Corey’s Not Gonna Like This!



At yesterday’s BOCS meeting, the supervisors approved the budget for FY2010.  The tax rate was set at $1.212 for real estate properties. 


During the meeting, Chairman Corey Stewart castigated the Prince William County School Board for giving employees a 2.5% raise for next year.  According to the News and Messenger:


Supervisors further approved the distribution of the county’s budget to the School Board —– though not without criticism.

“I am concerned about our school’s five-year plan,” Stewart said, referring to the School Board’s proposed budget for the next few years that shows million-dollar shortfalls. “Unfortunately, the revenue that was provided to the school system by the federal government meant many of … the cuts the schools would have had to make themselves were not necessary, because of this infusion of federal dollars.”

The schools are including 2 ½ percent cost-of-living raises for employees for fiscal 2010. Stewart saw that salary adjustment as irresponsible spending in the current tight economy and predicted the schools would face layoffs in fiscal 2012.


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