9 Thoughts to “Pat Buchanan on MSNBC Today”

  1. Moon-howler

    Several generations ago that is exactly what would have happened. There were also fewer consequenses when it did. People’s fathers and brothers often handled much of the cad behavior, from what I was told. There was also less cad behavior because of it also.

    In smaller communities, most of the community supported the father also. I guess those were the days when taking a buggy whip to men who insulted one’s family was in vogue.

    Who knows what First Dude might have done if this wasn’t such a public family. And how many people would have blamed him if he gave young Levi a thrashing. What a nasty little bastard. Nasty Little Bastard was written all over his face at the convention even, and that is when he was on his best behavior. Palin’s mistake was letting him anywhere near that convention. TMI.

  2. Second-Alamo

    This is why respect is a thing of the past. The old expression ‘them’s fighting words’ will only land you in jail for assault and battery if you take action. The person disrespecting you is protected by law. Apparently the old ‘sticks and stones will break bones but words will never harm you’ is the presently accepted rule in society, and so people are constantly disrespectful without recourse. It’s also the downfall of our education system to a great degree. It’s not the ‘freedom of speech’ our forefathers intended!

  3. ShellyB

    I never agree with Pat Buchanan, but I think he is adorable for some reason now that he is older, cuddlier, and has a soft voice. He was frightening before when he ran for President though.

    He is laughing as he says this, so I don’t think he ought to get in trouble for this. Is it really that big of a deal? And, Levi, I think he is adorable too but he should have married Bristol.

  4. Moon-howler

    I am glad that little bad boy didn’t marry Bristol. Why should she have to raise 2 children? Maybe Bristol wouldn’t marry him. I don’t think Alanna was implying Pat B should get in trouble. I think she thought it was funny.

    SA, I do not disagree with you at all.

    Levi was disrespectful. He ran his mouth in public. Bristol’s father should buggy whip him for not being a gentleman.

  5. Emma

    Levi is eating up his 15 minutes of notoriety, completely clueless that he is being used by the gossip-loving, Palin-hating media. It won’t be long before he’s talked out and the media will move on out of boredom. He won’t even be able to pay to tell his story by then.

  6. El Guapo

    Some people think violence and use of force is an effective way to resolve all conflicts.

  7. michael

    Some people think that there are no bad people in the world, we should never put anyone in prison, and the way to resolve conflict even in warfare is to believe every individual is a human and therefore “good” by default, these same progressive socialists, want everyone to have the same equal wealth, don’t realize that all incentive to work will disappear when this is achieved, and we will all be equally impoverished, because we give people who break the rule of democratic law, social advantages over all others based on what race they belong to and what racial entitlement they deserve.

  8. michael

    Pat is being funny, if anyone cannot laught at this, they probably need to get over their contempt for everyone who is not liberal and not a member of their own favorite race or political party.

  9. hello

    Why is anyone talking about Levi in the first place? I agree with SA all the way, no respect I tells ya, no respect… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FPv2toi5og

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