High-ranking member of MS-13, Erick Turcios-Lazo was convicted in federal court in Alexandria for putting out a ‘green light’ code to kill a female member of the gang.  Her crime was suspicion of cooperating with law enforcement.  Turcios-Lazo headed the Silvas Locos Salvatrucha, one of the sub-groups of MS-13 located in Northern VA.   He was 2nd in command in the region. 


MS-13 has roots in El Salvador and Los Angeles.  Authorities are targeting leaders in an attempt to curb gang violence.  Recruitment reaches into high schools and middle schools.


The Washington Post reports:


Assistant U.S. Attorney Ben Hatch cited “the history in this courthouse” in arguing for the toughest possible sentence for Turcios-Lazo, 22. He said MS-13 monitors cases and sends members into court to observe who may be working with the government.

“This effort by the members and leaders of the gang to wipe out anyone who cooperates will not be tolerated,” Hatch said.

Gang violence is also being targeted in Maryland, where 20 gang members have been imprisoned on racketeering convictions.

One word says it all.  Good. 

There was no mention of  the status of Turcios-Lazo.  He seems like a good candidate for deportation at the end of his 10 year sentence, however.  

No one wants or needs mob rule.  Parents need to find out all they can about gangs to ensure that their own kids don’t get sucked into this whirlwind of destructive behavior. 

38 Thoughts to “Gang Leader Receives 10 year Sentence”

  1. Gainesville Resident

    Only a 10 year sentence? Seems like conspiracy to commit murder – should be longer than that. Or is it that the murder wasn’t actually committed that he got the light sentence.

  2. Gainesville Resident

    Actually, apparently that is the maximum sentence, unfortunately. Oh well. In 10 years he’ll be deported and then find his way back here and do it all over again, probably, unless by then by some miracle border security is actually increased.

  3. Moon-howler

    I don’t know. Maybe in 10 years things will be in place to make re-entry less likely.

  4. Gainesville Resident

    Let’s hope so. I’ve seen too many articles in the paper about gang members who’ve been deported and have found their way back in the country.

  5. Moon-howler

    And that is totally undesirable. I agree. I have seen a lot of that on the history channel on the gangland stuff.

  6. alza

    sweet! , I’m from el salvador and I’m glad they put this criminal behind the bars ,
    I think that the police shouldn’t just focus on the MS 13 members but also on other criminals like the kkk, just now I found this link about the kkk intimidating the community if you don’t believe me here is goes!



    they must be punished I hope they put them behind the bars as well, unfortunately they do very little to exterminate this real terrorist gang! manada de criminales! ,, they killed blacks and now they want to kill the people from south America totalmente intolerable!

  7. ShellyB

    The point, Alza, is that we cannot look at the deeds of MS 13, OR the deeds of the KKK, and draw conclusions about everyone who fits the physical description of the perpetrator.

    We’ve had several shooting rampages in our country recently. Often when the person is ethnic, people secretly wonder if all people of that ethnicity are dangerous. This does not apply to white shooters, unless they are in the South, and then we are dealing with a whole other set of prejudices and stereotypes.

    So, assuming you are truly from El Salvador and not another person who is hateful toward Latino immigrants, welcome to the blog. (Please don’t prove my suspicion right that you are just another hater with Spanish language on the brain.)

  8. ShellyB

    Gainesville, aren’t we supposed to have them serve their full sentence first before deporting them? If they did something really bad that should be a long, long time. Shouldn’t it?

  9. ShellyB

    Oh. Sorry, skip that question Gainesville, you answered it already with regard to this case.

  10. Gainesville Resident

    Actually, I agree ShellyB – I was amazed that according to the article, 10 years IS the maximum for conspiracy to commit murder! Seems to be it should be MUCH MUCH longer. I view it almost the same as committing murder, but apparently the justice system begs to differ.

  11. Gainesville Resident

    I also didn’t get from the article whether a murder actually occurred, not that it makes much diffrence in my opinion – and I guess that has no impact on the “conspiracy to commit murder” charge. Or at least it shouldn’t – just becuase you conspired to commit murder and didn’t succeed doesn’t mean you should get off with a light sentence. Before today if I heard someone was convicted of that – I’d be guessing they’d be going away for 25 years minimum.

  12. Moon-howler

    10 years is also the maximum sentence for manslaughter, which is sort of like murder.

  13. ShellyB

    I guess the theory of our justice system is that 10 years in prison is supposed to make people less likely to come out and commit more crimes because they would not want more time in prison. Also, so believe that prison should be a time where we rehabilitate people, and they have a chance to reflect on their sins. The other idea, that prison is supposed to get revenge on people, is wrong in my mind.

  14. ShellyB

    I have no idea what the word “so” means in my third sentence or how it got there….

  15. alza


    it doesn’t have anything to do with being hater as you suppose ,it’s just the reality it seems that my comment bothered you maybe because you do not read much about history or you are not updated to reality or you just defend your race even when they harm the community too ,it’s clear that you are only for the white people side and don’t care about others when you said that don’t apply to whites of course don’t apply to good whites! but it should apply to white murders like the kkk
    crime is crime it does not matter who commited
    you also said that maybe I’m not from El salvador of course I’m from El salvador why to hide it?

