A friend of mine sent a brief email tonight stating: ” You’ve got to see this video from Delaware.”

Congressman Mike Castle (R-DE) was attempting to have what appears to be a town meeting. You just have to see it for yourself.

Does this seem like a bad flashback to anyone else? What I find the saddest about ignorance like this is that President Obama’s grandfather served under Patton during World War II. How dare that shrieking woman be that disrespectful to Ralph Dunham’s service to our country!

I can honestly say I have never heard the Pledge of Allegiance used to drown out a speaker. I guess there is a first for everything. I suppose these good Americans never heard or understood the idea that while you might not like the man, you respect the office?

By the way, who is PeeBo and what does that mean?

37 Thoughts to “They Must Be Everywhere!”

  1. Starryflights

    These are the same idiots who believe that the moon landing was a hoax and that the earth is flat.

  2. Second-Alamo

    I see this type of vocal display all the time in support of some issue involving a minority, or an incident involving a minority, and never see any backlash from the general public. These people obviously supported the woman whose only question was one that has been voiced by many people. Many in the crowd may have been WWII vets from the age appearance, and to me a show of love for America once in awhile isn’t a bad thing!

    I watched some of the recent coverage of the Apollo missions, and one thing that struck me was how unimpeded was everyone’s willingness to express thanks to God, and even voiced to the world a Merry Christmas, yet today they would be chastised for having said either. That is the former America I grew up in and long for. Freedom of speech is also for those who fought and died for it, don’t ever forget that!

  3. Last Best Hope

    MH, why do you depress me so? That video has ruined my day. I have been a Republican all my life and I have to say I do not recognize these people. They started to come out when Sarah Palin was the VP nominee, and they just will not go away. What possessed them, I shall never know, to make ridiculous sh*t up and, by hook or by crook, actually come to believe it?

    Hawai’i is our 50th state. Obama is dark skinned. Get used to it idiots.

  4. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Couple of things. May not like the man, respect the office? Well, we’ll show Obama’s Presidency all the respect people showed Bush’s Presidency. Oh, wait, that’s no respect at all. Party On!

    Last Best Hope…nobody cares that Obama is dark-skinned, except those who want to link any criticism of the man to the fact that he’s dark-skinned, and those people are on the same level as Sharpton.

  5. Second Alamo

    What I see today is an America that is now full of whiners. Now that everyone has come here to this country to enjoy the omlete all they have left to do is sit around and complain about the eggs that were broken in the process.

    As far as a lack of respect for the office of the presidency, never did I witness the lack of respect that the Democrats piled onto the last president. Name calling like a bunch of school kids.

  6. Second-Alamo

    Slowpoke, Here! Here! Took the words right off my keyboard.

  7. Moon-howler

    There is probably something out there just as bad about Bush. I just haven’t seen it I suppose. I do remember the really nasty stuff about Clinton but I couldn’t trot out an example., Maybe because youtube.com wasn’t around then.

    On the other hand, I didn’t put the video up as comment on Obama. I certainly don’t feel he is perfect or that Bush was all bad–not by a long shot. I was commenting on the behavior of Americans.

    SA, do you think that display was all out of love of America? I thought they showed perversion of their love of America. They were disrespectful of a congressman and a president and the very ideals that many in WWII fought for.

  8. Moon-howler

    What/who is PeeBo? What does that mean?

  9. Well, Urban Dictionary has this to say:


    I can’t vouch for the accuracy, however.

  10. Winston Churchill’s definition of “fanatic”: Someone who can’t change their mind and won’t change the subject.

    That’s what we see in this video: fanaticism. Particularly from the angry screaming woman who instigated an embarassing display of incivility.

    And it was the type of fanaticism whose flames are fanned by that irrational devotion to the “fatherland” and the practice of that alarmingly excessive religion of hyper-patriotism, which seems to require the suspension of all sense of reason and a refusal to engage in rational discourse.

    A sobering question: imagine if these fanatical people were in control of the government.

