The subject  of domestic terrorism and who is or is not a terrorist continues on Anti-bvbl.  We will probably never all agree in total on this issue.  However, more is coming out from the FBI on this subject because of the rash in incidents in the past month.  Most of the killers have been lone wolves with only peripheral contacts with  organized hate groups.   

It is significant to note, however, that hate groups are on the rise.  The SPLC credits those opposing Hispanic immigration, those opposing a black president and bad economic times  with the increase in number of these types of groups.  Other organizations who track domestic terrorism and hate groups raging from DHS to PRA chime in on this issue in article from the AJC:

When investigating a terrorist network, FBI agents can often access e-mails, phone records and documents to build a case. In some cases, they can develop informants to penetrate the group and provide intelligence.

But a killer acting alone rarely tells anyone what he’s planning, let alone when or how. That makes it hard for authorities to determine who is prepared to commit a criminal act in furtherance of a perceived cause.

Trying to counter that threat, the FBI has created what it calls “tripwires.” These are programs that seek tips from businesses whenever someone buys significant amounts of materials that can be used to make explosives, or large amounts of weapons or ammunition.

Such precautions seem to have worked in the case of a man who cleaned out his savings account in Utah and told the bank teller he was on a mission to kill President Barack Obama. The man, who relatives said suffers from mental illness, triggered a criminal investigation and he was eventually arrested.

In Washington, the white supremacist von Brunn apparently skirted such tripwires by using a vintage rifle from the early 20th century. With that single, small-caliber gun, a museum security guard was killed before other guards opened fire and disabled von Brunn.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks white supremacists, says the number of hate groups in the United States has risen 54 percent since 2000, fueled by opposition to Hispanic immigration and, more recently, by the election of the nation’s first black president and the economic downturn.

“Today the vast majority of domestic terrorist attacks are in fact lone wolf or so-called leaderless resistance attacks,” said the center’s Mark Potok. “There are very few ways to prevent them … short of assigning a police officer to every person in America.”

The number of angry white men in America is getting larger, said Chip Berlet, senior analyst with Political Research Associates in Somerville, Mass., a think tank that studies right-wing extremists.

In particular, the heterosexual, white, Christian men in America feel they’ve been pushed out of the way, Berlet said. Attacking the Holocaust Museum is a no-brainer, he said, because white supremacists blame Jews for the advancement of black people.

“The idea that blacks are put in positions of power by crafty Jews is central to their conspiracy theory,” Berlet said.

Other experts contend the white supremacist climate has not changed much over the years.

Charlie Allen, the former top intelligence officer at the Department of Homeland Security, said such hatred has been embedded in small parts of American communities. Under Allen’s leadership, the department created an analysis branch that looked at extremist groups across the country.

A department assessment of domestic extremism found about 2,400 white supremacist Web sites; 72 blogs; 30 mailing lists; 213 user groups and clubs; and 25 online racist video games.

The agency says white supremacist organizations rarely publicly call for attacks.

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48 Thoughts to “Lone Wolf Terrorists More Evasive”

  1. ShellyB

    I wonder who the target of the nonsensical filibuster will be this time?

    DHS? SPLC? Sotomayor? Minorities who are never accused of racism? All of the above? Probably, although 2 of them contradict each other.

  2. Moon-howler

    Are you a betting woman, Shellyb?

  3. Censored bybvbl

    I suppose that “tripwires” only work as long as merchants aren’t sympathetic to the nutball’s cause.

    I guess one of the red flags for me that someone is “over-the-top” is an obsessive, repetitive (is that redundant?)screed made whenever that person interacts with others. I think we all have a couple favorite posters from the local blogs that seem to scream “Danger!Danger!”. I’m not talking about the ones whose political philosophy we oppose but the repetitive, irrational,hysterical type – the one that makes you waver between saying, “that’s just XXX talking” and having the gut feeling that that person really needs to be watched.

  4. Moon-howler

    Censored, you are right. As I read what you said, several names popped up in my mind. There are some that definitely make my wacko radar go WHOOOOOP WHOOOOP!