  16. ShellyB

    Alza, I apologize if I upset you. There have been a series of people who are quite hateful toward immigrants, particularly Hispanic immigrants, who come on this blog and others using Spanish monikers and pretending to be immigrants. They take advantage of the fact that there is no way to verify who they are, and then post things that make immigrants sound bad. So bad that they think they can drum up anger against immigrants that can be used for political purposes.

    Your language sounds very angry. And adding anger to the situation doesn’t help the matter. Ultimately, you will need many people who are not immigrants to respect you and other immigrants as human beings. But people can lose sight of each other’s common humanity when there is anger in the air. Thus, I submit to you that anger is something that does not help the cause of any minority. Because it is always the minority who feels the brunt of anger, fear, and hatred the most, simply because their numbers are small.

    So, I will accept that you are authentic. And please accept my apology for not giving you the benefit of the doubt. It’s just that the anti-immigrant people out there are so frustrated and so bereft of ideas to support their cause that they often resort to posting here as if they are Hispanic, or using Spanish language monikers as a way of insulting Hispanics. I hope you understand. And, I hope you won’t introduce too much anger into this blog. Because we get enough as it is from the anti-immigrant side.

  17. Moon-howler

    When the kkk murders, law enforcement prosecutes. In fact, a 50 year old murder was just reopened and a man who had escaped prosecution was imprisoned.

    Why does this have to turn racial…again. If you do wrong and break laws, you should be imprisoned. I don’t care what your race is. In fact, alza, youi don’t know what people’s race is on this blog. We are a mixed bunch. Let’s not make assumptions about ShellyB. I think if you didn’t jump to conclusions, you would find her to be a very fair person.

  18. ShellyB

    And Alza, I am not only for white people. I am for America. And I want us all to not think of America as a country where any race is paramount. I definitely don’t think white people own America any more than native people, or any of the immigrants who happened not to be white.

  19. ShellyB

    Alza, assuming that I am forgiven, can you tell us what your moniker means? Is it Spanish?

  20. hello

    Hi Moon, I love what you said “Why does this have to turn racial…again. If you do wrong and break laws, you should be imprisoned. I don’t care what your race is.”.

    That includes immigration laws to right?

  21. ShellyB

    Equality is Rule Number One:

    All laws should be applied equally, regardless of race.

    Justice is Rule Number Two:

    When laws are unjust, counter productive, and hurting our country, laws should be reformed.

    But if we break the first rule while we are getting our act together on the 2nd one, what have we gained besides higher taxes, higher crime rate, a divided community, a damaged reputation, falling property values, and a damaged local economy?

    Lesson learned, Prince William County.

    Lesson learned, Corey Stewart? Remains to be seen.

  22. ShellyB

    I’m not trying to say that I have the right limit the USA to just two rules, but Equality and Justice are two pretty good ones. I think they do go way back to the original founding documents. And, no where in any of these documents does it say America is mostly white and should remain mostly white. If we can agree on those three things, then there really should not be so much fighting on this blog, or in American on the immigration issue.

  23. hello

    ShellyB, I totally agree with you about ‘Equality and Justice’. However, as a ‘whtie’ person I find your constant references about ‘white’ people to be offensive. This isn’t the first, second, or third time you have done this, you do it all of the time and it’s not only getting old but offensive as well. You seem to be more hung up on race than just about anyone. Have you ever read a single thing I have ever written where I talk about any race in a derogatory manner?

  24. hello

    Off topic but I asked about this the other day and never got a response: http://wtop.com/?nid=730&sid=1593302

    Does anyone know if the case if pending or if the state police are still doing an investigation? I’m just curious because you never hear anything about it anymore, it’s like it just went away or something. The pics of this lady look like she was obviously assaulted.

  25. ShellyB

    I just use the word “white” because I’m uncertain I would spell Caucasian correctly every time. If you’d like, I’ll use Caucasian.

    But Hello, let’s not pretend that the issue has nothing to do with race. I don’t think that gets us anywhere.

    Do you think there would be such anger and fear, sufficient to take over a county government, if it were not generated by fear of demographic shifts? Has there ever in modern times been a panic or hysteria about Caucasian crime? Too many Caucasians at the bus stop?

    We had people stand in front of the BOCS and say the (Anti) Immigration Resolution was working because X number of people who abandoned their homes to foreclosure had Hispanic names. Mr. Duecaster, who wrote the Resolution, blogged that it was time to get out pitchforks and shovels because he saw a Hispanic person moving into his neighborhood instead of moving out (this was when the Resolution was neutered in April 2008).

    We can’t pretend that this is not a race issue, because the real truth is if not for race, there would BE no issue.

    FAIR, Numbers USA, The Pioneer Fund, Virginia Dare, all the groups that organize the anti-immigration movement are motivated by race, and they are not ashamed to spell it out. They formed because of immigration laws being changed to allow people of color to immigrate to America legally. They oppose legal immigration also, and they have since we dropped the racial quotas in the 60’s that had been designed to keep America predominantly Caucasian.

