Al Sharpton’s Tribute to Michael Jackson

I am rarely a fan of Al Sharpton. I usually find him to be a blowhard. Today as he eulogized Michael Jackson, he talked about those who grew up with hearing and seeing Michael Jackson, and how kids from all different races and cultures danced and sang and somehow knew it was ok to be friends. Perhaps for those of us who were already grown when Michael began his career, learning that it’s ok to be friends was a little harder to learn.


“It was Michael Jackson that brought blacks and whites and Asians and Latinos together. It was Michael Jackson that made us sing ‘we are the world,’ to feed the hungry long before Live Aid.”
“It was that comfort level that kids from Japan and Ghana and France and Iowa and Pennsylvania got comfortable enough with each other so later it wasn’t strange to us to watch Oprah on television,”



No one knew what to expect today. TV was even blaring that an elephant parade would take place because the Staples Center would be the venue for the Ringling Bros circus starting Wednesday. I was pleasantly surprised. It was a fabulous tribute to a special entertainer who had a world-wide following. Even in that huge auditorium, with all the glaring lights and special effects, the good-bye was somehow intimate and personal. It certain touched a little part of everyone lucky enough to view the tasteful affair.