  5. ShellyB

    Censored, I did have that fear during the height of Gospel Greg’s power. Before the big fall when he and Puppet Corey tried to take on Chief Deane. There were posts at the time with Greg saying he would take a gun to the 7-Eleven and Avocator calling for riots. But now, I feel somewhat safer. I feel protected by the fact that everyone in PWC now knows that Gospel Greg and Puppet Corey are usually lying when they talk about hot button issues. I think most people know not to take them seriously.

    They had a tea party and there was no violence. I think people just know it’s all a political show to get people riled up. But not to hurt anyone.

  6. ShellyB

    M-H, I am not a betting type. But I just based the prediction previous threads. I was totally shocked by some of the claims being made. Like the domestic terrorists are only attacking us because the DHS report singled them out as potentially dangerous. As if they were just sitting around with their hate and their guns thinking, I will only attack my own country if they release a report about me. I really doubt that. This stuff is happening. The question is do we want to face the fact and try to prevent it. Or just wait till it happens again and then have this same argument again and again?

    It really is just like fighting Muslim extremist terrorism. It is understandable that people who are Muslim Americans might not like to have the name for their religion attached to such ugly words. But it is a big part of why they attacked us, I think. Maybe I’m wrong. The same holds true for these right wing extremist terrorist. The right wing extremist part is why the attacked us. Otherwise they would not be terrorists. I mean am I wrong about this? Why are people so upset about the logic?

  7. michael

    “The number of angry white men in America is getting larger, said Chip Berlet, senior analyst with Political Research Associates in Somerville, Mass.” In particular, the heterosexual, white, Christian men in America feel they’ve been pushed out of the way

    This is a bunch of hateful racial rhetoric unfairly and indiscriminately targeting white men in America, instead of “people” in America. This is the kind of politically biased crap that the SPLC and other groups propogate as manipulative untruths and makes decent and ethical people risde up to take political opposition positions to set the record straight.

    The truth is the number of angry “people” in America is on the rise, across all genders, races, religions and ethnicities.

    And I can tell you why some of them like me are getting increasingly angry at people who lie, denigrate and sterotype individuals into racial, ethnic, gender and religious groups, and then claim that because some members of that group have publically exhibited anger toward races, ethnicities, genders and religious groups that all members of this identified “ethnic group” have anger and hatred toward all other races, ethnicities, genders and religious groups.

    How about all the other people outside of these groups you are targeting that are also racists, and also belong to majority and minority hate groups? You NEVER mention them. The fact that people ignore and even support this hatred is what makes me really angry.

    The minute you take an action outside of an individual’s personal action and accountability, and use that action to stereotype and associate that person’s acts with others of the same gender, race, religion and ethnicity, you are being a wacko racist yourself. That also makes me very angry, and I will tell you that is the reason why there is a huge rise of anger in so many people in America. That anger is directed at people who are targeting others because of their race, gender, religion and ethnicity, and claiming their beliefs, values and anger at the manipulation and lieing going on is some type of “hate” behavior defined by the SPLC who only looks at one race or hate group action. Such a progressive hateful rhetoric is so full of crap its disgustingly malicious.

  8. ShelllyB

    I guess Michael wins the bet. Actually SPLC has a number of non-white hate groups on its list. I would think the operative word is hate. Not the race of the people who belong to these groups. But I have to say when I read that quote I also thought, “Did you have to put it that way?”. Better to classify the groups according to who they hate. That way Michael and others would not have fuel added to their anger fires.

  9. Moon-howler

    Shellyb, I forget what we are betting on. However, I do need to clarify something very important with Michael.

    Michael, you keep using the word ‘you.’ Since I posted the topic thread, that makes me a little ill at ease, to be the object of your anger. I posted someone else’s words, not my own. The purpose of this article being posted here on anti is to foster discussion. Am I going to have to put a disclaimer on some of these thread topics.?

  10. hello

    Hi Shellyb, I’m not so sure that ‘tea parties’ are “all a political show to get people riled up”… If you were to look at other media other than state run media you would have seen that they aren’t all just conservatives or republicans, they spanned all political affiliations.

