Supervisors May and Nohe are taking a strong leadership position on Silver Lake and I commend them for it!  Although the opportunity to have Bull Run Conservancy take over stewardship and add an additional 270 acres to Silver Lake for public use was lost, there are still valuable long terms assets to perserving the Park.  As we all know, Supervisors come and go with each election, but the fate of Silver Lake can be preserved for generations to come through a simple deed restriction prior to handing over the property to the Park Authority. 

Why is a deed restriction important? Too many times, Parks meant for valuable passive recreation, like fishing, hiking, birding, and picnicking have been threatened by outside entities wanting to turn them into active recreation, often times the plans include cutting down trees and altering landscapes. In 25 years, 50 years and so on, beautiful sanctuaries like Silver Lake will be a rare commodity. We have already experienced how much a community can change from the pressures of development. Silver Lake, with appropriate deed restrictions, will remain a Park that will offer swimming, fishing, camping, hiking, nature education, and horse back riding for generations to come.

In June 23rd, at 2:00 p.m., the Board will turn over control to the Park Authority, I hope this Board finally decides to take a strong stand for conservation, it’s about time in Prince William County.

Please link to the Prince William Conservation Alliance read this “hot of the press” press release.

I urge you to visit to send your thoughts to the Board, you can also easily invite friends and family to join in this important conservation effort for all PWC citizens.

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16 Thoughts to “Superisor May and Nohe take bold stand on preserving Silver Lake!”

  1. Poor Richard

    “..Board finally decides to take a strong stand for conversation.”
    Well, most of them have done that for years. How about conservation?

  2. ShellyB

    Elena thank you for informing us of this important issue. I’m glad that May and Nohe are doing the right thing. They always seem to have the county’s best interest at heart. Also since the “great awakening,” they both seem to remain true to principles above partisanship. By “great awakening” I mean when it became clear that they were fully independent and immune to pressure for local hate mongers. But also it was an awakening for everyday citizens who came to realize the perils of allowing county government to be overrun by hate and fear. These two stood tall and made it possible to end the reign of fabricated terror.

  3. Elena

    thanks poor richard, I will “edit” appropriately”! 🙂

  4. Alanna

    Sorry, I missed that too. Strong stand for conversation, funny.

  5. Gainesville

    Did Mike May and Marty Nohe ever bother to ask what the citizens of Gainesville want? It seems to me that the Gainesville supervisor, who was actually elected by Gainesville residents, should be asked what he wants here on behalf of the people who actually live around the site. And what is Mike May thinking? He has got into bed with developer-buddy Marty. Marty Nohe is not even trusted by the residents of his own district, let alone the residents of a different district.

  6. Rick Bentley

    I suggest that we turn Silver Lake into a Sanctuary for illegal aliens.

    It has become more and more difficult for illegal aliens in our County to maintain housing. As construction jobs have dwindled, the economy has stalled and this is disproportionately affecting illegal aliens. As most of them are Latino, this is de facto racism.

    Additionally, balloon loans coming due have caused many people to lose their houses, again disproportionately affecting illegal aliens. Of course, for every single-family townhouse that an illegal alien loses, this could put as many as 50-60 people out of a home.

    If the illegal aliens cannot find suitable housing, they may leave in greater numbers. This could totally kill business at Rivera’s Cafe, Andrade Market, and would impact every Chinese buffet and 7-11 in the area.

    So I propose that we :

    1. Erect shacks and a shanty town in Silver Lake
    2. Maintain priciples of conservation – reserve every 10th shack to house chickens rather than people
    3. Run school buses to the shanty town
    4. Circulate flyers in Mexico inviting anyone and everyone to come try their luck in Prince William County

  7. Rick Bentley

    5. Nominate Chief Deane as our official Ambassador to shanty town

  8. Elena

    maybe for once you not be so obsessed with immigration.

  9. anonymous

    Well, I for one am delighted with Mike May and Marty Nohe. And tired of hearing depressing news about Silver Lake. I hope these two can turn the situation around and help educate other Supervisors about the benefits of natural open space. I want to leave something behind for my children besides shopping malls.

  10. Moon-howler

    Rick, I agree. There is life beyond immigration.

    Anonymous, I agree.

  11. Rick Bentley

    No one wants to discuss my idea on merit? A land of hope and dreams, where taco trucks can run free and people can live in small cube areas without fear of persecution?

    I’m planning to propose this at the next Board meeting and have already lined up several corporate sponsors. McDonalds is in for ten thousand, and another ten thousand if they can secure fast food rights in a central shanty. The concrete company down the street is in for ten thousand. Several construction firms are expressing an interest. And Nohe’s hardware store is in as well, and is promising to donate siding for the first 50 shantys.

    Also I spoke with Chief Deane and he was very excited about the prospect of being named Ambassador, his chest got all swelled up with pride when I proposed it to him. He started polishing his medals and speaking about how many outreach programs he could get going on the taxpayer’s dime.

  12. Moon-howler

    Have another drink Rick. Father’s Day will be here soon.

  13. Last Best Hope

    Mike May and Marty Nohe are the kind of men who can and should lead Prince William County, at last, into the 21st century. I too would prefer to leave more to our progeny than underfunded public safety, shopping malls with apartments built into them, golf courses, and gated communities. The current Chairman has succeeded in nothing other than fomenting fear of minorities, partisan rancor, and a rare but vitriolic and irrational hatred of our honorable Police Chief Charlie Deane. Each time I am reminded of this, I become more determined to see our failed Chairman replaced with a leader with long term goals, long term vision, simple honesty, and steady principles that go beyond a lust for the media’s eye and partisan political ambition. I hope whoever challenges our Chairman from within the party is prepared to confront him on the countless ways he has failed this county.

  14. Black Velvet Reporter

    So the black velvets want to stir up controversy over Silver Lake. Could that be what stalled the decision for two and a half years?

    Why does everything over there have to be political? Judging others by one’s self I guess.

  15. Bryanna

    Deed Restrictions are usually initiated by developers, not politicians.
    It may sound good at first but can also trap you into something else you don’t agree with such as SEWERS.

    Look at and see which developers have made political contributions to your Supervisors.

    Follow the money. The money doesn’t lie.

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