8 Thoughts to “PWC Police all a-Twitter”

  1. Gainesville Resident

    Interesting, I might just have to go and get myself a Twitter account. Several friends have them, but I’ve been resisting. They did get me on Facebook back a few months ago – in some ways I regret that – at times too much info on there about people I barely know, who have become my “friends”.

  2. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Say! That’s pretty neat! THAT’S what I like about these local blogs….they keep me up to date with local stuff like this. Thanks!!

  3. Moon-howler

    I agree Gainesville Resident. Too much information out there.

    Slowpoke, that sure is gone good thing. I am just trying to figure out how it will all work. I don’t use my twitter account either. I figure anyone who wants to know what I am doing minute my minute is a pychopath and has too much time on their hands.

  4. Gainesville Resident

    Yeah MH – I never got why any private individual would want to ‘twitter’ everything he/she does every minute. That’s way too much info. Facebook is bad enough – but a friend of mine from college convinced me to get on there. Discovered one of my sisters is on there – she gives away too much info about things I don’t think anyone would want to know, and if her employer so what she is writing there about THEM, I think she’d be out on the street. Not smart! I told her that, but she doesn’t care. She posts intimate medical details too – she likes to complain and her friends come on and give her support. I shudder to think what I might see on twitter.

  5. Alanna

    Great use of technology. I set-up a twitter for AntiBVBL but at this point it’s another ‘task’. I wonder if wordpress would have a widget that would capture the headlines. Hmm. That would be a really good app.

  6. Emma

    I’ve embraced Facebook because it’s allowed me to reconnect with many old friends from my hometown and from college. But, quite honestly, I could do without the almost hourly updates from a few very tangential “friends” who would post every time they belch, if they thought people would respond to that. I think Twitter would drive me nuts. Maybe I just don’t know enough about it to see the benefits of more real-time updates.

  7. Gainesville Resident

    Emma – I too reconnected with a bunch of old college friends on facebook. In fact it was a friend from college that urged me to get on there. I also have some “friends” on facebook who are very tangential acquaintenances who seem to feel like they need to tell the world all kinds of details about their boring lives several times a day. Twitter terrifies me for that reason – I don’t even want to know what that might be like – Facebook is bad enough. Although, I am really glad I reconnected with some people on Facebook – that I hadn’t talked to in 20 years or more.

  8. You Wish

    I use Twitter – mostly for family. You can just have certain feeds sent to you if you want – some people have several account (Twitter allows that, Facebook doesn’t) to follow different tweets. It’s addictive –

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