A screening of the film “9500 Liberty” is scheduled for Thursday, May 21 at 7:30 pm at the Rosslyn Spectrum Theater.  It’s based on youtube.com/9500liberty and covers two years in the debate over immigration in Prince William County.  It’s being hosted by John Grisham and it’s a benefit for the Virginia Justice Center.


There is a private reception for donors,  then a screening followed by a panel discussion.  The screening tickets are $25 each.  Virginia Justice Center works for the rights of the most underprivileged in our society.


Another screening is scheduled for June.


58 Thoughts to “John Grisham to Host Screening of 9500 Liberty May 21”

  1. michael

    Witness, I don’t agree. The version(s) I saw were biased with sympathy to the “illegal” immigrant community.

  2. Firedancer

    Michael, where can I get that 500 Nations documentary you mentioned somewhere up there? I am very interested in the topic.

  3. michael

    Firedancer, you are truely an open and intelligently inquisitive person… You will enjoy it as it is truely a moving documentary.

    I got my copy from Barnes and Noble, in the documentary section. You can order it online as well.

  4. Witness Too

    Right, except for the fact that they were not “illegal;” they were American citizens who happened to be of Mexican ancestry.

  5. Moon-howler


    The current ‘resolution’ is the result of a compromise. It as not endorsed nor promoted by letiecq or Stewart. They just pretended it was a win so they didn’t have egg on their face. Perhaps you should do YOUR research. What you really should so is watch that big flashing mouth you are aiming at me. I am do not have endless patience.

  6. GainesvilleResident

    Indeed, the current resolution is a compromise, and is not what was wished for by the proponents of the original resolution. Personally, I am happy with the resolution as it now stands, and really having lived in the city at the time, it didn’t come on my personal radar until right at the time it was “watered down” or whatever you want to call it. In any event, I like the resolution “as is” – for what it’s worth. Agreed though, no two ways about it, this is a compromise, no matter how anyone tries to paint it otherwise (“strengthened” or whatever). Let’s be realistic about this and call it what it is, rather than trying to spin it one way or the other!

  7. ShellyB

    I see it as a compromise as well. There wouldn’t have needed to be a huge fight if they hadn’t come out with such a ridiculous hate-group authored Resolution that was far too radical for this community or any local government under the U.S. Constitution.

    But somehow the proponents of the very extreme and unconstitutional Resolution had a huge amount of sway of Chairman Stewart, and he set the agenda when to vote and when not to vote. There was also a great deal of anti-immigrant hysteria that seemed to really intimidate the Board members. It certainly intimidated the citizens.

    But in April, the Chairman was backed against the wall because they have to have a budget by the end of April, and he knew he didn’t have the votes so he tried to attack Chief Deane and that backfired big time. So not only did we get an Immigration Resolution that is neutered and not racially profiling people. We also finally took our government back from the Greg Leteicq/Corey Stewart/John Stirrup cabal.

    So it was a compromise yes. But it was also a hostile takeover of a county government followed by counter measures that brought back an equilibrium to the government. Thank God for that.

  8. Firedancer

    Michael, thanks for the compliment, but I’m not sure it’s deserved. I believe the treatment of Native Americans by the Europeans in the founding of this country is a national disgrace, and denies us the moral right to insist that our culture is superior, nor that the growing Latino population, for example, is messing up something sacred. I am very interested in the history of our indigenous peoples and their spirituality touches my soul.

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