7 Thoughts to “In Recession, Some See Burst of ‘Neighboring’”

  1. Great news! Cindy, you should also get acknowledged for the tremendous work you put into your community. Cindy B….unsung hero!

    Anyone remember the days of the “welcome wagon”? I recall my mom baking cakes and bringing them over to new neighbors. That was really cool.

  2. Not unsung, not a hero. The City of Manassas just recognized their volunteers last Thursday with a big celebration and noted that the crowd gets bigger every year. It was fun! The real heroes are our police, fire and rescue folks, who put their lives on the line every day.

    There’s actually a business in Prince William that greets newcomers called “Home-Town Greetings”, http://www.home-towngreetings.com.

  3. Poor Richard

    Kisha, Cindy and others are helping neighborhoods help themselves
    in Manassas. Three cheers for them and all the volunteers helping
    build to build a stronger community.

  4. Chris

    @Poor Richard
    Some great things were happening with Wellington group before it was wrapped up last week. The Wellington HOA is reaching out to the Wildwood HOA. Wildwood will be using the pool this year.

    I’ve participated in circles or facilitated at every session of circle since the very first one on immigration last fall. I took a “beating” for extending an invitation for the immigration circles. I’m ready to be a participant this week as the WestGate circle kicks off for a four week session.

  5. Marie

    What a treasure the City of Manassas has in Kisha Wilson-Sogunro!!! Kudos go out to both Cindy B and Chris for their efforts in making our communities a better place.

    Chris, I think you have the last laugh!

  6. Chris

    Hey Marie! I don’t know about the last laugh. I have gone full circle with the circles, and have learned a lot. I’ve many so many people that really care about are community and want to make a differnce for good.

    I saw three people from the immigration circle at the Farmer’s Market last Saturday.

    Don’t forget the Action Forum on May 30th at GMU. Participants from all circles are invited to attend. Perhaps, Cindy will come along and post the information again.

  7. Chris

    I’ve *MET* so many people that really care about *OUR* community and want to make a differnce for good.

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