  11. hello

    Moon, I agree 100% that the ‘lone wolf’ is the most dangerous person out there. There is no telling when or where a nut is going to go ‘postal’. But it’s just that, a ‘lone wolf’. You can’t just generalize an entire group of people who feel one way or the other because of a ‘lone wolf’.

    The SPLC considers the American Legion to be a ‘hate group’. Is that what is comes down to these days? Just put anyone and everyone on the hate group list? I don’t know about you or anyone here but I’ve got many family members who served our country in many conflicts and wars who are American Legion members who are deeply upset to be considered a part of a ‘hate group’. They have sacrificed much more than many who post here, me included, and I don’t think it’s right – neither do they.

  12. Moon-howler

    Hello, I have had reports that slpc lists the United Daughters of the Confederacy and the American Legion both as hate groups. I cannot find that. I realize that SPLC has something to say about both groups but I did not see their names next to HATE groups. If you know where to find it, please leave the link. Maybe I am just being obtuse.

    Here is my problem with labeling groups like the 2 I just mentioned. The main intent of those groups is NOT to spread hate. I can’t speak to American Legion. Even though he was a Vet, my father never joined AL. He felt they were blowhards. They would have probably thought the same about him.

    However…I will speak to UDC. It isn’t a hate group. Are there little old ladies in there who hate? Probably. Most are ladies who are proud of their genealogy and their southern roots. Elderly steel magnolias. They are also interested in preserving their heritage and the artifacts of their heritage, very much like DAR.

    I am eligible to join both groups. My mother did not join. She felt they were prissy and gossipy. My grandmother could have single-handedly run the DAR. I am not sure if she was UDC eligible. Different strokes for different folks.

    I see nothing wrong with either group in modern times. Odd though, if I enter DAR, nothing comes up on splc. Weren’t those the ladies who refused to let Marion Anderson sing at Constitution Hall in the 40’s? As a result there was a huge program on the mall at the Lincoln Memorial with Eleanor Roosevelt in attendance? UDC is all over the place on splc. Seems a little overly zealous to me.

  13. Moon-howler

    I forgot to mention, those guys at the American Legion have been known to sit around and do war talk. They don’t call the enemy by very PC names. Maybe that is what makes them a hate group?

    If that is the case, that is pretty harsh. I think most people who have served in wars have unattractive nicknames for their foes. Unless you are running for office, I thought everyone did that. I know McCain slipped up a time or 2. I was on his side when it happened.

  14. Second-Alamo

    “In particular, the heterosexual, white, Christian men in America feel they’ve been pushed out of the way…” So now I’m being singled out as the most likely member of society to do bad things? Have you ever heard of taxation without representation? Well, that is what is happening to “heterosexual, white, Christian men in America”. We are the main ones whose taxes help support all other minorities who are allowed to organize, and yet we are prevented from organizing exclusively as a group by law, and if not then by society. So when the report says “heterosexual, white, Christian men in America” feel left out you can understand why. Everyone bristles at discrimination unless it’s against “heterosexual, white, Christian men in America”. Talk about your double standards!

  15. Second-Alamo

    Think about it. With the thousands of organizations that support only one race, nationality, or gender there isn’t a single organization composed solely of “heterosexual, white, Christian men in America”. If one was created today with the sole purpose of helping only those of the group it would probably be labeled a ‘hate group’ by some left wing study even though all its activities were totally peaceful. The simple fact that it is a white only group would automatically throw it into question. This should never be the case in a country that was created, built, and defended by those vary same people who obviously would be in the majority.

  16. Moon-howler

    Second Alamo, you might be right about the hate group designation in your second post.

    HWCM (men) probably feel it more than do HWCW (women) who simply didn’t have status until very recently.