    Bravo to Congressman Castle for maintaining the kind of respectful and dignified composure which was clearly lacking in a great portion of his audience.

  11. @R Jay Pearson
    “Winston Churchill’s definition of “fanatic”: Someone who can’t change their mind and won’t change the subject.”

    LOL!!! I LOVE IT!

    I can think of a dozen or so people right off who fit that definition.

  12. rod2155

    So we truily will have a civil war over the definition of “American.”

    We may just beat out Rawanda, where the genocide was sparked by a diffrence in head size and jaw thickness.

    Yes indeed, 2012 will probally be the end of the world.

  13. El Guapo

    Outbursts and disruptions are not uncommon and come from all sides. What’s impressive about this is the way it’s handled. The people in the crowd say their piece. Mike Castle let’s them say what they want to say and then proceeds.

  14. ShellyB

    I think these people are cut off from reality. I mean if you watch Fox News for enough election cycles, you might come to think you are an expert on “fair and balanced” and thus qualified to make up your own right wing lies and propaganda (instead of memorizing stuff carefully crafted by political strategists/”news” writers to trigger the passions of prejudice, but in a veiled way they can get away with).  This is a new kind of stupid. No more subtlety, innuendo, or veil.  All that’s left is the insanity and the prejudice. 

    Such a dumb story could not be spreading if not for Obama’s immigrant Dad. He does have a Mom too. From Kansas. Her father fought for Patton? Not enough to overcome their race-blinded eyes though. I wonder if Fox “news” people are happy about this.

  15. Censored bybvbl

    And just what did this loon hope to accomplish? Did she expect the audience or the politicians present to cast Obama into the wilderness? And, of course, it comes as no surprise that the audience members supporting her appear to be old geezers who can’t let go of the “old white men rule!” mantra. Old white guys and women (and I’ll include myself in that demographic) grew up in a generally segregated society. They hate letting go of all the privilege they’ve enjoyed for most of their lives. Boo hoo – get over it.

  16. Last Best Hope

    Fox does NOT love this. True Republicans are mortified and disgusted. You know who is having a lot of fun exploiting the whole “tea bag” circus? Liberals.

  17. Rick Bentley

    I know a lot of Republicans who are on the whole birth certificate trip. A sizeable chunk of nthe angry white males are addicted to disrespecting Democratic Presidents.

  18. Rick Bentley

    “I do not recognize these people. They started to come out when Sarah Palin was the VP nominee, and they just will not go away. What possessed them, I shall never know, to make ridiculous sh*t up and, by hook or by crook, actually come to believe it?

    These skills were honed during the Clinton Administration :

    “He’s not my President”

    “Ron Brown was murdered, mid-air; Representative Burton proved it with his watermelon test”

    “Vince Foster’s suicide was a cover-up”

    etc. etc.

    And kept loose making Kerry, a war hero, look like a coward.

  19. Moon-howler

    Thank you Rick for pointing out that this angry white male hate-a-thon started during the Clinton years. We spent hundreds of millions of dollars attempting to make Clinton ‘pay.’ through various lawsuits.

    I personally feel that any sitting president should be except from all but impeachment trials. After they are out of office, go for it, but not during. Too much distraction that harmed the country.

    I would like to add that much of the attack on Clinton developed within the evangelical community. Religious Right joined with Radical Republican is not a pretty picture. And it started BEFORE Clinton took office. I guess he wasn’t one of their ‘own.’

  20. Witness Too

    I did not think this to be serious news until I saw it on SERIOUS NEWS. There are members of the U.S. House of Representatives introducing a Bill that appeases the fringe extremists who believe Barack Obama is not a citizen of the United States. What is going on in this country?

  21. Moon-howler

    Witness, I saw it on CNN tonight. What is the Bill about? I saw nothing about that.

  22. Witness Too

    It says you have to prove citizenship in order to run for President. I think we already covered that this little forgotten document called the Constitution. These Congressmen are either from districts full of mightily suggestible people, or they are mightily suggestible themselves.

