The Washington Post article, U.S. to Expand Immigration Checks to All Local Jails, states that the Obama administration will expand the Secure Communities Program currently being implemented in Fairfax County, to all jails nationwide. By doing so, we can once and for all accurately determine the number of crimes committed by undocumented immigrants that are non-immigration related. I believe, Prince William County’s data will prove to be a reliable indicator of what the results would prove nationally, with misdeamenor crimes like driving without a license being the primary offense committed.

Drawbacks to these types of programs include an apprehension among immigrants, legal or not to report crimes out of concern that their immigration status could somehow be put in jeopordy, including the possibility that legal permanent residents could lose their status for minor criminal offenses.

This program combined with the continued construction of the fence, the revival of the vitual fence project indicate the administrations willingness and ability to address the issue, and hopefully, sooner rather than later will require those otherwise lawfully residing immigrants an opportunity to adjust their status.

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  1. hello

    It’s about time they (the feds) started doing this. This should have been done years and years ago, it’s a no brain-er. I just wonder how long it’s going to take for the ACLU to challenge it or sanctuary cities to raise a stink.

    However, I do have some of the same questions about it that you have Moon.

    Also, border security is expensive but you have to ask yourself one question… which is more expensive, uncontrolled illegal immigration or border security? I think in the long run the price of a secured border would be a small fraction of the downsides associated with rampant and unchecked illegal immigration.

  2. Enforcement will simply never work.

    Employers and the immigrants are smart enough to evade the enforcement.

    How can anyone doubt it?

  3. Moon-howler

    Hello, I saw a segment on your #1 kidnapping city, Phoenix, yesterday, on CNN.

  4. Gainesville Resident

    hello – your post #51 sums up my thoughts on the topic. I too wonder when the lawsuits will start coming in. Also, as you say, border security very very expensive, question is, which is more expensive, that or unchecked illegal immigration. Hard to say. But really, doesn’t every country want secure borders? I would hope that’s the goal of most countries – at least it would seem to be logical. Then again, no one ever said that everthing is logical.

  5. hello

    Pretty eye opening isn’t it Moon? This is the main reason why I can’t stand Janet Nap. because this has been going on for quite some time now while she was a law maker in AZ. Yet she still claims that they haven’t seen any drug cartel violence spill over from Mexico into the US, all the while it was right under her nose! Now she is the DHS sec., very scary and probably the worst pick by Obama yet. Now for some reason she is being mentioned in the supreme court nomination talks. It makes no sense to me at all, what am I missing?

  6. Creative Engineer

    Michael said: “I have had many tests done by college apptitude exams, grades, subjects studied (Physics and Quantum Mechanics, degree in Aero and Ocean Engineering) and by the Air Force as a former pilot that would clasify my ability as way above the average person, who Elena would use such a word toward.”

    Really Michael? Wow, I’m SO impressed. You are the wise one! We should listen to you and bow to your wisdom!

    Engineers are a dime a dozen. All engineers take physics, many engineering students including electrical engineers take Quantum Mechanics – that doesn’t make you special. Some engineering students aren’t so smart, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have to take quantum mechanics. And how is that even relevant to this discussion? And so you had great grades, great aptitude tests, blah blah blah blah blah. So did hundreds of thousands of other students worldwide! Or maybe more.

    OK, an Air Force Pilot, that’s a little special. But again, how is it relevant here?

    You seem to feel a need to post your credentials that have nothing to do with the argument at hand. Wonder why that is….

  7. Creative Engineer

    And in the other thread you made a big thing about having “5 years in the Pentagon”. The Pentagon is not 100% composed of super brains! It has its fair share of clueless idiots, so the fact that you spent 5 years there really means nothing, as we can’t be sure which group you belong too (no offense intended)!

