Today a new blog was born:
I just checked out Fox Nation. I almost had the proverbial ‘BIG ONE’ of Sanford and Son fame. Here is their stated purpose:

Our Purpose

The FOX Nation Statement of Purpose

The Fox Nation was created for people who believe in the United States of America and its ideals, as expressed in the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Emancipation Proclamation.
It is a community that believes in the American Dream: Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. One that believes being an American is an honor, as well as a great responsibility—and a wonderful adventure.

This is a place for people who believe we live in a great country, a welcoming refuge for legal immigrants who want to contribute their talent and abilities to make our way of life even greater. We believe we should enjoy the company and support of each other, delighting in the creativity, ingenuity, and work ethic of one and all, while observing the basic rules of civility and mutual respect and, most importantly, strengthening our diverse society by striving for unity.

The Fox Nation is for those committed to the core principles of tolerance, open debate, civil discourse–and fair and balanced coverage of the news. It is for those opposed to intolerance, excessive government control of our lives, and attempts to monopolize opinion or suppress freedom of thought, expression, and worship.

We invite all Americans who share these values to join us here at Fox Nation.

Sounds harmless enough on paper, like apple pie and motherhood. However, the comments, this open debate that is mentioned, are all very conservative, as far as I can see. This must be the Obama backlash. Topics include Obama fires GM CEO, Rush says Hillary is twice the man Obama, Affirmative action for Muslims in the White House, and other provocative titles. Thousands of conservatives have already joined during the short 2 hour life of this website.

I await our readers’ opinions. It might be shooting one’s self in the foot to write about another blog, but this one is THE big one.

40 Thoughts to “A New National Conservative Blog Rears Its Head”

  1. I can’t stand Fox on so many levels, I don’t think I can “tolerate” reading the blog.

  2. Alanna

    Well, at least you didn’t say ‘it’s ugly head’. 🙂 Not sure why their focus on immigration?

    Also, can you clear up the Sanford & Son reference?

  3. IVAN

    This sounds like an ad for Fox News and Hannity and O’Reilly.

  4. Moon-howler

    I can’t stand it either. And I cringe every time I hear the words ‘fair and balanced.’ I do like to listen to it though, to see what the outrage of the day is going to be.

    Sandford and Son reference: Fred was very manipulative. He was a widower and when he wanted to make a point, he would speak to his dead wife and say something to the effect of ‘Elizabeth, move over, this is the big one,’ meaning he was going to have a heart attack over whatever was going on.

    I stopped short of saying its ‘ugly head.’ It took great self control on my part.

    Ivan, some dude was on who was supposedly the blog master. I am not sure if it is owned by Fox or an adjunct, formed in Fox’s honor. It sure will give the dark screen some competition.

  5. IVAN

    “Observing basic rules of civility and mutual respect”, are you sure these guys are going to be playing in the Dark Screen’s ball park? I bet they don’t even know who Corey is. Maybe he will see an opportunity to expand his fan base and pay them a visit. No, that’s not how he opperates: he’ll just send the Dark Master over to do his work for him.

  6. Moon-howler

    Sanford and son:

    Best I can do this morning.

    Ivan, you are hilarious this morning. However, all funning aside, you speak the truth. I am sure they have all gone and paid a visit. I guess the dark screen will survive only because it is local.

    There sure were some pissed off conservatives on that new foxy woxy blog though.

  7. Poor Richard

    Extremes of both the right and left love to traffic in nebulous
    bromides such as “excessive government control of our lives”.
    Which is bad – until you want government to stop your neighbor
    from doing something that ticks you off – and then it is good, right?
    BVBL is built around the encouragement of government intervention
    to serve their goals.
    (Another classic example are folks who complain about speeders
    on their street and demand more enforcement – then get caught
    speeding themselves and moan about “speed traps” and “don’t you
    cops have beeter things to do”.)

  8. Elena

    Yes, I believe we call that hypocrisy. To some extent, we all are guilty of it. @Poor Richard

  9. I thought part of this entry might interest you–it’s on “The Polarization of the Internet.”

    “Cass R. Sunstein describes an experiment conducted in 2005 in Colorado. Participants were screened and divided into two groups–liberal and conservative. Each group was then asked to discuss controversial issues such as same-sex marriage, the legitimacy of global warming and affirmative action.

    The result? According to Cass, “In almost every case, people held more extreme positions after they spoke with like-minded others.”