    I saw a used-car-salesman / Congressman from California on Hardball tonight. He was utterly forgettable other than his desperate attempt to weasel out of admitting that Obama was born in the United States for fear of angering the insanity ward wing of his party. Matthews made him admit it though. Now he has no way to justify co-sponsoring the Bill, and he has to go back to his insanity ward supporters and explain how reality is also part of the equation for elected officials, especially on TV.

  23. Moon-howler

    Are they insane? I am sure whatever citizenship would be offered up would not be good enough.

    Would Bill Richardson (Mexican mother, American father living in Mexico) have gone through this also? Wasn’t O’Cain born in Panama?

    If Ralph Dunham is an American, then his daughter and her offspring are Americans. Why is this a difficult concept for these morons? I don’t like political name-calling but these people are so offensive!

    I suppose this citizenship thing will be the new Whitewater.

  24. Gainesville Resident

    Somehow, I doubt that bill will go anywhere. I’m sure all kinds of bills are introduced but never make it to a floor vote. Anyway, I don’t get the difference between the current rule that says you must be born in the USA to be president. It sounds to me like these congressmen are just trying to stir up trouble, maybe to be a distraction or something from some more important issues at hand. I suspect this is just one example of a lot of frivolous and wasteful stuff that goes on behind the scenes in congress, that we usually don’t get to see – as these kinds of bills probably never make it to the floor. I doubt this one will either. The whole thing is stupid, if there had been an issue with Obama not being born in the USA, the hard evidence would have surfaced long before the election. All I’ve seen is a lot of rumors and stories, and some claims that his birth certificate isn’t authentic or something. I suspect if he really wasn’t born in the USA (in Hawaii) someone by now would have surfaced conclusive proof to that effect. Anyway, I think this boils down to a couple of congressmen trying to make a name for themselves perhaps, or for some reason trying to create some distraction. I’m no fan of some of the stuff Obama is doing (his health care plan is just plain scary, his policy about Guantanamo is half-baked, he just canceled the F22 Raptor program, etc.). However, I just think this business is really a waste of time and isn’t going to lead to anything, and is just a distraction from more important issues.

  25. Pat.Herve

    George Romney, Mitt’s dad who ran for President in 1968 was born in Mexico.

    Who is tasked with certifying that a candidate is eligible for office?

  26. GainesvileResident

    It would seem to me that task would have to reside with someone in one of the other two branches of the gov’t – maybe somewhere in the legislative branch? It’s a very good question though. You could take a step back and say within each party, those seeking the nomination – somehow have to be certified as being eligible for office – as otherwise what’s the point of them pursuing that party’s nomination? It is a very good question if there is some “certifying authority” for candidates – one would think there would have to be, given that the current law lays out those requirements.

  27. Rick Bentley

    This country is splitting apart. Fueling it is the collusion and corruption of the two parties. These angry republicans figure that if Bush was so different from their values, it’d be a BIGGER disaster when a democdat takes office. And they spin off to never-never land. And their party continues to market one thing to them and then delivber something entirely different.

  28. Moon-howler

    Both parties suck. however, that’s where the money (and the pimps) are.

    After watching this video, I am not so such which party has the biggest jackasses. I think the Republicans. Not betting money though or someone will come along w/ a Democtratic video….

  29. RingDangDoo


    >>>Who is tasked with certifying that a candidate is eligible for office?

    The 50 Secretaries of State. They certify the candidates for their respective state ballots.

  30. Rick Bentley

    This is maybe the closest thing here to an open thread … it’s off-topic but I wanted to share a positive story for a change.


  31. Witness Too

    I thought Obama did a great job explaining the health care issue tonight. Not willing to get into a big debate about it. But those who are wondering about what the crucial questions are should catch the press conference on the web.

  32. Moon-howler

    That is a great story Rick. High expectations. Taking the unpopular position of sometimes saying no. Same standards for everyone.

    Actually, it should work everywhere.

