Want to feel wonderful and tear up all at the same time? Watch the video as Susan Boyle belts out Memory (Cats-Andrew Lloyd Webber) and sails on to the semi finals.

The following excerpt helps explain the framework of Britain’s Got Talent:

Susan Boyle won the popular vote — the “public vote,” as they say in England — on tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent, singing “Memory” from Cats. Her voice quavered a little at the start but soon became clear and strong. Wearing a glittery brown dress, standing behind a backdrop of clouds with a spotlight behind her head making it look as though her face was emanating from heaven, Boyle pulled off her second major public appearance with ease.

In this video, see Susan’s first night on stage and hear Simon man up and apologize for his rudeness. Susan also gives a provocative wiggle for Piers. She is brimming with self-confidence.

Forget American Idol, Kris, Adam and whatever happened on this side of the big pond last week. Susan is unbelievable! What a remarkable woman!

Susan hits a home run, once again.
[Unfortunately, all the embedding codes from this performance have been disabled.]

Short version: http://talent.itv.com/videos/playlist/id_25.htm

[UPDATE: Susan Boyle came in 2nd place in Britain’s Got Talent]

26 Thoughts to “Susan Boyle Sails on to the Semi Finals on Britain’s Got Talent”

  1. Poor Richard

    Susan Boyle is playing the cards she was dealt with
    great skill. Reminds me of the publicity around Tiny Tim
    and Twiggy or any other unconventional person who seizes a
    brief chance in the spotlight for a moment of fame and fortune.
    Good for her.
    (Off topic, but this must be driving Greg L. nuts: From
    May 16th, antibvbl has had nine headings with 338 comments,
    while bvbl had eight headings with a mere 118 comments. Ouch!)

  2. Emma

    What’s the point of the petty “nyah-nyah” game, Richard? Might be informative to look at the subject matter being covered, too. “Fluff” like Susan Boyle stories tend to generate more conversation than serious news topics. You get a different picture when you look at the site meter for this week:

    bvbl: 3,602 visits and 6,049 page views
    anti: 1,847 visits and 4,881 page views

    Given a slow-news holiday weekend, I hardly think anyone is going “nuts.” So grab a hotdog and a beer and take the time to thank someone today for their service.

  3. Poor Richard

    Sorry Emma, but one could argue that taking the time to type
    a comment shows more interest than a view. But then, that
    is from an uninformed person like me who has never read a
    “site meter”. While I certainly don’t always agree with
    with either bvbl or antibvbl, I’m glad there is more than
    one game in town – that wasn’t always the case.
    My unscientific snapshot numbers are just that – one person’s
    observation of a possible trend.

  4. Emma

    I agree that it is great that there is more than one game in town, absolutely, Richard, and that all sides “come out to play” in both. I just don’t have anything brilliant to post about the Manassas City Council on a day when cooking out and good friends are the order of the day, and so many people are traveling this week and probably ignoring the blogs anyway. We can certainly make the numbers say anything we want them to, can’t we? That is my own unscientific impression on a sunny holiday.

    Enjoy the day 🙂

  5. Moon-howler

    Poor Richard, I had not noticed the ‘hits.’ Thanks for posting.

    Emma, you sure don’t approve of much we do around here, do you? Susan is fluff? I guess not to her.

    Actually fluff or not, I felt so sad after watching the Memorial Day Program on PBS, I felt the urge to put up something ‘feel good.’ I was depressed after seeing our wounded service men and women. The troops on crutches with varying degrees of handicap, Jose who had been left severely brain damaged, an unknown sailor who stood for Anchors Aweigh, despite the fact he had a nose shield where his nose should have been.

    Yea, I needed a little Susan Boyle. I guess it is a personal weakness.

  6. Witness Too

    Richard and Emma, thanks for digging up those numbers. Enough time has passed since the dark days that we can reflect a bit.

    Greg Leteicq remains Prince William County’s most famous internet personality, and possibly our most famous resident other than Corey Stewart. He is a truly a force. Talented. Shameless. Relentless. There was a time when he struck fear in the hearts of our Board of Supervisors. That was an unhealthy situation for our county to be in, much like the way Rush Limbaugh seems to be having his way with Republican members of Congress. It was a tribute to Greg’s talent, innovation with the internet, and his dedication. It was also a wake up call for our county to know that one person, with the aid of the Chairman and a district supervisor, could take over our government, overhaul our approach to police work, and spend millions of dollars in taxpayer money on a political issue that wasn’t even on our minds the year before.

    I am really pleased with the fact that this blog was able to neutralize Greg. I could feel the momentum shifting when this blog started. Suddenly Greg was the butt of all the jokes. It was not pleasant, but it was necessary to cut him down to size. Thankfully, the blog moved on from that. Greg is rarely mentioned except in passing. It has become a valuable forum for discussing county issues: a double victory.

    If you really care about this county, you probably should check Greg’s blog once in a while to find out what the most impressionable, most suggestible, most radical, and most angry residents of the county have been told to think each day.

    Greg has cornered the market on such people, and those who are concerned about what such people might be driven to. But in many ways, Greg is like a soap opera that was cancelled a year ago but won’t stop having episodes. The long term devotees are still tuning in to get their talking points, but most who visit the site just want to know what impossible but enraging fantasy is driving him crazy right now (and hope it doesn’t drive too many others crazy as well).

    I like him in that role, and I thank the people who contribute to this blog for putting him there.

  7. Witness Too

    Susan is a lovely woman, but she must do something about those eyebrows, IMHO.

  8. Poor Richard

    A good on target post about Greg L. and BVBL. Sometimes he has very
    thoughtful insights, but to incite people seems his primary goal.
    (Example: Today – “Chief Deane Helps Raise Funds For Anarchist
    Radicals” – Vintage G.L.).

