Salt Lake City Chief of Police speaks out and mirrors what Chief Deane warned us about in 2007

This is a great op-ed from the Police Chief of Salt Lake City. I did not include the article in full, so I urge you to read it in its entirety. I believe Chief Burbank echoes the sentiments of Chief Deane. Given Moon-Howlers most recent thread topic, it seemed to fit the need to have law enforcement actually participate in what makes a community safe. Given the past history of PWC, Chief Deane was right to stand before the BOCS and warn of “unintended consequences” .

Police officers should not engage in civil immigration enforcement. However, local law enforcement should diligently continue to arrest serious criminal offenders and, as appropriate, refer dangerous criminals to federal authorities. Civil immigration enforcement is a federal responsibility, and it is paramount to the well-being of our neighborhoods that the federal government maintains accountability.

This is the central finding of a report from the Police Foundation, a research organization in Washington, D.C. focusing on law enforcement issues. Noting that police agencies throughout the country were increasingly being asked to assume immigration enforcement responsibilities, the foundation conducted a yearlong study to determine the appropriate balance between immigration enforcement, civil liberties and community safety.

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Too Much Crime

There is just too much bad stuff happening around Prince William County recently.  We have a mother on trial for killing her adopted, handicapped daughter and a man on death row for killing and raping a teenage girl.  We also have had a home invasion that resulted in a mother and son’s death.  We have had drive-by shootings and car jackings.  This is all serious crime.  While there have always been horrendous crimes in PWC and the cities, at least while I have lived here, they were few and far between back in the good old days.

Recent events in the past couple of days are very troubling and could touch each and every one of us.   A man in a van has attempted to grab and abduct 2 different teenage girls.  Both of the girls were blonde.  No one really knows if that is a common denominator or not but the residents of Wellington are understandably upset and nervous.   His sketch is in News and Messenger.


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