  33. GainesvileResident

    I watched Obama last night. To me, I’m still not convinced this isn’t going to become expensive to the taxpayer, add to the deficit, and also decrease health care for people like me who are insureed and have excellent insurance plans from their employer. While I haven’t had any major illness, this year I’ve had some minor routine doctor’s visits, and some prescriptions, and have paid ZERO out of pocket. Yes, you heard that right. Even a routine blood choletorol test was free.

    My employer provides me an excellent health insurance plan. I bet if Obama’s health care passes – my employer will be forced to eliminate this plan. So I probably will pay more than I currently pay for this plan, and at the same time not pay zero dollars for even routine things. This plan, if you don’t use up all your allocation of costs each year, let’s you “roll over” the remainder into the following year. As such, since I’ve been in this health plan for over 6 years now, I’ve got a sizeable amount of rolled over benefits from previous years where I didn’t use this allotment of money. It is hopefully for the time when I will be less healthy.

    I’m just afraid Obama’s plan, will make it too expensive for my employer to offer me this insurance plan – I’ll even list what it’s called “Definitely Gold HRA” – once the Obama plan is enacted.

    Let’s put it this way, if the plan gets enacted, and I can no longer have Definitey Gold HRA as my health plan, I know it will cost me a LOT of money, and I won’t be happy. I’ll be the first to say “I told you so” and it will convince me that Obama’s gov’t health care plan is just not well thought out.

    Also, someone please tell me what’s the rush? There seems to be a rush to get this thing passed, just like there was to get the energy bill passed. I think there’s an ulterior motive for that – and it’s clear what it is – get it passed before anyone can try to figure out all the details, which are vague and confusing, and then it’s too late!

    That’s my opinion, and nothing I heard last night leads me to believe otherwise, unfortunatley.

  34. GainesvileResident

    Oops – how did I mispell the name of my health plan TWICE!!! The correct name is “Definity Gold HRA”. Although, “Definitely Gold HRA” has sort of a nice ring to it!

  35. Moon-howler

    I had an important phone called and missed the speech/appeal. I heard it didn’t go too well but I was watching the money show when I heard it.

    I understand that 9 congressmen are now on the bandwagon to pass citizenship legislation for presidential elections. I guess that little part of the constitution doesn’t count now?

    This not a citizen movement apparently is growing and political analysts say it is really hurting the Republican party. Throw them all in a bag with the likes of Randall Terry and the Republicans aren’t going to be able to run for dog catcher. Good grief.

  36. GainesvilleResident

    That whole citizenshp thing is crazy. Indeed, why is it even needed – it is in the constitution. If any of those congressmen were my congressman, that congressman would not get my vote in the next election, just because I don’t want my congressman wasting time on frivolous legislation! What a waste of our taxpayer dollars, any time spent on that kind of legislation would be!

  37. GainesvilleResident

    The Wall Street Journal (which I will admit is a conservative slanted news organization) did not come down very favorable on Obama’s press conference last night. It refuted several things he said (“everyone would be able to keep their existing health coverage” was one thing he said they gave a good rebuttal on) and also gave a pretty good argument he glossed over a bunch of stuff that would give people pause in supporting it. In any event, I don’t get what’s the rush.

    Also, somehow I got on the White House’s e-mail list. Not sure how – maybe once when I visited the whitehouse.gov website. Anyway, I got an e-mail with what I believe is a very poorly worded subject line from them – “This is not a game”! That’s the title of it!

    Do they think we’re stupid. I don’t think anyone thinks health insurance or health care is a game! So I don’t know the point of that e-mail, but personally I felt it was condescending, and also a poorly choice of a subject line. when I saw it, I though, who the heck is sending me an e-mail with a title like that! I guess it’s part of Obama’s seemingly very agressive push to ram this health care plan through congress.

    Although, the Wall Street Journal seems to have picked up on something, now he’s shifting to calling it “Health Insurance Reform”. Everyone has bad views about health insurance, so it may be more palatable to people if they think of it as that, rather than “health CARE reform”! Clever marketing ploy, and it could just work, that’s the scary thing.

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