    That’s not a commentary on you, Hello, or anything you have said. But there has not been an issue since the end of Jim Crow that has been MORE infected with race and racial antagonism than the immigration issue.

    If you share some of their views but not all, then it is wise of you to try to make that clear. But you shouldn’t pretend to be ignorant of the underlying issue, and criticize me as a way to prove you are not like those groups.

    I think it’s great that most people on this blog can talk about the issue in a reasonable manner, but that does not mean we all agree to pretend to be ignorant. There would be no immigration issue at all if not for the race. It’s just a sticky situation we have to deal with. It’s no more pleasant for me than it is for you. But do let’s not pretend.

  26. hello

    ShellyB, I just have two major complaints about your post, you said…

    ShellyB: I just use the word “white” because I’m uncertain I would spell Caucasian correctly every time. If you’d like, I’ll use Caucasian.
    My problem: What is the difference between ‘white’ and ‘Caucasian’?!?!

    But Hello, let’s not pretend that the issue has nothing to do with race. I don’t think that gets us anywhere.
    My problem: Then why in the hell do YOU mention it ALL OF THE TIME!?!?!

  27. ShellyB

    There’s no difference, I guess. But some people don’t like being called white. Often, the word “white” comes in a sentence that is not very complimentary. No one does that with the word Caucasian. Or not as much.

    I’ll stop mentioning it, Hello, and see how we do. I know it is really frustrating to try to disassociate yourself from people like Duecaster, Letiecq, and FAIR/NumbersUSA/Pioneer Fund, and then to have me always use the word “white” or Caucasian, and then you feel you are dragged back into the same muck as they are in. I guess that’s because you and they are Caucasian, and agree on some issues?

    I don’t think that way. I am Caucasian and I don’t feel at all as if I have to apologize for Letiecq and Duecaster. They are more foreign to me than any immigrant from any country on earth.

    But I see your point. If I keep mentioning that the people power behind the anti-immigrant movement is very conscious of race, it undermines your position that we should all just forget about race and treat the issue as if it was a very simple legal issue.

    I hear you.

    But I just don’t think that such a seperation is possible. And that’s why I reacted.

    I mean, wouldn’t it be nice if we could remove religion frm the Israeli/Palestinian issue?

  28. hello

    I don’t know if you were being sarcastic or not ShellyB… but my point is that the way you use ‘white people’ (or Caucasian) you do it with a tone that doesn’t sit well with me, it’s with slight and I do take it as offensive. I don’t know, have never met, have never emailed, have never even seen in person you mentioned. I have never even met someone who was truly ‘anti-immigrant’.

  29. Moon-howler

    I say ‘anti immigrant’ on purpose. Until people get those magic glasses that allow one to pick out who is here legally and who is not, I am just going to lump it all together, as I have heard people do since I got involved in this debate.

  30. Moon-howler

    Hello, somewhere you asked me a question. If I recall, it was about illegal immigrants being punished for crimes. Absolutely. Why should anyone get to commit crimes. Now, do I want them executed for working, no.

    That’s a hard one. In most of society we honor and regard those who work hard highly. We then turn on illegal immigrants and castigate them for wanting to work. (and for being here) It is a lose/lose situation which is why I am in favor of immigration reform. Just any old immigration reform? No. But a change from the status quo? yes.

    It is possible to have mixed feelings about an issue.

  31. ShellyB

    The Israeli/Palestinian bit was sarcasm, but I am sincere in saying I don’t want to make you feel defensive and I’m sorry if I have. I may be preaching to the choir, but I just feel it’s important to remind people why this issue is such a hot potato. It’s because race is involved.

    I’m not sure what you are referring to that I have said in particular.

    But if you boil it all down, I am against prejudice, no matter who perpetrates it and no matter who the target is.


  32. alza

    if you were born in the american continent then you are an american, you can be blue, yellow bown etc , america don’t belong to anybody but people belong to America, from Canada all the way down to Argentina is America!

  33. alza


    yes, it’s spanish! MANADA means (a bunch) CRIMINALES means (criminals)

    TOTALMENTE INTOLERABLE means ( Absolutely intolerable )

    do not worry I never said a bad word in my comments, I always respect people


  34. Moon-howler

    Too many people here speak fluent Spanish to have bad words slip by.

  35. Moon-howler

    Yesterday there was some discussion about what seemed to be a short sentence for this criminal. How about 3.5 years for malicious wounding and failed murder for hire?

    Thomas Roy Bennett sure seems to be getting off on the light side.

  36. Gainesville Resident

    Apparently if you are a murderer and screw up in your murder attempt, you get “rewarded” by the justice system with a very short sentence. Just because you are incompetent and weren’t able to successfully carry off the murder, doesn’t seem like you should get such a light sentence – 3.5 years is very light. Then again the wife and daughter only got 7 years each! What a nice family for that guy to have – his wife and daughter wanting him dead.

  37. Moon-howler

    It seemed light to me also, Gainesville. I don’t think our legal system really seeks justice.

  38. Secure Our Borders

    alza where did you learn your history? Canada, America and Mexico are three…. count them three, seperate countries. And believe it or not there are actually borders between the three countries.

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