The weatherman gave us a perfect outlook for the weekend. Weather in the high 70’s today and probably the low 70’s tomorrow. That means people will be racing to the nurseries for flowers, plants, vegetables to plant and improve their moods. Folks will be cranking up and repairing lawn mowers, making home repairs and cooking out this weekend for sure.

While we enjoy the absolutely fine weather, the world will keep on spinning and world events will continue to unfold. Our rescued sea captain is now at home in Vermont spending time with his family, humbly denying he is a hero. Captain Sullenberger, the captain who landed the plane on the Hudson earlier this year possessed the same type of humility and humbleness. Neither man saw himself as a hero but rather one who was just doing his job. Perhaps that is what really makes the hero.

Let us know your thoughts on the weather, the flower beds, walking the dog, fixing the lawn mower, tea parties or heroes. Let’s just call this one ‘Talking over the Back Fence.’

24 Thoughts to “A Gorgeous Weekend–Talking over the Back Fence”

  1. Poor Richard

    Much to do in Old Town Manassas this afternoon!
    -Guns, horses, uniforms and exhibits on the museum lawn.
    -Music,rides for children, and general fun at the Harris Pavillion.
    -A sidewalk sale sponsored by OTBA.
    -Come by and join the party! Old Town Manassas – next to the RR station.

  2. Poor Richard

    This morning was opening day for GMBL (the Greater Manassas
    Baseball League started its 50th year). Always a joy to see
    so many happy kids. Congratulations to all the coaches, sponsors,
    umpires, volunteers and , of course, the players!

  3. Censored bybvbl

    The garden has plenty of color, the sweet woodruff is starting to flower, and it’s time to make May wine. Hee hee. Also a great excuse to put away the hoe and Round-up.

  4. Moon-howler

    My son brought me 2 trees from Old Town. Thanks for reporting in, Poor Richard.

    I don’t know what sweet woodruff looks like, Censored. I finally figured out what my blue bells look like. I am looking for my jacks in the pulpit that I planted. So far, no luck. I put in new violets…my confederate violets weren’t confederates. My periwinkle is gorgeous though. It is Warsaw periwinkle.

  5. Poor Richard

    The Manassas Beautification Comm. is giving away small saplings.
    Hope you give yours good home.
    We are proud of being a Tree City USA.
    Our 2009 Arbor Day Celebration will be head at Jeanie Dean School
    this Friday at 10AM. Everyone is invited.

  6. Censored bybvbl

    My jack-in-the-pulpit has disappeared, I think. Or maybe it’s too soon for it to emerge? Most of my wildflowers are wood poppies, money plant(lunaria?), painter’s palette, and phlox. I’m going to have to commit poppicide tomorrow morning as they’ve spread into too many areas where I don’t want them. They can become next year’s compost. Here’s a link to sweet woodruff (asperula odorata).

    I’ll have to see what confederate violets and Warsaw periwinkle look like.

  7. Chris

    While at the Farmers’ Market this morning I took a walk through town. There’s was plenty for all ages to enjoy. I got 2 saplings that are soon to be planted in my front yard. I got a great calendar from the Forestry Dept and enjoyed the art at Harris Pavillion. I saw my backyard neighbor’s beautiful art work there. Funny this thread would be called “talking over the fence”, that’s just what we we’re doing yesterday. The really funny thing is we both had on Stonewall Jackson t-shirts. I’ve not seen my blue bells yet. grrr!

  8. Spent two hours cleaning up the landscaping and spreading mulch with the Neighborhood Watch and Cub Scouts at Weems Elementary School. Filled 8 bags with yard waste and had some great conversations with youth.

    Went to Old Town Manassas to drop off a shoebox full of colorful bits I pick up when I pick up trash on my daily walks and save for local artist Michelle Frantz – she had a show at the pavilion. Shopped for fresh tomatoes, onion and jalepenos to make salsa from the Farmer’s Market. Husband bought a raspberry tart and chocolate chip scone — wicked good. Filled up a bag with litter (too many cigarette butts!), checked out the emerging streetscape on Battle Street and picked up a shirt from New Method Dry Cleaners. Said hi to folks at the booths — missed the free saplings, but saw a guy with a parrot on his shoulder!

    Heard that Bristoe Station is having a block party after their cleanup efforts with members of Evergreen Church. Everyone’s out mowing lawns. Going to help my neighbor mow the vacant house on our block, after a nap!

    Great talking to you guys over the fence. Remember to bake cookies and say hi to welcome new neighbors!

  9. Emma

    Thanks for the heads up, Poor Richard–I wasn’t aware of the Old Town events and went over there with kids after I read your post. Nice break from spring cleaning.

  10. You Wish

    Well, I found out some interesting news this week. It turns out that Elena and I went to the same high school! I was there from 88 to 92.

    And I’ve been cooped up teaching all day. I glad to finally get out and enjoy the day.

  11. IVAN

    I went into Old Town with the Mrs. today. Sat outside and had lunch and engaged in a little people watching. Great to see so many people out enjoying the great weather. This is the true meaning of community.

  12. If you can, go out to “Prince William Prepares for War” in Brentsville on Bristow Road. Awesome Civil War displays, re-enactments and costumes, and they are even letting public into the old jail. It’s going on all day until 9 pm. Information at

  13. Moon-howler

    What a wonderful way to find out what’s going on in your town. It sure sounds like Old Town was hopping this morning and I thank everyone who contributed something to this blog. We have 13 comments with absolutely not one hint of contention! Should we blame it on the weather?
    Yes, Poor Richard, he took them out back and planted them. I don’t need any more trees but why look a gift horse in the mouth.
    Censored, I think I know what it is now. Thanks for the picture. The Warsaw Periwinkle is just where mine came from. Warsaw, VA. I dug it up wild years ago on my parent’ property. Confederate violets are the white and purplish ones.

