How quickly things have changed. Now, Limbaugh states that he would supports the Sotomayor nomination as long as she has “sensibility towards life in a legal sense”, Gingrich retracts his accusations of her being a racist, and conservative justices support her decision in the handling of a second amendment case. That’s a pretty fast turn around from Republicans over the course of a week. Now the buzz about Obama’s opposing vote for Alito & Roberts takes form as the main reason why she should not receive Republican votes.

22 Thoughts to “Sotomayor Update”

  1. um...

    Does that mean he and Gingrich are flip-floppers?

  2. Witness Too

    And so the search continues for the perfectly sustainable, renewable, and reusable reason to tell right wing extremists to be angry.

  3. hello

    My only question is why are the Dems trying to put a rush job on her confirmation? Haven’t we already learned a lesson with the stimulus plan? That got pushed thru because it was a dire emergency, the only problem is that nobody even looked at it. If they had they would have noticed that the Obama administration snuck in an amendment that allowed AIG execs to get over 400 million in bonus money.

    Now you have people like Hairy Reed saying that he isn’t going to read a single Sotomayor decision while at the same time saying she is the ‘total package’. How does he know that? He is even wearing a Sonia pin proudly but has never once read a single decision she has made. Amazing, this is what politics has come down to in this country?

  4. hello

    clip I was talking about earlier… apparently Harry Reid has not and will not read a single Sotomayor opinion yet declares her the “full package”. Isn’t this kind of blind faith what got us where we are at now?

  5. hello

    “Also this afternoon, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) met with Hispanic leaders to rally support for Sotomayor. He was sporting a “Sonia” button for his meeting, and says Repubilcans seem to be “grasping at straws” in battling over her nomination.”

    Nice, this guy knows nothing about any case she worked on but is now sporting a “Sonia” button for Hispanic leaders.

  6. Moon-howler

    What does sensibility towards life mean?

    I mean what does Mr. Family values really mean, 3-4 wives later. Is it true he didnt vote until he was 40 years old before he ever voted?

  7. ShellyB

    I think Rush is trying to get under the skin of pro-choicers. Sotomayor does not have much of a record on choice.

  8. hello

    “Now the buzz about Obama’s opposing vote for Alito & Roberts takes form as the main reason why she should not receive Republican votes.”

    This is where I think your wrong… I’m not sure if your aware of this or not but apparently the 2nd amendment is a pretty big issue with most Republicans and southern Democrats. Her views on gun rights are going to be the sticking point with both.

  9. Alanna

    What about the conservative judges who have sided with her?

  10. hello

    Alanna, good question but when you say sided with her what exactly do you mean? Do you mean that they support her confirmation or that they side with her views on the 2nd amendment?

  11. hello

    I have a question for you Alanna, why such a rush to get her confirmed when she is going to be anyway? Given the vetting problems this administration has had with just about every appointment or nomination don’t you think that they should just let this nomination be fully vetted? After all, with her experience there is a ton of opinions, decisions and other writing and speeches to review. Why rush it?

    This especially concerns me when people like Harry Reid so strongly support her without even reviewing a single thing she has written. Pay back for Obama’s assistance in Vega fund raising or deja vu of the stimulus plan?

  12. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    This hurts more than you’ll know, but I think my arch-nemesis, ShellyB, is onto something! I think the Republicans, who have a motivation to study her opinions and rulings, have seen something that makes them much more comfortable with Sotomayor, and given the opportunity to not have to fight her nomination….I’d take it too!

  13. Moon-howler

    Sounds like a good example of “be careful what you wish for.”

  14. Old Fashion Liberal

    Both Limbaugh and Gingrich are talking heads. Often they talk just to be entertaining and to stay in the public eye. They speculate. They entertain. Nonetheless, because they present ideas in a way that is easily understood, they have their place.

    What makes people like Limbaugh and Gingrich relevant is their skill as careful observers and their ability to explain their ideas. What about their ideas concerning the nomination of Judge Sotomayor?

    Is Judge Sotomayor a racist? Does she believe a Latina would be wiser than a white male judge? Has she said things that a white male nominee could not get away with?

    Is Judge Sotomayor pro Life? As a Supreme Court judge with a lifetime appointment, would she come out of the closet. Would she overturn Roe V. Wade or is Limbaugh merely having fun with angry left wing extremists?

    Are the ideas worth discussing? Or are we too busy sneering?

  15. hello

    When you say “That’s a pretty fast turn around from Republicans over the course of a week.” I get a chuckle out of it. Some how two people who don’t even an hold elected office of any sort speak for all ‘Republicans’. What are the Republicans on the judiciary committee saying?

  16. Emma

    If Sotomayor ends up getting resounding support from Republicans, it’ll be the Dems who filibuster. Canny ploy.

  17. El Guapo

    A lot of these guys make their living criticizing what they refer to as “liberals”. That’s what they do. It’s ordinarily healthy to have an environment of healthy criticism, but that’s now what’s happening.

    These guys are just lashing out irrationally. One guy at townhall website wrote an entire column criticizing Obama because he requested Grey Poupon on his burger. I mean come on. There is legitimate criticism of the Obama administration. However, few other than their choirs will listen to these people. Too bad.

  18. Moon-howler

    El Guapo, you are kidding? Who cares what kind of mustard the guy uses? Would French’s yellow have made the guy happier?

  19. El Guapo

    It’s true. Based on commercials from over a decade ago, the columnist concluded that Grey Poupon is for elite rich people, and that the fact that Obama requested Grey Poupon is irrefutable proof that Obama is an elitist rich guy out of touch with the common man. Some columnist at Townhall dot com wrote an entire column on this.

    You can bet your britches that he would have been criticized if Obama had requested French’s yellow mustard. The color of his poop, his musical preference, the name he picked out for his dog… Whatever.

    It’s “us vs. them”. Us is good. Them is bad. Whatever “them” does will be criticized mercilessly. Whatever “us” does will be overlooked or treated as an anomoly whether it be serving one’s wife divorce papers while she’s being treated for cancer or using the “N-word”.

  20. Moon-howler

    Excellent post, Guapo. I think you are definitely on to something.

    In the world of Obama, there is no right.

  21. Emma

    Were you referring to John Edwards, El Guapo? If so, do you consider him an “us”? Interesting.

  22. Moon-howler

    Probably Newt Gingrich. There is a lot of crud to go around on both sides of the aisle. Edwards was decent enough to hold the divorce papers.

    My concern, and it increases daily, is the incessant droning by the cable channels and anyone who wants to hear their own voice about the sins of Obama. I wasn’t even a strong supporter of Obama but I am becoming more so just because I am so tired of hearing the constant attack. It doesn’t matter what he does. It is wrong. It gets old.

    What I find particularly strange his high approval rating while all the grousing and discussion of wrong-doing marches on. I have stopped listening. It is getting to the point it is just un-American.

    I grew very tired of the bitching about George Bush. This far surpasses that already.

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