  17. rod2155

    I think the days of the HWCM being in any position of power or majority are numbered and quite frankly, I don’t have much pity… A broad look at history shows that HWCM have dominated global affairs for the past 1,500 years. Nothing lasts forever, and like any group of people former power holders who are falling into oblivion, the HWCM are getting desperate to find ways to survive as well as blaming their extinction on other culture groups, but what are the real reasons for the downfall?

    Numbers are a big one, the HWCM just cannot produce children as fast as people from other ethnic groups. Be it genetic or the white culture of sexual awkwardness, the numbers of HWCM are dwindleing.

    HWCM engaged in colonial domination and enslavement of many other ethnic groups in the past. To be fair, HWCM’s were not the only culture group to hold slaves or occupy other nations, but the Whites did it on the largest scale for the longest period of time. You can’t errase that overnight, It will take about a thousand years for the bill to be paid…

    …and it is, with the ensuing global minority status of HWCM. It does not supprise me that elements from a doomed culture would become fatalists, resorting to acts of terror to gain some kind of ground for the race. In the end, terrorist acts on behalf of the HWCM are but the death throws of a dieing culture.

  18. Mando

    The SPLC is a hate group. They hate white heterosexual males. Especially old ones that happen to be vets.

  19. Mando

    Rod is a non-white supremacist. Someone should keep their eye on him.

  20. rod2155

    Mando :Rod is a non-white supremacist. Someone should keep their eye on him.

    Except my mother and father are both full white, both from pre-revolutionary war white immigrants from England and Scotland

    No Mando, I’m the White skinned universal equalist, born of the Hetorsexual White American race to bear witness to it’s downfall.

    I have no intention of lifting a finger to help or hinder the preservation of HWCA culture, It’s fighting evolution and will loose.

  21. Mando

    @ Rod

    I knew all that. You’ve issued your manifesto in the past.

  22. rod2155

    Well in that case, you should tell it as it is… Rod supports Evolutionary Karma, not non-white supremacisism. If Lesbian Chinese Taoists Women decide to dominate global affairs through occupation, slavery and capitalism, raising themselves to a supreme privleged status while the rest of the world suffers in their greedy wake, they would pay the piper eventually and I would be saying the exact same things I say now.

  23. Moon-howler

    Rod, good to see you after a long absence. As for your post: ouch.

    If Rod is right, I think the HWCW is the next to fall.

    As for the reproductive habits, that is another issue for another day, no pun intended. All ethnicities need to limit their child bearing. Population growth is an exponential function. Powers of 2 and all that. It really doesn’t take long. When the earth reaches its population saturation point there will either be famine, war, pestilence or other natural disaster.

  24. Censored bybvbl

    Haha – the plight of whiney heterosexual white Christian men-and I would add “Southern” since those are the type which have dominated our political scene lately. I have little sympathy. Too many don’t appreciate the advantages they’ve had for decades/centuries merely from being born with those descriptors. Don’t get me wrong. I like white guys – just the confident, non-whiney type.

    I think loony hate groups get to share some blame for the lone wolf terroists out there. They don’t literally pull the trigger but they often provide the gun. People are influenced by what they hear and are told is desirable. You need look no further than our glut of McMansions, taupe walls, granite countertops, SUVs,and stainless steel appliances. Moo!

  25. rod2155

    Don’t get me wrong, the HWCM&W will not dissapear, they will just loose their top place in our global game of king of the hill. I have a lot of white friends, and a few of them even still consider themselves Christian, but as far as I know, none of them seek exclusive white on white relationships, nor do they wake up every morning careing about whether they still rule the world or not…

    White people who know their place in the spectrum of the human race will do just fine…white people who see themselves as being a cut above the human race will fail…as would any racial group that considers themselves the upper cut.

    My point on this thread is, terror attacks for the sake of preserving the 1956 southern white American Christian dominance fantasy could go on the rise, but they won’t last long since they can’t breed a new generation to carry on the ideals.

  26. Rick Bentley

    “none of them seek exclusive white on white relationships”

    If they did, there’s nothing wrong with that IMO.

    I myself am a white man attracted to black women. Do I know why? No. Is there probably a root cause? I guess so. Does it matter? No.