    Cass goes on to say, “The creation of enclaves of like-minded people had a second effect: It made both liberal groups and conservative groups significantly more homogeneous–and thus squelched diversity. Before people started to talk, many people displayed a fair amount of internal disagreement on the three issues. Their disagreements were greatly reduced as a result of a mere 15-minute discussion.”

    This experiment clearly demonstrates the danger of group-think. Individuals do it, communities do it and our leaders do it. And it’s more easily done on the Internet.”

    Full entry here:

  10. Moon-howler

    Thanks Pinko.

    Poor Richard, you and Ivan are both on a roll this morning. You have again hit the nail on the head! Of course, being a moderate,I would agree with you. 😉

  11. Anesthesia

    Sanford was great!

    “If I pressed your face in dough, I’d get gorilla cookies!”

  12. ShellyB

    Many people joined a similar movement to oppose George W. Bush. But as I recall, this really didn’t start until it was clear that Bush was really hurting the country. For me it was when I found out he lied about WMD’s. For others it was Katrina. For others it was torture. For others it was the cover up after outing that CIA agent. For others it was the firing of Republican attorney generals who refused to use their office to impact elections. For others it was the destruction of our economy.

    But I think that the Republicans have the cart before the horse right now. There is no such list of failures. They know they are really upset that Obama won the election, but it is way too early to conclude that we have another failed President on our hands. So all they can really say is “we don’t like Obama” and “we hope Obama fails” so that they’ll have a justified reason not to like Obama.

    That’s my theory as to why a lot of them are saying let’s hope he fails.

  13. ShellyB

    Woops, I mean the firing of Republican DISTRICT ATTORNEYS, not attorney generals. They didn’t fire that Gonzales soon enough.

  14. ShellyB

    Poor Richard, great post!

  15. ShellyB

    Pinko, that’s why we love this blog and we’ve all but forgotten the censored propaganda blog that used to be run by what’s his name.

  16. Elena

    It’s funny, well not funny haha, how Fox News can’t find one good plan of Obama’s and thought GW could do nothing wrong. At least CNN has the balls to have negative stories the Obama administration and AIG.@ShellyB

  17. Poor Richard,

    I agree.

  18. hello

    Sound like a bunch of haters over here if you ask me… Fox has a blog, big deal, most of you here hate Fox and anything they do anyway but I bet you all watch Fox News and will now read their blog. It’s win win for them, conservatives watch and read and so do the haters.

  19. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    The backlash is building! The only question is… can we stop the damage before it’s too late. You can’t show fluffy-soft weakness to our enemies forever…eventually they’ll attack on principle.

  20. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    OMG, careful with the primate reference (even if it is from a TV show), certain folks will blow an o-ring!

  21. michael

    What’s wrong with being a conservative blog standing up for conservative issues? Is that any more wrong than being a liberal blog and standing up for only liberal issues?
    It is cultural and political “diversity” that has caused polarization, and undermined unity of purpose and common understanding between people. “Diversity” encourages selfish racial behavior and segregation of people into competing groups that create aparthids (seperate but equal societies, laws, and languages), rather that encourage “de-segregation and common understanding through common language.

    The greeks understood this very well when they created the political concept of “democracy”.
    Obama’s legacy will be the poverty he puts the entire nation into, by supporting “illegal” immigrants, and re-distribution of wealth to “racial classes” over “low income” individuals with a 3.3 trillion dollar federal deficit and $9 trillion dollar trade deficit (2/3rds of which makes China 30% richer over the next 4 years).

    Liberal attitudes will create separate cultures, separated segregated societies all funded by 780 billionj dollars of social engineering tax dollars, that will create more poverty than wealth. It will disregard the talent of and fairness to “individuals”. The current President’s federal budget (2010) is a tax and spend budget that will put $250 billion dollars of a $3.3 trillion dollar federal deficit DIRECTLY into the hands and pockets of 15 million “illegal” immigrants, most of which will go back to their home countries. Another $400 billion of that will go directly into the pockets of 30 million formerly “illegal” immigrants who make less than $25,000.00 per year, and whose labor will not increase our GDP. If the GDP cannot be increased by 45 million of 306 million Americans, then the estimated $650 billion in savings that would not have to be spent on people that should never have been in the US in the first place, could be used to power 100 million “legal” Americans making $50,000 to $100,000 per year, to invest in science, R&D, new innovative product development and technologies that can be competitive with Japan, China, India, Korea, EU, and Russia. To do that and maintain current labor rates that go up instead of down we need 15 million “illegal” people to go home, causing an 8% job loss rate to go down to 2% job loss rate, and the federal deficit to go to 1% of the GDP, instead of 3% of the GDP, produced by 100 million highly educated Americans of the 306 million people in this nation.

