood (20155) for comparable house (this is first year new house is assessed) – 20% or $90K. A whole lot better than old neighborhood.

  9. Chris

    I’m right there with you. Value down $130,600 or 45% (WestGate)

    Blended or not that’s a dramitic difference between the Linton Hall Corridor and the WG/Sudley area. Looks like Loch Lomond is in line with those of us in WG. My house is 50% more depreciated than the other areas, and I feel a long ways from predicted county average of 30%. I’m much closer to a 50% loss than the lamely predicted 30%.

  10. Chris

    That’s really good news for you. I’m glad someone is reporting better numbers than a 45% loss.

  11. Gainesville Resident

    Yes, out in 20155 it’s good. In 20110 – not good. I guess on balance between my 2 properties I made out OK. The 20110 property is down to 2000 assessed value. Fortunately bought it way before then so still making money on it.

  12. Marie

    I guess those of us who live in older neighborhoods had a larger percent decrease in the assessed values on our homes. My assessment is down 35% this year and was down last year about 14%.

  13. Gainesville Resident

    Last year in my older neighbhorhood in 20110 my assessment was down 20% or about $70K. It does look like in older neighborhoods assessments did drop more – and the percentage rate they dropped more than doubled from last year’s drop.

  14. anona

    My first thought was horrification that my in-laws dropped so low, but then I realize that the savings of $500-700 in their case is the silver lining in this cloud. A lot of older people live in these older neighborhoods. They have seen their retirement evaporate overnight, their medical costs go up and their fixed income doesn’t stretch as far as it did. That $500 in tax savings is probably a life line they need.

    The Prince William side of the Manassas Park area was also in the 50%.

  15. Chris

    I have many seniors for neighbors(including my mom), and most of them take advantage of the Tax Relief programs through the county for real estate and personal property taxes. I think this is a very well kept secret. Not enough seniors take advantage of these potential savings. There’s also, a discount perscription drug program for county seniors. It too is a secret of sorts.

    I would enjoy the lower taxes if I thought I would not be paying more for things like the pools, etc. However, those fees will be higher. There will be out of pocket expenses for some that may very well have them putting out more than their savings on taxes. I understand we all have different circumstances. Nothing is perfect.

    For those of you seniors out there or those with senior family members and friends, encourage them to check into tax relief from the county. The City of Manassas also, has some sort of program for seniors.

    Real Estate and Personal Property Tax Relief

    Senior Citizens and disabled persons who meet certain criteria may be granted relief from all or part of real estate taxes, the solid waste fee, the vehicle license decal fee, and personal property tax. Eligibility criteria may change from year to year.

    2009 Tax Relief Brochure
    2009 Relief Application Form
    2009 Relief Renewal Application Form

  16. Censored bybvbl

    Unless I’ve botched the math – which may be likely since I’ve no kiddos with whom to practice – this year we’re down about 27%. This would bring us in line with the value of our house (not the assessment) about four years ago – before we increased the square footage by about 50%. Grrrr. The shack next door is way over-valued by the county. No bank would ever loan the assessed value of that place – probably over-assessed by $30,000.

  17. Poor Richard

    Your RE bill is based on your assessment AND the tax rate
    adopted by your local jurisdiction. While assessments have
    gone down, the tax rate, no doubt, will rise. My guess is that
    the majority of people will see a modest drop in their final bill
    compared to last year.

    Like PWC, the City of Manassas has a Tax Relief program
    for Senior Citizens and the disabled.

  18. Chris

    West Gate’s assessments have rolled back to 2001, and to the penny on my house. At this rate we are liable to see assessments back to last century’s assessments. I sure hope not. I do like seeing an assessment that looks like an assessment and not a fair market value. Last years assessments were higher than fair market value in my neighborhood.

  19. Mine is down 42% or 165,300 in the City. I’m grateful to have shelter in these times. I heard somewhere – here? – there are more than 100 homeless children in the city school system now. Last time our church youth group cooked a meal at the SERVE shelter, every bed was taken and many children were there. When you plant your vegetable garden this year, plant an extra row for the hungry and give it to SERVE!

  20. Elena

    Thanks for that very important reminder Cindy!