  9. Moon-howler

    Poor Richard…GROAN! He is still going on about Chief Deane? WHY?????

  10. Firedancer

    Just read the diatribe about the video. Can’t believe he can say those things (e.g. “radical anarchists”) with a straight face, as in not bursting out laughing at his own words.

    Thanks for posting the video about Susan!!

  11. Witness Too

    Oh God, I’m afriad to look. Funny thing is I wrote that post with no idea that Greg was attacking the Chief again. I can tell you this, I would greatly prefer it if more people outside PWC though of Chief Deane as our most famous citizen instead of Letiecq or Corey Stewart. Our bad reputation days would be over.

  12. Rebecca

    Maybe Greg is trying to get his ratings back up. I see he dragged out that tired old picture (sexta) that he drags out every time he wants to make a statement about radical Mexican revolutionaries. I am sure there are some of his followers stupid enough to believe him.

    So is he saying Charlie Deane is guilty of treason for attending a movie? What’s next? Does he want the chief’s job? Do his friends want the chief’s job?

    Someone probably needs to go explain to all the kool aid drinkers over there the difference between the police chief and the sheriff. The appears to be great confusion.

  13. Poor Richard

    Moon-howler, GL was after McD’s and Chipotle this morning – the
    latter for “MS-13 ties”. More Vintage G.L. Imagine his blog guns,
    though, will soon turn on the Obama Supreme Court nominee,
    Sonia Sotomeyer – she would be the third women and first Hispanic
    to serve on that body. PWC Fire&Rescue may want to dispatch
    to Greg’s home now – can envision a computer on fire – fueled
    by “outrage and indignation” and a heart attack victim beside it.

  14. Moon-howler

    Snicker. Good one, Poor Richard. I am listening for sirens now. Ah the outrage! Let me know when the dragon starts breathing fire.

    Chipotle has MS-13 ties? The entire chain or the one on Sudley Road? Isn’t there one over in the Signal Hill area also?

    What has McD’s done? (other than weathering the stock market crash better than almost any other company in the Dow? http://www.google.com/finance?q=NYSE%3AMCD

  15. Witness Too

    Sonia Sotomeyer. Watching her speak about her family, I can really relate to this woman. I have a good feeling about her. I like her background as well, having come from humble beginnings.

  16. Moon-howler

    I expect this appointment will grow contentious.

  17. Poor Richard

    “Contentious” yes, but that is OK. According to a story
    on the NYT website, Judge Sotomeyer has what lawyers call
    a “hot bench” – questions often are fast, numerous and penetrating
    and pity the attorney that isn’t prepared, BUT she is also
    known to be a very fair, smart and evenhanded judge. None of us
    should decry the Senate if they model themselves after her
    in their interview process of her.
    Micheal Beschloss,in his book PRESIDENTIAL COURAGE, speaks both
    of timing and “historical imagination” in a sucessful presidency –
    I think Barack Obama has read the book.

  18. Moon-howler

    Well this should prove to be an interesting summer. I am surprised people are even willing to serve their country with the grilling that goes on. And Poor Richard, you are right.

    Sonia Sotomeyer sounds like one interesting lady. Fair, smart and evenhanded are all words that complement.

  19. Moon-howler

    McDonalds (MCD) is up $1.56 (2.75%) in the stock market, somehow fighting off the poor marketing report by the black velvets. Remarkable how this stock continues to climb against such odds.

    Just wait until Wall Street talks to Greg!

  20. Emma

    Well, you can’t beat the cheap-labor advantage, can you?

    In the meantime, college students struggle to get scarce summer jobs.

  21. silver fox

    And just how many college students are willing to work at McDonald’s, Emma? Zip they think they are better than working in the fastfood biz.

  22. Emma

    Plenty. The jobs aren’t out there for the kids like they used to be. My own kid can’t even get Walmart to respond to her application. I didn’t raise my kids to be elitist snobs who think McD’s is beneath them.

  23. silver fox

    Emma, I didn’t raise my kids to be elitsists either. I do see my grandchildren thinking they might be too good for such work. I really don’t understand this mindset. I know several unemployed individuals not receiving unemployment, and seem to think that no job and no money coming in is better than a job that’s beneath them.

  24. Moon-howler

    Why is it being discussed on the blogs? If businesses are breaking the law then call ICE on them. It seems to me that if someone knows illegal workers are being hired and does nothing, then they are just as guilty.

    Kids can babysit, mow lawns, and do all the things those of us had to do before there ever was a McDonalds or a Burger King.

    Many places don’t hire high school kids because of the way they act. Its a shame to have a few bad apples spoil it for everyone but, apparently it just got to be a bad business practice.

  25. Emma

    It takes a little more than what mowing lawns and babysitting can earn (or McDonald’s sweatshop wages)to get a kid through college or grad school. Plenty of my kids’ high-school friends work at Manassas mall shops. The problem is not that these wonderful kids don’t know how to behave. The problem is that the stores are maintaining bare-bones staffing right now and making do with less help. They’re simply not hiring right now. We know, because we are trying.

    And what is a kid with little work experience supposed to do when she is told she is “overqualified” for some jobs? To me that sounds like code language for, “You’re smart enough that you’re just going to want more money, and you’ll be trouble.”

  26. Moon-howler

    How can a high school kid be overqualified? That makes no sense.

    I know that local restaurants often need dishwashers. Its very unglamorous and the conditions stink, and you won’t get rich, but you will make minimum wage.

    Part of the behavior issue I was referring to had to do with trustworthiness. I know people who will not hire people in high school because they have to work around school hours and they also feel like they have to baby sit the employees. That’s too bad. Like I said, all it takes is a few bad apples to ruin it for everyone.

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