Crunching the Numbers…and Extrapolating

Number of Hispanic Students Enrolled Sept. 30

School System
















About the only quantifiers we have as far as immigration goes come from schools. Immigrants generally have children. The Virginia State Board of Education keeps data on ethnicity as set by the federal government.

The above data shows the number of Hispanics enrolled in the 3 school systems on Sept. 30 of the given year. It looks like MC gained 74 more Hispanic students. MP lost 82 students between 2007 and 2008. The county lost 531 students from 2007 to 2008. I can just see Corey Stewart and Greg hi-fiving each other. It appears, however, that Help Save Manassas, didn’t (Save Manassas, that is.)

So much for the great plan that was supposed to save us all that money.  Many of us will be waiting for Corey to turn that savings over to the school system.  Pony  up Corey Stewart!  Where is that money we supposedly saved?

In the grand scheme of things,in a school system that has just under 74,000 students,  losing 531 students is , to quote Mr. Stewart, a ‘drop in the bucket.’

[NOTE:  Many of these students could very well be from families of legal immigrants. Additionally, they very well might not be involved with any LEP classes.  Some could have lived here for generations.  There is no way to tell exactly.]

Prince William County Crime Rate Increases

update: Here is Sunday’s PW Extra, it basically mirrors what Anti has been saying.

The Prince William County Police Department released their Annual Crime Statistics Report for 2008; it shows that for the first time in 5 years the overall crime rate has increased. The above chart perhaps demonstrates it best; it shows increasing population from 2004 through the present with a decreasing crime rate UNTIL 2007, after which where the crime rate actually INCREASES. The notion that we were experiencing a crime wave due to an “invasion of illegals” is clearly dispelled by the graph.

The crime rate, which is a percentage of the total number of crimes per population, in Prince William County had been consistently decreasing over the past 4 years even during the time period that our immigrant population was increasing. Prince William’s overall crime rate — the number of crimes per 1,000 residents — dropped from 24.5 to 22.8 in 2005, from 22.8 to 21.6 in 2006, from 21.6 to 19.8 in 2007, then in 2008 we experience a 3% increase with an overall crime rate of 20.1.

Of note, the main drop in violent crimes did not originate with a drop in rapes or murders but rather ‘Aggravated Assaults’. The drop in this particularly category alone was 36.5%. On page 5 of the report, it states that it is possible that some of the reduction in reported crime may be due to a lower reporting rate among minority groups.

Chairman Stewart suggests this decrease in violent crimes is attibutable to the County’s implementation of the “Immigration Resolution” when in fact the reason for the drop of Aggravated Assaults is unknown. Stewart’s assertion that the ‘crackdown’ is working because of a drop in one particular area is patently ABSURD. Why wouldn’t we see drops in other areas as well? Why are the decreases mainly seen just in this one classification? Could it be that domestic violence issues are now going unreported?

Other facts contained within the report include:

  • violent crime represents a small portion of the total crime in the County, with crimes against property accounting for the bulk of the total crime.
  • most frequently committed crime by ‘illegal’ aliens – driving without a drivers’ license.
  • Crimes Against Persons rates have dropped due to lower numbers of ‘Aggravated Assault’
  • the number of murders increased by 20% with 0% being committed by ‘illegal’ aliens
  • the number of rapes remained the same with 4% being committed by ‘illegal’ aliens
  • 3% of the total persons arrested are illegal aliens
  • 86.9% of illegal aliens arrested were for misdeamenor or traffic charges