    Did I develop a strong preferance for black women in order to promote brotherhood amongst all people and break down the last bastions of seperatism? No, not really.

    If you like blonde women, seek blonde partners. If you want a tall dark man so strongly that you can taste it, go for that. If a white person only wants to date white, I don’t see a poroblem there. Somebody somewhere has a whole page on Sarah Palin not wanting to get with him when they were 19 when she found out he was “black”. So be it. Let people date and marry who they want.

  27. Mando


    Well, if your “Evolutionary Karma” manifesto is to hold any weight, I believe the white devil should probably be way way WAY down on the list as far as being recipients of the grand karmic retribution.

    I’m pretty sure we white devils don’t corner the market on greed, “wanting to rule the world”, or slavery. I believe all the genocidal atrocities of the 20th century were committed by non-whites. Well… besides the Nazis but I’m not paying for those lunatics mistakes karma be damned. Not one drop of German blood in my veins.

    And if you believe capitalism = evil then you’re just a bonehead.

  28. Poor Richard

    “The people can always be brought to the bidding of their leaders.
    That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being
    attacked, and denounce the pacifist for lack of patriotism and
    exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”
    Hermann Goring

  29. hello

    Rod… after the acid wears off I suggest you put the bong down and slowly step back…

  30. Moon-howler

    Rick, that is probably one of the fairest statements I have heard. Let people do what they want to do.

  31. rod2155


    Do you ever have real rebutals to throw at people Hello, or are you just that shallow of wit in real life?

  32. ShellyB

    Poor Richard, did you just out yourself as the man who gave that quote at Citizens’ Time? (=

  33. ShellyB

    Alamo, I feel for you. I seriously do. I think that white straight Christian men should have a support group. Many churches actually have such groups for men. Although you might have a few non-white men in the group, it can still be therapeutic to talk about issues that men have to deal with. You could go to a Republican party meeting, but then you’d have to deal with women. I feel for you.

  34. hello

    good one Rod… it’s kind of hard to offer a rebutal for utter nonsense. You got me, pat yourself on the back big guy.

  35. hello

    “Be it genetic or the white culture of sexual awkwardness”… priceless.

  36. hello

    since I’ve never really researched the subject do you have any case studies or are you speaking from personal experience?

  37. hello

    me thinks Rod may be a ‘Lone Wolf’…

  38. Poor Richard

    Have never quoted Goring at Citizen’s Time – Orwell’s
    Animal Farm perhaps, but not Goring.
    (Lost a few dollars in the market today and my broker
    said it was due to the impact of the “quadruple witch”! Who
    makes up this stuff? Hopefully a foreclosed house will drop
    on her head.)

  39. ShellyB

    This is an excellent blog post essay that clears away all the foggy spin about our recent rash of domestic terrorism so that the issue can be dealt with rationally:

    I still don’t get why there is a political divide on acts of violence, murder, and terrorism. I think perhaps that’s part of the problem or at least a symptom.

  40. ShellyB

    Richard, I was only kidding. That is a famous quote. It reminded me of a startling reality check during the height of the Letiecq/Stewart fear/hate mongering campaign in 2007. I’m sorry to be dense but what is the implied analogy that you meant to make? I’m not sure I understand, but I think I do.

  41. Poor Richard

    To more important things this morning – in Iran, will it be a moment to
    compare with the joy of the fall of the Berlin Wall or the angst
    of Tianamen Square? History is on the march, but in which direction?
    And what, if any, positive role can we play in this crisis?

  42. kelly3406

    ShellyB :
    This is an excellent blog post essay that clears away all the foggy spin about our recent rash of domestic terrorism so that the issue can be dealt with rationally:

    ShellyB: Because of your recommendation, I wasted 10 minutes of my life reading this blog that I can never get back. Her blog is clearly a target-rich environment for rebuttal, but I restrict my discussion to three points:

    1) The blogger makes the statement that “It’s a sign of how far detached from reality the right wing is that it no longer can tell the essential difference between Muslim terrorists and garden-variety American progressives.” The corollary to that is that it is a sign of how far detached the left wing is that it can no longer tell the difference between violent terrorists and garden-variety conservatives.

