Sheriff Joe has accused Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon of attempting to neuter his immigration law enforcement.  Now where have we heard that?

It seems that Mayor Gordon has called on Sheriff Joe to denounce neo-Nazis.  Sheriff Joe countered that he has no associations with neo-nazis or far right extremists.  Mayor Gordon has concerns over people allegedly seen giving the Nazi salute to Sheriff Joe. 

Additionally, Sheriff Joe allegedly has been seen  and photographed at Anti-immigration rallies with neo-Nazis, according to KTAR 92.3 FM.  A recent Phoenix New Times story  supposedly showed the sheriff posing with some of  these characters. 

Sheriff Joe’s retort is:

 [that] Gordon wants to neuter his enforcement of immigration laws.

“I do not support any neo-Nazi hate groups. He knows it,” Arpaio told KTAR and other media outlets. “I don’t have to apologize because I never have been connected with any of these associations, and the people know that.”

I suppose I would question the wisdom of an elected offical going to an anti-immigration rally.  I am not sure that the Phoenix New Times  is top-notch journalism either, at first glance.  There are pictures, but each case could be coincidental. I get the distinct impression, at first glance, that Phoenix New Times has no love affair with Sheriff Joe. There is an entire Arpaio Archive in the paper dedicated to him.

Perhaps if Sheriff Joe stuck to law enforcement rather than trying to whip up the masses at anti-immigration rallies, he wouldn’t have to deal with this kind of insinuation. 

Don’t shoot me. I am a mere messenger. I come in peace.   Neither Anti-Bvbl or I have accused Sheriff Joe of anything, much less being a neo-Nazi sympathizer or a far right extremist.   I do not think he is either of those.  I find the scrapping and sparring between him and the mayor ironic as well as the choice of words.  Does anyone get a sense of YING and YANG?




15 Thoughts to “Neutering Immigration Law Enforcement?”

  1. Mando

    Looks like the Mayor and all the other immigration enforcement foes are just riding the “far right extremist” wave.

  2. Mando

    The slide shows on the Phoenix New Times site are interesting… better then their “news”…

  3. ShellyB

    Did the Sheriff really use the word neuter? That is funny because it is the word of choice for what happened to the Immigration Resolution in PWC. At least on the sane side of the debate. Racial profiling is not only wrong, it’s costly. At least we don’t have open Nazi’s here. In some ways I’m thankful for Sheriff Joe for totally eclipsing Corey Stewart and Greg Letiecq in that regard.

  4. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Hello! Sheriff Joe IS sticking to law enforcement…..much more so than our beloved Chuckles!

  5. Moon-howler

    Yes, Shellyb. I left the link up there. PPPPssstttt: ShellyB gets it.

    What about those Renaissance folks. What do you call them?

    Slowpoke: GRRRRRRRRRR Chief Deane is following the law. I don’t see him attending anti-immigration rallies or any other kind for that matter. I don’t think it is appropriate for an elected official to attend a rally like that in any way other than offical capacity. If he was there providing law and order, fine. If he was there as a participant, not so fine.

  6. TWINAD,9171,1904136,00.html

    I thought this was an interesting article by a GOP consultant. It appeared in the current edition of Time. I hope Corey Stewart reads it! He needs to abandon GL and the specks and take this strategists advice to heart.

    Some key quotes:

    “Latinos need to see a quick end to the Republican congressional jihad on immigration. That shouldn’t be a hard lesson for the GOP to learn; every 2008 presidential-primary candidate who went for the cheap applause of the anti-immigration right couldn’t win even the Iowa caucus, let alone the nomination. Instead, the GOP should support practical immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship. Republicans should differentiate themselves from the left by heating up the lukewarm American melting pot with a firm insistence on learning English and a rejection of the silly excesses of identity politics. A smart GOP would be deeply in the microloan and free-English-lessons business in immigrant communities. Illegal immigrants can’t vote. Their children will.”

    Or this:

    “Saving the GOP is not about diluting conservatism but about modernizing it to reflect the country it inhabits instead of an America that no longer exists.”

  7. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Oh, and just to clear things up….it’s “anti-illegal immigration”. Funny how you anti folks keep messing that one up.

  8. Moon-howler

    Slow, I might stop saying anti-immigration when organizations like HSM stop associating with FAIR which is anti-immigration. I also might stop when people stop using ‘illegal’ (an adjective) as a noun. I am just stubborn like that.

  9. Moon-howler

    Mando, I don’t know anything about the Phoenix New Times. I felt it was a little biased. Perhaps I was wrong. I think the criticism of Sheriff Joe would have happened with or without the wave. One of those people you either love or hate.

  10. Ok. Illegal alien. Still illegal.

  11. hello

    So Moon, you lump everyone who is against illegal-immigration into the ‘anti-immigration’ group simply because HSM associates with FAIR? To tell you the truth I find that offensive, most people who are anti-ILLEGAL immigration are not only NOT in HSM but have never even heard of them. I really don’t see the logic in that at all…

  12. Moon-howler

    I haven’t lumped anyone. I said why I say it. Do you say ‘illegals?’ I find that offensive and ..while we are exchanging barbs, extremely illiterate.

    ‘Illegals’ is also said on at least one cable news channel.

    Now I get accused of not being politically correct about the anti-immigration crowd. Oh well…

  13. michael

    However its defined:

    Illegal Alien, Illegal Immigrant, undocumented worker, “illegal”,

    People use all of these words interchangably to mean “individuals who are here in our country without permission, and individuals who are breaking our laws”.

    If you show up at a public event, like Chief Dean showed up at public events that supported “illegal” immigration, was visited by members of foreign consulates who wanted to exert influence on issues in their behalf, or Sherrif Joe attending an “anti-immigration rally”, if any organization shows up at that rally that some political element does not like, they assume it is valid to claim the individual shares the same views and politics as the most radical group that shows up at a public event.

    Then why don’t we just assume that all people who disagree with Republicans or Democrats are terrorists, because they each have radical individuals as members of their party ranks, who people assume are spokespersons for the entire membership simply because they have the loudest and most extreme voices.

    Give me a break….

    This issue is about lack of law enforcement, lack of protecting everyones basic individual rights the same under the law, and lack of ethics in our Democracy, being use to push an anti-Democratic progressive, racially motivated social concept.

  14. michael

    There will alays be a path to legal immigration.

    The problem is their will always be people who will not wait to take that path to legal immigration, will break law to take what they want even if it hurts an entire nation and society, and their will always be people who are so against “rules and majority codes of social behavior” they will believe that people who break our laws, deserve to be forgiven because they feel sorry for some people they like and could care less about the welfare of people they hate.

  15. Moon-howler

    Michael, you really don’t understand what happened, do you? You truly drank the kool aid (or something).

    Chief Deane was directed by the BOCS to inform the community of the resolution that had been passed. He and his staff met with immigrants to inform them of the law. He was doing his job, not carrying a picket sign.

    In posting, I gave Sheriff Joe the benefit of the doubt. I also did not post the pictures that were posted in the Phoenix New Times because I felt they might have been super-imposed or a set up. In other words, I attempted to be fair. Sheriff Joe might have been on duty rather than a participant. Michael, try to be as fair to Chief Deane as I was to Sheriff Joe.

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