  21. Moon-howler

    Chris brings up an important point about fair market vs assessment. This past year was far over fair market value.

  22. Anonymous

    Breaking the Rural Crescent would result in even higher taxes on County residents for decentralized infrastructure, especially road expansions. Check out another blog post on the Comp Plan Amendments that suggests we deserve something better than a “ready – fire – aim approach (and yes, we’d prefer to aim before we fire.

  23. Elena

    Thanks Anonymous for the link! I read read the post, awesome commentary on PWC and it’s lack of long range planning!

  24. Moon-howler

    I just keep thinking of all those people who I read say they didn’t care what it cost them. They would pay more in taxes, blah blah blah, just get rid of the illegals.

    Maybe some of us did care what it would cost. Who is to say how many illegal immigrants are still here.

  25. Second-Alamo

    According to the latest news, one less.

  26. Black Velvet Reporter

    It seems that Supervisor Principi is being called on the carpet for the route 1/Marumsco 7-11 day laborers.

    Funny how Supervisor Stirrup is not being called on the carpet over the Coverstone 7-11 that also has day laborers each day.

    Do I smell a double standard here? Why is Principi responsible after a year and Stirrup not responsible after much more time in office?


  27. Sceptical

    Land prices are not good; 20169 from $187k last year to $107k this.

  28. Second-Alamo


    Maybe it’s because the body count at Coverstone is zero.

  29. Gainesville Resident

    That’s a big drop for 20169. In 20155 it just went from $131K to $105K.

  30. Starryflights

    According to WTOP, PW County’s average assessment decrease led all other northern Virginia counties and cities:

    The Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration says residential property assessments in 2008 dropped on average 12.55 percent.

    Other local residential property assessments that are down:

    Loudoun County dropped 14.96 percent.
    Alexandria dropped 4.75 percent.
    Arlington dropped 2.1 percent.
    Prince William County dropped an estimated 32 percent.

    Looks like the Rule of Law resolution has been a financial disaster for Prince William County.

  31. silver fox

    I thought you were a supporter/fan of the resolution. Have you had a change of heart?

  32. ShellyB

    The value of my home dropped over 130 grand. HOWEVER, I should point out that more than 90 percent of that took place between July of 2007 and March of 2008, when our county government was under siege.


  33. ShellyB

    Thanks for those numbers StarryFlights.

    At least we’re in the same league as Loudoun, which is equally far from DC.

    Too bad we are TWICE as screwed as Loudoun, 32 percent to 15 percent.

    How do we compare to Spotsy?

    Anyway, the question for all the “Immigration Resolution” (only now we changed it Rule of Law for some reason) people is this:

    Given that the housing crisis was going to hit us anyway, was having less brown faces at the bus stop worth the price of seeing the financial carnage rise to TWO TIMES worse than any of our neighbors, and SIX TIMES worse than the average for Northern Virginia?

    Not for me. But that’s just me. I grew up with brown people.

  34. Moon-howler

    Thanks for the stats, Starry. That is just horrible. I am shocked.
    Why is it that PWC is just so much worse? Since 2006, my house has dropped almost 55%. As it is, it dropped 40% from last year. Of course, the assessments were way too high last year.

  35. Starryflights

    Needless to say, driving people out of the country was a very bad idea for a lot of different reasons. The financial costs in home values was particularly damaging. The other N VA localities weren’t hit as hard.

    I feel bad for those close to retirement who had their lifetime nest eggs in their homes, only to see them decline within a matter of months.

  36. Moon-howler

    I also feel badly for families who get transferred to another area, like many of our military families. Does anyone know if the military has a provision to help them out if they get relocated to another area?

    Do their families just stay here?

    A house sure isn’t a very good investment to pull your cash out of now.

  37. Sheri

    In Bridlewood off of Linton Hall Road we saw a 93K loss.

  38. Gold_inline

    Is the real estate comp usually higher than the assessment? The reason I ask is because last year my assessment was 347k and appraised at 405k for a refinance (in May).

  39. eagle

    Dumfries townhouses assessment dropped from 170K(2008) to 56K(2009). Can anyone explain why so dramatic drop compared to other areas in the county. Does appraisal value is higher than the assessment value?

  40. Freddie

    Hope not. I just bought a house in Georgetown South.

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