To acknowledge that Jackson has received a coveted endorsement from the Virginia Education Association and to ignore this train wreck over on BVBL would be wrong. Letiecq’s recent discussion thread on, entitled – “Jeanette Rishell’s Bizarre Choice Of Used Condom Girl” is simply disgusting. And as a Republican, I find Letiecq’s behavior abhorrent. In my opinion, Letiecq’s behavior extends beyond simple petulance and clearly traverses the proverbial line that should not be crossed. And, while, I acknowledge that Jackson Miller has no control over Letiecq, he does have control over his own message. The only way you stop this kind of electioneering is for Miller to speak out in opposition. A footnote disclaimer on the bvbl website that Letiecq is not ‘part of the Miller campaign’ is not sufficiently acceptable. Granted, taking a stand takes moral fortitude because Miller could conceivably alienate some people. But Miller should ask himself, is it the right thing to do? In my opinion, Jackson Miller should take the opportunity to make a public statement so that it is known that he does not condone these tactics. John McCain denounced the Swift Boat attacks on John Kerry. And, I believe it is called for in this instance.

147 Thoughts to “Jackson Miller & BVBL/Letiecq”

  1. Moon-howler

    You might be on to something, Poor Richard. Entertainment is cheap but I feel a temper tantrum being thrown somewhere….(cupping hand to ear)

  2. ShellyB

    Richard, when you put it that way, don’t you feel sorry for him? Greg I mean. Cynical politicians like Jackson Miller and Corey Stewart have used him up and tossed him aside. So now what?

    He has always reminded me of a lonely schoolyard bully. Except there this short span where he was not so lonely. The school yard bully got to call the shots because the principal (Corey Stewart) had let him sit on his lap. Now there is nothing left to do but spew hatred for hatred’s sake. So he lights a stink bomb or plays ding dong ditch or writes something nasty on the prom queen’s locker. But what does he get in return? Emptiness.

  3. Poor Richard is right, and that is my point. Greg tends to gravitate towards the tabloid end of blogging. What he does, he does well. There is surely a market for it. Look around the next time you are in a supermarket.

    Now, Justin, I am sorry you interpret my comments as defending Greg or not defending a woman, or my daughter. I am not defending anyone. Or condoning Greg. I am also not condemning anything the young lady did or posted. I am not sure why you feel the need to attack me and my daughter (hypothetically) because I don’t care to condemn Greg. I am truly neutral in this. The Supermarket tabloids say outrageous things and people read the paper. Greg uses hyperbole and exaggeration like the tabloids do. Everyone understands that. It’s what they do.

    My guess is Greg will continue to do exactly what he has been doing. As will the Enquirer. My opinion is irrelevant. But I will say I don’t do personal attacks on my blog, but that’s me. And I already apologized for misreading the political atmosphere on this blog.

    I can say that if attention is what Greg seeks, he really gets it from you guys. You all seem to dislike Greg, yet you all read his blog and come over here to discuss it. I just find this an interesting phenomenon.

    I read the headlines in the Supermarkets, but I never buy the paper. Does that tell you anything?

  4. JustinT

    Those are some good points Tom. I guess you are some kind of blogger.

    Letiecq really is like a tabloid. He makes shit up. I guess if you lived up here and you’d seen all the damage he had done, you might understand better where we are coming from. Mr. Tabloid Trash has cost us millions of dollars in tax dollars, millions in property value, and made us the laughing stock of the DC area. Then he disappeared for a while and no one was talking about him. Now this. It follows your tabloid analogy that he’d try to pull something to gain some relevance. But what a way to do it. The man is truly sick.

  5. JustinT – It really does not take much to be a blogger. Anyone can do it. There is no degree required, no bar exam, no requirements at all. The fact that I have a blog does not mean I am anything special. Every blog is different. Political blogs tend to run from wild and outrageous to bland. Left or Right. Some neither.

    And the reasons people blog are different, too. Some have a strong motivation to help a party or an individual, some want to harm a party or individual, and some are in the middle. There’s something for every taste. I am tempted to pick up a tabloid then I see “Martian Alien Fathers Twins” even though I know it’s not true. Even if I read it, I am not likely to believe it. And I don’t feel a need to go after the writer, or protect the twins Mom. You know what I am saying? Even if the Twins Mom was my daughter.

    So, when it comes to blogs, you have to take them all with a grain of salt. Even mine. Especially when the post is opinion.

    I think the National Enquirer does an excellent job of doing what they do, but I don’t believe most of what they say. But remember, they got the John Edwards story right. I find many of Greg’s blog posts entertaining and informative, and some over the top. But that’s what he does. And he is very good at it or we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Please understand a statement like that is just a fact. I am neither condoning or condemning Greg. I think his style has a valid place in the universe and is simply a part of the spectrum.

    The Richmond Times Dispatch had and African-American columnist, Michael Williams, for a number of years that seemed to find something racial in an anti-white way in every column he wrote. Most of these were, in my opinion, totally absurd. Made up. Nearly every week, several Letters To The Editor complained about Williams. And that’s just the ones they published. I bet they got hundreds a week. Yet they kept him on until he left for some school. People hated him, but they read him. So, the paper loved him.

    If I were involved in the NoVa race at point, Greg’s post would be one bit of information I process out of many. As a blogger, if I thought someone was treated unfairly by another blog, I would probably send an email, or pick up the phone and offer to write a post on the person. Not necessarily to respond to an attack, as that is not always the best idea, but to put out a positive story to balance things out.