    Which America is better, a divided ethnically, racially, gender and religious America or a unified nation of individuals speaking a common language and having a common communal political culture that is prosperous rather than poor?

    If you do not strive to achieve common culture and common community political ideology, all nations who do not do so, ultimately end up history and politically in unrest, divided communities, divided cultures, segregated societies, and at war with whatever factions politically hate each other. Is this the America you want to create by supporting 15 million “illegal” immigrants with YOUR TAX DOLLARS?

  22. michael

    What you need to be aware of is that the US is at great risk of collapsing as a nation, suffering the collapse of the US dollar similar to the collapse of the argentinian government, when no-one whould lend them anymore money, and they began to print money in a naive effort to save their failing economy and declining GDP.

    When that happens, the US will no longer be the “America” you all feel so proud of now. It will instead be a third world country of divided, segregated, politically warring ethnic factions, supporting “illegal” immigration and “illegal” immigrants, all fighting with “legal” people through minority privilige ethnic advocacy groups, over who gets bailout money as the US dollar declines in value around the world.

  23. ShellyB

    Michael, what is it that led you to all of these beliefs?

    Does it bother you that most Americans don’t agree? Most Americans think our country is going in the right direction. Which is a forty point increase in the poll results for that question in a matter of 70 days?

    Our economy is going to turn around sooner or later, and we won’t be a torture nation that invades the wrong country thanks to deliberate lies from the Oval Office. Bush did a lot of damage, but not nearly enough to create the science fiction you describe.

  24. Moon-howler

    Michael, I am curious what you think of the increasing violence along the Mexican-US border? I am surprised you haven’t mentioned this lawlessness.

    I am much more concerned about that than I am bailout.

  25. hello

    Hi ShellyB, I don’t know if I would say that ‘most Americans don’t agree’… Sure, some things maybe but to suggest that most Americans don’t agree with some, if not allot, of the Fox features isn’t realistic.

    Obama ran a successful campaign against Bush and it worked… people like you, and other outlets like MSNBC, NBC… pick up on that and are blinded by it and don’t consider any other parameters (if you need evidence just refer to comment #12 at 12:50 as exhibit A). With the economy they, and you, never mention:

    Barny Frank: who has for years been trying to get Frannie/Freddie to up the percentage of home loans to low income/high risk borrowers which is at the center of the crisis. Then he lowers himself to extortion by threatening to subpoena names of execs who got bonus money so he can release them to the public knowing they have received death threats.

    Chris Dodd: the single highest recipient of campaign funds from AIG, sweetheart mortgages for multiple home loans from Countrywide, who’s wife was as a director for IPC Holdings, a subsidiary of AIG, and then just happen to put in a provision to protect AIG exec bonus money, which by the way apparently came as a direct order from the Obama administration…. Did I happen to mention that he was on the Senate Banking Committee, it’s not a conflict of interest to be the Senate Finance Committee chairman and have your wife directly working for AIG’s sub, get sweetheart mortgage deals at the same time you got MORE AIG CAMPAIGN FUNDs THAN ANYONE, even Obama (he was number 2 by the way), nah, nothing to see here people, move on…

    Did a search, I think you will find this pretty funny… on the ‘U.S. Senate Finance Committee’ and found their site. They have a funny quote on their main page:

    “One of the highest honors that can come to a member of
    the U.S. Senate is to serve on the Committee on Finance.
    The Committee on Finance has since its creation been
    associated with some of the most significant and most
    controversial issues in U.S. history.”

    –Robert J. Dole

    Ya got that right big Bob (who knew he was a fortune teller), Chris Dodd is going to have the highest honor of being in control of the Senate Finance Committee during one of the most significant and controversial issues in U.S. history… but you don’t hear that kind of stuff in many other media outlets. Just Bush caused this, Bush was the reason for that, Bush killed my goldfish when I was 4, ran over my dog when I was 11, knocked up my sister was I was 15… and on and on.

    Enough, if I hear the word ‘inherited’ one more time that’s it… Can we all move past that philosophy and look at what is happening today or are we forever stuck in business as usual.

  26. hello

    having said that… I wonder who allot of Dems are going to be running against in the next round of elections, Rush, O’Reily, Palin, Hannity or Bush again. So far the early bet is on Bush but Rush is showing 3 to 1 odds (and a White House favorite), O’Reily is bringing up the reer with 5 to 1 but Hannity and Palin are closing in fast with 7 to 1 and gaining ground fast. Their neck and neck coming down the home stretch off of turn 2 and it’s going to be a photo finish folks! But I suppose we will have to wait to see what Rahm and friends come up with in the bipartisan administration their running.

