During this June 2006 Supervisors meeting Stirrup appears determined to force through this rezoning application over the objections of his constituents but also over the concerns of his fellow Supervisors. Thankfully Supervisors from other parts of the County delayed the process by several weeks. It was during this interim period that the County(c/o Chairman Connaughton) was able to obtain millions more in proffers. The land value alone of the 120 acres was $3.6 million; additional proffers that further extended road construction on Route 15 from 66 to 234 were also enhanced.

9 Thoughts to “The Genesis of Silver Lake County Park”

  1. ShellyB

    This is really great to be able to see into the past like this. I’m sorry though I need a bit more explanation. How did we manage to go another three years without settling this issue? And as the video asks, “Why the rush?” at the time? I’m confused.

  2. Moon-howler

    Cow suits? COW SUITS?

    Now I understand. If you folks who were in on this from the beginning had gotten some cow suits, goat suits, etc, perhaps this would have been settled a lot faster.

  3. Rebecca

    How much notice did the supervisors get about this vote?

  4. Bovine Memories

    I was at the meeting with the cow suits. It was awesome.

  5. Alanna

    Great question about it taking so long. God only knows. But it took time for the developer to actually transfer the land into the control of the County, around April 07 it actually came under control of the Board of Supervisors. After that they looked at options from different groups including Northern Virginia Park Authority, the Bull Run Mountain Conservancy(BRMC) and the Prince William County Park Authority(PWCPA). In April 08 the Board split on whether or not to support BRMC or the PWCPA plan and by October 08 BRMC realized the County was not negotiating in good faith and removed their plan from consideration. So, eventually in June 2009, the Park Authority receives the property from the BOCS.

  6. Moon-howler

    It seemed like it was just a stall but I could be wrong.

    When I see how other things are pushed through and then watch the silver lake initiative, one has to wonder.

    Bovine Memories, please tell me what that was all about. I lived here then but missed those feastivities.

  7. Bovine Memories

    The cow suits were about the Vulcan Quarry application in Nokesville. Those two cases were going through the process at about the same time, so the case involving Silver Lake probably got a lot less attention because the quarry was just taking up so much of the public’s attention. The opposition to the quarry was pretty strong, and they had someone with a cow suit, complete with udders, strolling through the lobby of McCoart, where there were folding chairs lined up. Similar to the volume of some of the immigration meetings.

    Alanna’s right on the chronology. It’s not all that uncommon to defer a vote to let the proffers work themselves out. The long wait, however, is due to the wrangling over who would own/run the Silver Lake property.

    In terms of notice before the vote – the Supervisors had plenty of notice. There is a long process leading up to any vote, and the Supervisors are aware of most cases in the County, especially if they are large/controversial/likely to bring out the cow suits.

  8. Moon-howler

    Thanks for the cow report, Bovine. How funny. I am sure sorry I missed that one. I was probably at work. Sigh….

  9. Last Best Hope

    Looking at that video, I truly miss the days when Prince William County could look to its Chairman At-Large and see competence, leadership, and integrity. Where have you gone, Sean? Have you went and gone away? Any chance you’ll consider coming back? I’d make a $2,000 donation on the spot.

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