This week has been a crime filled one here in Prince William County. We generally do not cover crime on this blog. The newspapers usually handle things adequately. If there is the slightest of chances that the perpetrator might be an illegal immigrant, the dark screen is all over it.

However, in light of the fact that our esteemed chairman of the BOCS has publicly stated that violent crime is down by 20% (even though murder is up and rape is unchanged), and that passing the Resolution helped make this happen, we thought we should illuminate a few cases that indicate Mr. Stewart’s announcement might be somewhat misleading. Earlier this week, the News and Messenger reported the following regarding the 2008 PWC Crime statistics:

Stewart, a Republican, hailed the drop in violent crime as a victory for Prince William’s tough stance against illegal immigration. Since July 2008, county police have been required to determine the immigration status of anyone taken into custody.

Of the 1,802 people arrested last year for murder, rape, robbery, assault, burglary, larceny, or car theft, 63 were in America illegally.

Only five illegal immigrants were charged with violent crimes, though: one with rape and four with aggravated assault.

So how does the county know its tough stance has worked? The arrest numbers for violent acts are small.

“My response is: exactly,” Stewart said.

Illegal immigrants, concerned about being discovered, may have left the county when they heard they could be deported if they committed a crime, he said.

Or, by deporting an illegal convicted of a lesser offense, authorities can prevent a future, more vicious crime, Stewart said.

“If you’re going to get into trouble, Prince William County is the last place you want to be as an illegal immigrant,” he said.

So much for statistics. Mid-week, there was an armored car heist. Three men, wearing black and white Halloween masks held up a Loomis armored car at gun point. The Loomis employees were not injured. Eventually the three were apprehended after a tip from a senior citizen.

As if this wasn’t enough excitement, yesterday an officer attempted to pull over a suspected drunk driver. The driver refused to stop, went on a rampage, and tried to mow her down with his vehicle. The officer was pinned between her car and the door. The driver went on to injure four others near Minnieville and Smoketown Roads. Despite being shot at twice, the suspect got away. He was apprehended today (Friday) around 9 a.m. A civilian pointed out a suspicious looking person riding a bicycle. The police flooded the area and even customers from Lowes got in the act by attempting to grab the suspect or ram his with shopping carts. (which seems rather minor after he attacked one of Prince William’s finest with a vehicle.)

Weapons were drawn again and the young man was apprehended.

According to the News and Messenger:

In addition to attempted capital murder, the teen faces charges of aggravated malicious wounding of a police officer, felony eluding police, felony hit and run and grand larceny auto, police said.

Interestingly enough, none of the perps in either of these cases of violent crime appear to be illegal immigrants. How will that fit in with Mr. Stewart’s statistics?

16 Thoughts to “A Week of Crime in PWC”

  1. Noy

    It sounds like this teenage kid being demonized by everyone was just a stupid kid who didn’t know when to give up. It sounds like this kid was just trying to get past the police officer and hitting the car door of the cruiser wasn’t intentional.

  2. JustinT

    County Chairman had always claimed his reelection propaganda had something to do with crime, but now that the statistics have completely refuted that false claim.

    Remember, Stewart and his cadre were moaning and crying when the Immigration Resolution was amended last April to remove the racial profiling risk inherent in the policy. “Over my dead body,” Stewart said. “This will mean the illegals come back!” his cadre said. The author of the Resolution even called for riots and vigilante violence because he saw a Hispanic person moving in instead of moving out of his neighborhood. Then of course Stewart voted for the change so he could pull a Peewee Herman and say “I meant to do that.”

    But what if it’s true. What if reducing the likelihood of racial profiling meant that some illegal immigrants came back mid year? Why were there so few crimes compared to the general populace? If there really was an “invasion,” how could there be so little crime from the invaders?

    Maybe Corey Stewart and his cadre are judging with their eyes and their ears what should be determined by Immigrations and Customs. Darker complexion and Spanish language does not make a person “illegal.” Stewart basically said as much from the dais when the Citizen Survey guy explained some of the opinion polls were conducted in Spanish. Stewart said, “How do we know they weren’t illegal?” or something to that effect. Disgusting.

    Now we find out this Reelection Propaganda didn’t get us very far with regard to crime and public safety. Crime went up. We are now less safe.

    To accept rabid political support from people consumed with such a feverish and ignorant misconception is immoral. To try to JUSTIFY that misconception and that ignorance after the fact by lying about and slandering people is beneath contempt.

