A Gorgeous Weekend–Talking over the Back Fence

The weatherman gave us a perfect outlook for the weekend. Weather in the high 70’s today and probably the low 70’s tomorrow. That means people will be racing to the nurseries for flowers, plants, vegetables to plant and improve their moods. Folks will be cranking up and repairing lawn mowers, making home repairs and cooking out this weekend for sure.

While we enjoy the absolutely fine weather, the world will keep on spinning and world events will continue to unfold. Our rescued sea captain is now at home in Vermont spending time with his family, humbly denying he is a hero. Captain Sullenberger, the captain who landed the plane on the Hudson earlier this year possessed the same type of humility and humbleness. Neither man saw himself as a hero but rather one who was just doing his job. Perhaps that is what really makes the hero.

Let us know your thoughts on the weather, the flower beds, walking the dog, fixing the lawn mower, tea parties or heroes. Let’s just call this one ‘Talking over the Back Fence.’