“This is yet another reminder as to why the American people have chosen new management for the foreseeable future,” said John Weaver, a former senior adviser to  Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.). “Nothing is shocking in Washington, of course, except the audacity of politicians who believe rules don’t apply to them.”

Today, as Senator John Ensign (R-Nevada) confessed to maritial infidelity, one can’t help  but remember that the good senator had called upon President Bill Clinton to resign in 1998.  Speaking of Clinton at the time, Ensign stated:

 “He sent taxpayer-paid staff out to lie for him, and that is a misuse of office,” Ensign said, adding that the president had “no credibility left.”

Additionally, he led the charge against Senator Larry Craig after the infamous Minneapolis bathroom incident, calling him a disgrace.  He led an unsuccessful campaign to force Craig’s resignation. 

Senator Ensign is a rising star in the Republican Party.  Probably most voters can forgive infidelity.  I am not so sure they can buy into the ‘do as I say, not as I do’ mentality that has been exhibited by Ensign. 

Will this incident hurt Ensign’s career?  Will voters forgive him?  Will John Edwards be able to continue his political career?  In the post-Clinton years, how damaging are affairs to politicians?  Is the Republicans  harsher about such behavior than the Democrats? 


Full story in the Washington Post.  The veterinarian turned senator has led a rather interesting life.

[***UPDATE FROM WASHINGTON POST 6/20/09: see below]

Three days after confessing an extramarital affair with a campaign aide,  Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) yesterday accused his former mistress’s husband of trying to extract a financial payout from the Nevada Republican.


Ensign’s office released a statement Friday charging that Douglas Hampton sought a large payment from Ensign, although the senator’s office refused to say how much money Hampton was seeking and whether there had been any negotiations over a payout.

55 Thoughts to “It’s Not the Deed, Its the Hyprocrisy”

  1. Moon-howler

    What was it the Bush administration fired? Federal prosecutors?

    I think in each case, they aerve at the pleasure of the president. Not going to the wall on that one.

    I like Mr. Walpin. He seemed like a neat old guy.

  2. hello

    Touche Moon, however, Bush didn’t co-sponsor a bill outlining how a Federal prosecutor could be fired and then broke that law almost exactly one year later (especially after a campaign in which he vowed to change how Washington worked and to have the ‘most ethical administration’). Besides, presidents fire prosecutors all of the time, look at Clinton… Bush fired 8, Clinton fired all but one.

    IG’s are different, they are supposed to be protected due to the nature of their investigations. Which is why Obama co-sponsored the bill in the first place. It makes sense, if an IG can be fired for investigating a friend and supporter of someone do you really think that they will ‘investigate’? With billions of our tax dollars going out that is the last thing we need, a bunch of skittish IG’s afraid to investigate the wrong person or group less they be fired.

  3. Moon-howler

    Maybe they shouldn’t take those plum jobs if they feel that way. It seems that every administration gets one of those groups in their sights.

    And no, Bush didn’t vote for legislation. He couldn’t. He was a gov. On the other hand, Bush didn’t personally fire the federal prosecutors. His henchmen did it for political reasons. I am not sure which is worse actually.

    Both situations stink. (or stank)

  4. ShellyB

    This Ensign sex scandal is getting worse and worse every day. He used campaign funds, and Republican Senatorial Committee funds to compensate NOT ONLY THE WOMAN for sex, but also the husband! Disgusting!!!! He even got a job for their 19 year old son. Can you imagine being that young and knowing that political contributions are being siphoned to you in exchange for your mother’s sexual favors to a pervert with power?

    Even Republicans are calling for Ensign to resign. And he should.

  5. Moon-howler

    Shellyb, I just posted an update to this story. I thought that blackmail was illegal? Why haven’t these people been arrested?

    Yes, he should resign and they should be arrested. He disgraces the office of Senator and that is saying something. How freaking tawdry.

    I notice this story is not really being showcased in the mainstream media or on cable news.

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