    The only thing supporting Stewart’s crime claims is prejudice. Soon, the only thing supporting his political career will be prejudice. We can’t let this continue folks.

  3. Anesthesia

    So Justin, what you are saying is the only “invasion” we have had is of prejudice.

    If so, I agree.

  4. JustinT

    Well, there was a large increase in immigration during the past 10 years. Who would have thought that Prince William County could be 20 percent Hispanic, plus all the Koreans and Africans to add up to 50 percent minority? It came as a surprise to me, but it didn’t make me angry. During college I lived in a very diverse city and I got accustomed to it. So I didn’t see it as an invasion. It meant there were more interesting places to eat!

    But yeah, then in 2007, it felt a little like an invasion with the Help Save Manassas/Corey Stewart/John Stirrup cabal. Like a hostile takeover of our county government. But the prejudice didn’t “invade.” It was already here. And not just here. It’s everywhere. What was unique to here was a really smart guy and a really loud guy. (Letiecq: smart, Stewart: loud.) I don’t know where that puts Stirrup, since he is neither unless he has a “point of order” to offer. Stewart was made loud by voters. Otherwise, he’s just a guy who really wants to be famous. It’s time the voters quieted him. There other ways Corey Stewart could make himself famous. How about Dancing With The Stars?

  5. Witness Too

    It’s true, prejudice is always there. It’s what the leaders do that determines whether cooler heads may prevail. It just goes to show that if we are not paying attention, we are very very vulnerable to people who are extremely motivated and extremely zealous about one thing.

    If you think about it, a county of 400,000 people was taken over for nearly a year by a group of 30 people, plus a blog, and a national anti-immigrant email database. In a county this big, I’m sure there are 30 people who would support most things you could imagine. That’s why the rest of us need to pay attention to what’s going on.

  6. Moon-howler

    Witness, those 30 people did a good job of convincing others that the sky was falling. They capitalized on people’s fears. Justin is right about smart and loud. That was all it took. A point of order, smart, loud, and a 30 or so minions to create the perfect storm.

    Now who will clean up the devastation left it its wake?

  7. ShellyB

    Corey Stewart saying exactly just sums up the idiocy of his position. It’s like saying “There is an emergency, we must chase away all the little green men having gay sex on the moon!” So we spend 30 million dollars to send police men to the moon, and don’t find any gay green men. And Corey Stewart says, “That’s because we chased them all away.”

    And I say, “I want my 30 million dollars back.”

  8. Moon-howler

    ShellyB, and you probably won’t get it because your 30 million has been spent on guns to shoot those having gay moon sex.

    Any word on Jeff Frederick? Is the dark master still singing his praises?

  9. IVAN

    Frederick is out. The vote was 57 to 17. He says he will run again at the next RPV meeting. I wonder if he is going to continue to hold his seat in the Va. H of D. I have mixed feelings about thissituation.

  10. –So we spend 30 million dollars to send police men to the moon, and don’t find any gay green men. And Corey Stewart says, “That’s because we chased them all away.”–

    LOL! ShellyB, that’s outstanding! 🙂

  11. IVAN

    Oops! Make that vote 57 to 18. Let’s not sell Jeff short.

  12. Witness Too

    Isn’t it true that the entire Commonwealth checks legal status if you “get into trouble?” If so, that’s another reason to ask for our $30 million back.

  13. Moon-howler

    Ivan, why do you have mixed feelings about the Frederick situation?

  14. Moon-howler

    Is the entire world going nuts? We have mass killings in Bingingham, NY, 3 cops killed in Pittsburg, just doing their job. Security truck heists here on the home front and then one of our officers rammed.

    In Salsbury, people were rioting and wanting to do away with money. The mob was extremely vicious.

    Is the world really in this bad of shape or is this just a bad week.

  15. IVAN

    Moon, Frederick’s running of the RPV helped alot of Dems get elected this past fall. With the governors race and the House of Delegates elections this November, I was looking foreward to him helping the Dems keep the Governor’s mansion as well as taking control of the House. Now that he’s out he probably will retain his seat in the House and the RPV has a chance to organize for the fall elections. On the other hand, he was the Dark Master’s boy and this has got to really hit him hard. This is a prime example of how insignificant and irrelevant he is in state and local politics.

  16. Moon-howler

    Thanks Ivan. You usually are on to the inside scoop!

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