    2) The blogger makes the statement that “And most importantly: You don’t see us out there shooting up fundamentalist churches, crisis pregnancy clinics, conservative gatherings, or cops.” Perhaps. But you do see left-wing terrorists (e.g. Earth Liberation Front) setting off pipe bombs and committing arson. In the D.C. area, we experienced the Beltway Snipers, who were left-wing fanatics: John Allen Mohammed was a member of the Nation of Islam and stated that one reason for the shootings was that white people wanted to harm Louis Ferrahkan.

    3) Most of the statements made in the blog could be classified only as opinion, with few facts to back it up. I wanted to know if her opinion should be considered as expert (i.e. criminologist) or was based on experience. After checking, I found that there was nothing of the sort. She writes from a left-wing perspective (her words) and is working on her M.S. in Future Studies, whatever that is.

    This blog classifies as nothing more than a left-wing rant, which is quite easy to dismiss. I give it no more credibility than you would to a blog by Hannity or Michelle Malkin.

  43. ShelllyB

    Thanks for reading my URL post and for responding.

  44. Moon-howler

    Poor Richard, I fear Tianamen Square. I don’t know how they get rid of the mullahs even if they get rid of the nutwing president.

    What to do? Not sure there is anything we can do. Iran is a land unto itself on so many levels.

  45. Gainesville Resident

    That is the real problem – how they get rid of the mullahs. No matter who is president, the mullahs are the ones really in charge as evidenced right now by them saying the election is legitimate and attempting to highly discourage protestors.

  46. michael

    The use of the word you is almost never directed at you moonhowler, simply the object of the debate as a generic “you” or someone, or some group whose ideology I oppose. Like I’ve said many times before, my objective is to educate “at large”, not to target specific individuals unless they target me specifically with hate and discrimmination first.

  47. michael

    Everything above I read written about HWCM I find extremely offensive and racist to the core. It is disgusting. Simply switch HWCM, for HHCW, or HBMM (you figure it out, simply pick some racial or ethnic group people have expressed hatred toward) and you will see just how maliciously hateful and openly racist, and sexist these words written above are, and you will understand my anger at those who blatently believe only others are racists and sexists while they are even worse than the worst racists of the past.

    People, WE MUST start thinking, politicizing, and associating only with “individuals” and not racial, ethnic, gender and religious groups, as we advocate for money and power. All people must be regarded ad equal if we are to have a prayer of stopping war, conflict, poverty, or hatred.

    HWCMs are not “old”, did not do what you are so angry at their grandfathers for doing, and all deserved to be treated just as fairly and equal as any of you non-HWCMs. Stop living in the past, young people of thge present are being discrimminated agaist by hateful words such as these and hateful groups aligned along racial, gender, religious and ethnic group boundaries politically.

    If you don’t understand what I have just said, we are doomed to repeat history. Ethnic “groups” will rise up and take control of the government, and oppress all others (this is called autocracy,institutionalized ethnic pride, and facism)

  48. michael

    There are two types of worlds you can create with this rhetoric.

    1. A world where all people are divided into “groups” racially, ethnically, religiously and by gender, where all of them must advocate for their own groups political and economic power. In such a world, the HWCM, and all other groups you can name, must form political and social groups just to “get theeir fair share”. In such a world, war between such groups and nations formed by such groups will be common.

    2. A world where all people are prohibited from advocating and joining racist, discriminatory, exclusive, self-segregating political groups in the pursuit of money and political power. Rights of individuals, and indivuality are honored, respected and extolled over any group association or reference, and political power is distributed evenly between all individuals without any preference, discrimmination or political favoritism. Such a world will be a democracy where people as individuals own their government, and all individuals have equal opportunity and equal treatment under the law. This used to be the world America stood for, but not anymore. “most” people are now pursuing world number one in support of their hatred toward others, greed, malice and ethnic “diversity” as a tool to dominate and oppress all others to “get what they want”.

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