    My jacks in the pulpit either aren’t up or didn’t survive. They are hard to take hold.

    You Wish, small world indeed.

  14. Moon-howler

    I hope Gainesville Resident will give us an update on the dog park out at Merrifield Nursery in Gainesville.

  15. Punchak

    All the comments worthy of a day like today.
    What a gift! What joy!

    Bedtime -=-=-=- I’m happy.

  16. GainesvilleResident

    I’ve been to the dog park at Merrifield Nursery several times now – most recently Friday evening. Each time there have been many dogs there. This Friday evening besides my Cocker Spaniel there were 2 other Cocker Spaniels, including Luigi and his owner which were mentioned in the article about the dog park in the local paper. Also there were 2 Basset Hounds, a 10 week old Bulldog, an American Eskimo, a Yorkie, a Golden Retriever, a Labrador Retreiver, and several other big dogs. When I arrived it was mostly big dogs, but Luigi (a 10 year old Cocker Spaniel) and his owner were in with the big dogs so we went in there, as my dog does well even with the big dogs. There are two areas – a bigger sized one for the big dogs, and then one for the small dogs that is about 2/3 the size of the big dog area. However, at times people bring the small dogs in with the big dogs. The 10 week old Bulldog was in with the big dogs, even though he was about the size of my Cocker Spaniel when she was 3 months old (very small).

    Several people mentioned that the store owners or managers have told them they plan to make the dog park bigger – it is possible they will relocate it to another part of the property.

    Inside the store they have an area where they sell treats, leashes, etc. for the dogs. Also the dogs are welcome in the store, and they offer the dogs free treats at the cashier’s area if the dog will eat them. One of the junior members of the staff is assigned to clean up any mess that occurs from dogs – one dog did have an accident in the store a week ago when I was there.

    Back outside in the dog park, they have pooper scoopers and trash cans. Also there are water dishes out for the dogs, and benches to sit on while the dogs play. There are also some tennis balls for the dogs to play with, and some people bring their own dog toys with them.

    Many people come regularly and know each other now, etc. It has been something that has been long needed here in PWC and that all the other counties in Northern Virginia have had for at least several years now. It was very smart of Merrifield to do this, it attracts business for them and is very low cost for them to maintain.

  17. Poor Richard

    FYI – The latest chapter in the New York Times series on immigration
    is up on their website – Remade In America – Strugging to Rise in the
    Suburbs. A very informative article – with a focus on young immigrants.

  18. Moon-howler

    Poor Richard, how come you always find those darn articles before I do, even though I hit the online Times first thing in the morning? Thanks!

    Gainesville Resident, thanks for your expert report on the dog park. I agree, Merrifield was smart to put in the dog park. Talk about a drawing card.

    One thing you mentioned a while ago that I wish you would elaborate on– I believe you said that the other dogs look down on the dogs that have to get carried in? Did I imagine you said this? My dog runs free out back and HATES a leash. He locks his front paws and has to get dragged on the leash. Would he be the laughing stock of the dog park?

  19. Poor Richard

    More reading – if you have to come in due to predicted drizzle this
    1) Book review in today’s WaPo headlined “Lost in America,
    Found on a Field” about OUTCAST UNITED -A Refugee Team, and
    American Town by Warren St.John. I was surprised to find it was
    based in Clarkston, Georgia (down the road from Tucker and Stone
    Mountain) – once a mill town and now a suburb of Atlanta. (Many moons
    ago I played defensive end for the Clarkston High Mighty Angoras –
    yes, that was really our name). Anyway, sounds like a good
    “Coming to America” book.
    2)Those in Manassas should read the main article in the PW section-
    of today’s WaPo about the challenges of change in Manassas Fire
    & Rescue.

  20. GainesvilleResident

    I am not really sure about the carrying your dog inside a dog park thing. I read that on some forum about dog parks. However I’ve seen people do it at Merrifield, so not sure how true it really is. I am no expert on dog parks, this is the first I’ve really been to one since up until now PWC was too cheap to have one – every other county in Northern Virginia has them at county parks. Fortunately a local business here seized on the opportunity, which was smart for them.

  21. Moon-howler

    Thanks Gainesville. I thought I recalled you mentioning it. My pooch really puts on his brakes when on a leash. I would have to carry his sorry butt in. Of course it would be HE who was laughed at by his peers.

    Poor Richard, I have had all sorts of strange things happen lately. Your last post is one of them. My brother is named Tucker after Tucker, GA. Is Clarkston in DeKalb County? I lived off of Lavista Road and attended Briarcliff High School briefly before returning to Virginia. Deja vous.

  22. Poor Richard

    You are right Moon-Howler, Clarkston is in DeKalb County and
    it really surprised me to see our little school mentioned in
    the NYT. Of course, the real story is of immigrant children
    from many countries, speaking numerous languages, coming together
    as a soccer team in, of all places, Clarkston, Georgia. When
    I was a student there, we certainly didn’t play soccer and the
    kid from far,far away – had moved in from Virginia. (Briarcliff
    was built in 1958 – the fancy pants NEW school).

  23. Moon-howler

    Poor Richard, I only attended Briarcliff 1 year. I recall it being a new school. It had grades 8-12. No middle school. I went to Oak Grove Elementary which houses grades 1-7. I really do have a little brother named Tucker named for Tucker GA. He should probably be glad his name isn’t LaVista or DeKalb.

  24. Moon-howler

    We sure paid for that beautiful day didn’t we?

    Why is it that Former UN ambassador John Bolton feels that he can correct the president on how to behave? How is it that he and Carl Rove can sit there and make horrible remarks about the current president and not one person calls them on it? They have both practically accused the president of being unAmerican.

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