Jerry Erickson’s Column: Follow Employment Laws

Immigration attorney Jerry Erickson reports in his News and Messenger column that the US government is cracking down on the roughly 12 million illegal aliens in the USA.  The government is focusing on 2 major areas:  illegal aliens particiaping in criminal activities and businesses illegally employing those not authorized to work in the USA.


ICE has implemented Operation Predator to protect youngsters from child pornographers, alien smugglers, human traffickers and other predatory criminals.  ICE also has similar programs that target gang violence, terrorism, human rights violations and intellectual property rights. 



ICE is also targeting and  cracking down on employers who keep illegal aliens employed in the US.  Erickson warns that it is more important than ever for businesses to ensure that their employees are properly documented to be working in the US.

 For all those who shrieked last time that Erickson is just another liberal immigration attorney, it might be prudent to read what he has to say about complying with the law:



Several recent cases illustrate just how serious the issue of employing illegal aliens has become. Last year, an investigation by the ICE office led to the arrest and conviction of a restaurant owner in
Kentucky. In January 2009, the owner was sentenced to eight months in prison for knowingly employing illegal aliens.


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Gang Leader Receives 10 year Sentence



High-ranking member of MS-13, Erick Turcios-Lazo was convicted in federal court in Alexandria for putting out a ‘green light’ code to kill a female member of the gang.  Her crime was suspicion of cooperating with law enforcement.  Turcios-Lazo headed the Silvas Locos Salvatrucha, one of the sub-groups of MS-13 located in Northern VA.   He was 2nd in command in the region. 


MS-13 has roots in El Salvador and Los Angeles.  Authorities are targeting leaders in an attempt to curb gang violence.  Recruitment reaches into high schools and middle schools.


The Washington Post reports:


Assistant U.S. Attorney Ben Hatch cited “the history in this courthouse” in arguing for the toughest possible sentence for Turcios-Lazo, 22. He said MS-13 monitors cases and sends members into court to observe who may be working with the government.

“This effort by the members and leaders of the gang to wipe out anyone who cooperates will not be tolerated,” Hatch said.

Gang violence is also being targeted in Maryland, where 20 gang members have been imprisoned on racketeering convictions.

One word says it all.  Good. 

There was no mention of  the status of Turcios-Lazo.  He seems like a good candidate for deportation at the end of his 10 year sentence, however.  

No one wants or needs mob rule.  Parents need to find out all they can about gangs to ensure that their own kids don’t get sucked into this whirlwind of destructive behavior.