  8. michael

    Creative, Alanna and moon, sorry if you are threatened by me defending myself. I do not bragg about my ability, unless called out on it which I was by the disrespectful use of the words “disengenuous” and earlier “obtuse”. I would not feel a need to counter it with PROOF if the disrespect had not been chosen for character assassination, but because Moon and Elena are choosing words to insult my intelligence, by using disrespectful words like obtuse and disengenuous, which means “Lacking quickness of perception or intellect” and “naive” then I have a right to show how relatively “ignorant” they are for using such words that must demand defense and proof otherwise.

    Get over it…

  9. michael

    Creative, you have no knowlegde of the caliber of person at the Pentagon, unless you have been there yourself, which I doubt. Obviously you are threatened and angered by such people as an expression of your own insecurity.

  10. michael

    The point is, it is an extremely high stress environment, that demands the highest skills and integrity, character, and maturity in dealing with counter-polital maneuvering, rhetoric reduction, fact finding, truth discovering, and congressional high visibility budget debate skills.

  11. michael

    You should read the thread first creative before you attack…

  12. michael

    Alanna, its open source, but really…who cares other than you and Elena?

  13. michael

    Let me also clarify some “personal rules here”.

    I never attack people personally unless they attack me first.

    If I have ever been rude without intent I apologize. But if and when ANY of you personally attack me or my character, b ecuae you simply do not agree with what I say, then you will deserve what you get from me since you attacked me personally first. If you don’t want to receive it, don’t dish it out. I have never personaly engaged with anyone unless they insult me by name first, and you can see that in every thread I have dealt with regarding people who have personally attacked me that I have not personally attacked them first. I doubt you could even find a “rare” accidental personal thrashing that was not first directed at me personally.

    WHWN understands this, and we have never attacked each other personally to my knowledge, just respectfully disagreed. I sincerely admire WHWN and most of the time moon, unless she gets out of control and makes it personal.

    When Moon, Alanna, or Elena or anyone else attacks me personaly first, you will discover that I will take each of you on and hold you personally accountable, but I have never been the first to attack anyone personally.

    When I have something to say counter to a person’s posts, I say it to the world at large and not to them directly. Review my posts and you will see this to be true.

  14. michael

    I won’t ever make it personal, unless you choose to make it personal.

  15. Creative Engineer

    Michael – I get your point but strikes me as odd that two words according to you, would cause you to need to write your credentials. You do not know me, so can’t make bold statements that you did. I did read entire thread – so there’s one thing you got wrong off the bat. You got plenty more wrong about me too, but that’s besides the point. I’m not going to address that point by point, I could – but not worth the effort.

  16. michael

    You are right Creative I do not know you, but since you have just recently joined the blog, you do not know the history of “michael” bashing by the admins, because they simply don’t like my point of view, and choose to insult my character and intellect in order to attempt to win the debate.

    You will see, that I respect everyone and will respect you as well as long as you choose to debate respectfully and not stoop to the level of personal attacks as MANY on this blog do toward people they politically disagree with. They are unable to control their emotions and lack the ability to simply “debate” truth from falsehood, without their personal emotions controlling how they respond with disrespect to others views. They have this interesting hypocritical bias, regarding the way they treat their friends who agree with them, and the way they abusively gang up on others covertly and overtly, they do not politically agree with.

    By the way, welcome to the blog.

  17. Creative Engineer

    OK, I will agree I came on a bit strong. However, you made some assumptions about me that are dead wrong, but I won’t bore you with the details. I don’t need to prove anything about myself to anyone, actually. I have very good idea of who I am.

    Thanks for the welcome to the blog. Sorry if I came on a bit strong regarding your credentials posting.

    I had read a lot of your posts, I’ve been “lurking” for many many months.

    Anyway, I can see that what I said really wasn’t so nice. I apologize.

  18. Thumper

    @Rick Bentley
    I always wondered what “Help Save Manassas” was all about. Now I know. Persecution is right up there on the list. Huh. Interesting.

  19. michael

    I apologize where what I said was not correct about you as well. Hope to have lively and respecful debates with you or agreements with you in the future.

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