  27. Moon-howler

    Perhaps I am unaware of them, but I am unaware of huge numbers of Democrat big mouths serving as TV commentators. Palin is legit…she is actually a politician. The others are talking heads. You left out Ann Coulter. What a miserable harpy she is.

    I don’t want to hear anyone filter my news for me. Just tell me what happened. I can pretty well pick out who the rats are, if there are rats.

  28. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Shelly, Good comedy at #22! Most Americans don’t agree. Right. We’ve already played the poll game, and we know that any polling organization that releases a poll you don’t agree with is “a hate group”. And you do realize that you’re losing your poll numbers every day, as people slowly wake up from the marketing haze and realize that bumper stickers and rudimentary slogans don’t equal a President. Obozo literally makes Bush look like a genius!

    You are right that our economy will turn around by itself. It’s a cyclical economy, and cyclical economies go up and down. What people are finally beginning to realize is that Obozo and the liberals used this cycle to push through every liberal wet-dream pork project they’ve had for the last 40 years. Government involvement only prolongs the problem. Look at Japan in the 90s. Look at America in the 30s. Government got involved, and a short quick cycle became a long protracted “lost decade”. Instead of letting Chrysler and GM go through bankruptcy (they’d probably be on the other side of it by now), Obozo pumps billions of taxpayer dollars into them first, then decides to let them go through bankruptcy. Bottom line: taxpayer dollars down the toilet. Enjoy your poll numbers while you can, because people can’t be fooled forever (people other than you, that is).

  29. Hello, FOX isn’t the only network I avoid. In general, unless it’s an educational network, television is a waste of time IMHO. Please avoid making generalizations about people’s preferences.

    “Kill your television.” It’s opium for the masses.

  30. Moon-howler

    I guess if you think it will go south, then it will. Much of getting out of a depression is psychological.

    Who knows who is right and who is wrong. Economists cannot agree on these issues. Too bad it gets so political. I think it is important to note that both Obama and Bush were NOT in disagreement over much of this issue. That should tell us something.

  31. ShellyB

    Slow-slow, I foresee a great many years of frustration for you as the country succeeds and we begin to associate peace, prosperity and economic growth with Democratic Presidents, and rightly or wrongly: Republican Presidents with the opposite. Your frustration is already getting the best of you. There is bitterness in everything you post. I give you credit for realizing that you are an extremist who will never see your vision of the future come true. But given that you will be perpetually frustrated by the changes happening around you, perhaps you should take up another hobby that makes you less angry and resentful of the average person you see.

    Hello, I think you should run with that argument: we can’t blame Bush for the failure of the Bush administration. I agree. He could never have done this much damage all by himself. I suppose your view is that if only the Republicans had had more power during Bush’s reign, the country would have been much better off. I disagree. But like I said, I encourage you to run with that argument.

  32. hello

    I’m not a Republican ShelleyB… I’m an Independent, unlike you I vote for the person, not the party.

  33. michael

    Moon I have mentioned the violence on the Southern Border. I also have what I believe are accurate opinions of why it is occurring and what we should do about it.

  34. michael

    ShellyB, it does not bother me that Americans do not agree. What bothers me is the consequence of making the wrong choices that have extremely long term effects on our wealth, our security and our ability to have a lawful and stable culture that becomes less violent, rather than more violent in how it deals with rapid change and over-population.
    These are the things I see that I do not think democrats and some republicans see that are destructive in other parts of the world that will likely happen here if the trend is not reversed.

    1. We have never had a cultural “war” or shooting war inside the US border (not counting the Indian wars, or US civil war over economics and slavery as an economic model). Most warring nations in the world have cultural wars fought inside their borders.
    2. The cause of cultural wars, and historical wars is rooted in divisions in the society aligned politically along racial, gender, religious and ethnic lines.
    3. Nations that have unified political systems (strive for common ideology, a unified nation of individuals, a common law, integrated or desegregated social concepts and customs, tend to have extremely long periods of peace, between wars.
    4. Nations that have segregated cultural “diversity”, extreme political division along racial, gender, religious and ethnic group lines, and extreme disagreement about the direction the nation should take and be governed by, tend to be in shooting conflict and cultural war.
    5. There are indicators of these end states that occur some 10-20 years prior to the break-out of such cultural conflicts along racial, gender, religious and ethnic political lines.
    6. We are currently experiencing a high incidence rate of these indicators:

    a. Division of races, genders, religions and ethnic groups into segregated political groups.
    b. Division of language
    c. Support for lawlessness, especially by specific ethnicities for specific ethnicities.
    d. Demanding entitlement by race or religion, rather than entitlement by individual.
    e. Extreme cultural and political anger, as a result of diaspora and rapid over-population by “illegal” immigrants of foreign culture.
    f. A decrease in wealth caused by diaspora and rapid over-population by “illegal” immigrants of foreign culture.
    g. Ethnic encouragement to politically advocate by ethnicity, and ignore anti-discriminatory, anti-preference law.
    h. Extreme division of wealth between top 1% of richest people and bottom 10% of poorest people. (The ratios do not allow high standards of living for all).
    i. Hatred of one racial group (political advocacy group), of all other racial political advocacy groups.
    j. A rise to power based on race, religion, or gender voting preference
    k. An ideology that ignors basic democratic principals (power of the majority, power of the individual) and supports racial centric social activisim and political segregation. As this POLITICAL ACTIVISM becomes militant CONFLICT AND STREET WARS BREAK OUT, THEN BORDER WARS.
    l. A rise in crime, a rise in poverty, a drop in the GDP, and proliferation of criminal gangs, rise in organized crime and lack of law enforcement.
    m. A philosophy of reduced ethics, emphasis on excessive greed, rise in corruption, rise in aristocratic behavior (modifying the law to support the wealthy more than the serfs) and lack of government ethics behavior, or criminal behavior regulation and oversight on the increasing lawless behavior of the people.
    n. A preference for forms of government other than “democracy”.

    These are the things I see happening, and many of those supporting “illegal” immigrants are exhibiting those destructive behaviors emphasizing “segregation of culture” rather than “desegregation of culture”. It is a root cause in greed and excessive ethnic pride and arrogance that ultimately leads to conflict and war (I have seen it as a former military officer).

  35. michael

    If Obama supports reducing the current ratio between extreme wealth and low income wealth I will support him. If he supports racial, and ethnic balancing of wealth to some arbitrary average income that only helps protected classes and not all “low income” people as individuals, then I will fight to have him removed from office as quickly as can be politically managed. If he goes down this current tax and spend path that puts our tax money into “illegal” immigrants and foreign nations more than it helps “low income” America, he won’t last very long as a President before Congress and the majority of American people figure out a way to prevent him from destroying the nation.

  36. Moon-howler

    Hello, I think most people here consider you to be a Republican because of all our discussions around election time. I consider myself an independent, although I generally end up voting Democrat..and it is usually because of the person, not the party. I dislike both parties.

  37. ShellyB

    Hello, I don’t know how or why you think you know how I vote. If you can’t respond to my post, better to say nothing. Anyway, you are perfectly within your rights to be an Independent, just like Bill O’Rielly and Lou Dobbs are Independents. Moon-Howler is one too. I’m not sure where I said you were a Republican. Whether you are an R who defends the Bush legacy or an I who defends the Bush legacy, I would encourage you to do so. It’s tragic really that he will go down in history as such a villain when he never even wanted to be President in the first place, let alone destroy the country.

  38. ShellyB

    I should say that perhaps Bush wanted to “be” President, but he never had any intention on doing any of the learning and the reading it would have taken to govern effectively.

  39. hello

    ShellyB, ugh, please point out any point in which I defended ‘the Bush legacy’. The only thing your doing is reinforcing and perpetuating the reason for my first post to you. Your as so blinded by what the left has been pushing for the past two years that you can’t see beyond ‘the Bush legacy’. You have not once mentioned the fact that Democrats have control congress for the past two years, or any of the corrupt top Democrat officials. Just the standard operating procedure of pointing the finger at Bush for everything that is wrong today. Open your eyes and take a look around, there are things going on today that are going to affect generations to come but you can’t seem then and don’t mention them because your still fixated on Bush.

  40. hello

    To borrow a quote from you, do a little research on the Chriss Dodds, the Barry Franks and the 9% Nancy’s, “I would encourage you to do so”. Do you know why she has that nice little nickname, 9% Nancy, because that was the approval rating for her.

    Bush messed a bunch of things up, I don’t deny that. However, he is NOT IN OFFICE ANY LONGER! Maybe, just maybe you will wake up and take a look at what is going to today that will effect the future “I would encourage you to do so” but somehow I don’t think that is going to happen.

    Just keep your head buried in the sand, now that’s a good strategy.

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