Shep Smith: DHS Report Was A Warning To Us All, But The Right Went Absolutely Bonkers


Many Fox News hosts, journalists and commentators fanned the flames when DHS put out its report on domestic terrorism.  For example, Sean Hannity had the following to say on April 15:

 “if you disagree with that liberal path that President Obama’s taken the country down, you may soon catch the attention of the Department of Homeland Security. Now the DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis has issued an intel assessment that warns of a rise of what they’re calling right-wing extremism. But critics of the report say their definition of a right-wing extremist sounds awfully close to somebody who might simply just disagree with the Obama administration.”

However, Shep Smith, of “We don’t *expletive deleted* torture” fame on Fox News broke from the pack. 




Once again, Shep Smith commands respect.  I am fairly rough of Fox News.  Generally speaking, I do not think they are fair and balanced.  I believe they filter our news for us more than other stations.  However, in Shep’ case, it is time for some kudos!  He definitely gets the “Did the Right Thing Award.” 

Neutering Immigration Law Enforcement?

Sheriff Joe has accused Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon of attempting to neuter his immigration law enforcement.  Now where have we heard that?

It seems that Mayor Gordon has called on Sheriff Joe to denounce neo-Nazis.  Sheriff Joe countered that he has no associations with neo-nazis or far right extremists.  Mayor Gordon has concerns over people allegedly seen giving the Nazi salute to Sheriff Joe. 

Additionally, Sheriff Joe allegedly has been seen  and photographed at Anti-immigration rallies with neo-Nazis, according to KTAR 92.3 FM.  A recent Phoenix New Times story  supposedly showed the sheriff posing with some of  these characters. 

Sheriff Joe’s retort is:

 [that] Gordon wants to neuter his enforcement of immigration laws.

“I do not support any neo-Nazi hate groups. He knows it,” Arpaio told KTAR and other media outlets. “I don’t have to apologize because I never have been connected with any of these associations, and the people know that.”

I suppose I would question the wisdom of an elected offical going to an anti-immigration rally.  I am not sure that the Phoenix New Times  is top-notch journalism either, at first glance.  There are pictures, but each case could be coincidental. I get the distinct impression, at first glance, that Phoenix New Times has no love affair with Sheriff Joe. There is an entire Arpaio Archive in the paper dedicated to him.

Perhaps if Sheriff Joe stuck to law enforcement rather than trying to whip up the masses at anti-immigration rallies, he wouldn’t have to deal with this kind of insinuation. 

Don’t shoot me. I am a mere messenger. I come in peace.   Neither Anti-Bvbl or I have accused Sheriff Joe of anything, much less being a neo-Nazi sympathizer or a far right extremist.   I do not think he is either of those.  I find the scrapping and sparring between him and the mayor ironic as well as the choice of words.  Does anyone get a sense of YING and YANG?