    I have a very high threshold for getting upset and angry. I find that when I get to that point, my ability to reason is clouded. I prefer to look at things with detachment, if I can. I am not sure that your intended goal, balancing out what Greg says, is best served by directly attacking him. My first impulse would be to put out information, from the target of the attack if possible, that counters that information I disagree with. Not an answer, point for point, and I’d probably not mention the “hit” piece. I would try to avoid a direct counter attack. You look to be on your heals and trying to catch up, meanwhile, the attacker moves on to the next round.

    Again, I say this not for or against anyone. Just a generic observation.

  6. Rick Bentley

    “Mr. Tabloid Trash has cost us millions of dollars in tax dollars, millions in property value, and made us the laughing stock of the DC area”

    Well, he helped to make my neighborhood livable again, instead of a place that I wanted to move out of as soon as possible, abandoning it to another flophouse full of illegal aliens living on a loan they couldn’t pay long-term. Your “millions of tax dollars” gone are because the property balloon probably burst, it’s insane of you to try to blame Greg or HSM or Rule of Law for that.

  7. GainesvilleResident

    I agree with Rick, PWC’s housing market was hit hard due to the economy. Again, it stands to reason that since PWC had more affordable housing, and more people who were strapped finanically and bought this more affordable housing even though they really could not qualify for it (thanks to the greedy banks) – PWC would be hit hardest of all jurisdictions in this area. Those who keep trying to link PWC’s housing market to the resolution just are really reaching. And, it appears PWC is recovering faster than the other jurisditions, which also follows. PWC’s housing market is all due to economics, and doesn’t have very much to do with the resolution. I bet you could find any jurisdiction with a simliar mix of lower income people and affordable housing, and see a similar effect – compared to neighboring jurisidctions with less affordable housing and higher incomes. It’s just muddying things up to keep saying the resolution caused PWC’s housing market problem.

  8. Rick Bentley

    My house is worth about 20% more than it was 9 years ago when I bought it. But only half of what it was worth during the boom years when illegal aliens and their employers were buying houses to put tens of unrelated people in and charge rent to.

  9. Rick Bentley

    My house is worth about 20% more than it was 9 years ago when I bought it. But only half of what it was worth during the boom years when illegal aliens and their employers were buying houses to put tens of unrelated people in and charge rent to.

  10. Rick Bentley

    I’ve always felt that if they bought more of the houses in the more upscale neighborhoods, if those with more income than me ever had to live in a neighborhood with anonymous men walking around at all hours talking in a foreign language and some of them leering at your daughter, that we would be a lot closer to consensus on this issue. If Marty Nohe ever woke up to find that someone had bathed on his lawn using his garden hose and then went car to car trying to siphon gas, maybe he’d feel differently about things.

  11. Elena

    How does one put out credible facts except to analyize from a factual point of view that he has twisted and turned the facts in this case. I believe we have done that.

  12. GainesvilleResident

    I’m not sure if I’m better off than Rick or not as to my Point of Woods house. It is worth 50% more than I paid for it 25 years ago, but only 1/3 of what it was worth in 2006! Talk aobut a precipitous drop in just 3 short years!

  13. GainesvilleResident

    Rick Bentley :I’ve always felt that if they bought more of the houses in the more upscale neighborhoods, if those with more income than me ever had to live in a neighborhood with anonymous men walking around at all hours talking in a foreign language and some of them leering at your daughter, that we would be a lot closer to consensus on this issue. If Marty Nohe ever woke up to find that someone had bathed on his lawn using his garden hose and then went car to car trying to siphon gas, maybe he’d feel differently about things.

    Indeed, now that I’m living in a neighborhood devoid of flophouses (but I’ll point out that it still has I would say 20-30% Hispanic population -but all appear to be families) – I can’t get myself as angry about the whole issue as I did when I lived in a neighborhood full of them. Then again, I should probably still care more – I still own property there and what I read in the recent HOA newsletter leads me to believe nothing has improved – graffiti still exists there, the HOA does nothing about it except to complain (well they claim they are NOW going to maybe get around to removing the graffiti that has been in common areas for more than a year). Anyway, my own experience says – once I moved to a neighborhood that doesn’t have flophouses and loads of young single people living there who misbehave and don’t care about community norms – I don’t care as much about this whole issue as I probably should.

  14. Rick Bentley

    “but I’ll point out that it still has I would say 20-30% Hispanic population -but all appear to be families”

    Same here.

    “I can’t get myself as angry about the whole issue as I did when I lived in a neighborhood full of them”

    I still can. It makes me so angry to live in a nation where laws are only enforced if they make the rich richer.

  15. ShellyB

    Sure Gospel Greg runs a tabloid, but it is rare that politicians work with tabloids or are interviewed in tabloids or employ tabloid liars in their campaigns. This is actually related to the birther thread. Gospel Greg is a birther idiot also. The birther movement, and Gospel Greg’s stinking bathroom wall (our other analogy) would not get any attention from mainstream Americans IF WE DID NOT SEE ELECTED OFFICIALS pandering to them and exploiting them for political purposes.

    This brings us back to the real core of the problem. There are plenty of lunatic liars in the lunatic fringe of society. But what makes them relevant is not we who point out their lunacy; it is the POLITICIANS who encourage and exploit their lunacy.

    Jackson Miller now joins Corey Stewart and John Stirrup as Gospel Greg’s birthers. As in the men who gave birth to Gospel Greg.

  16. @Tom White
    I never read Greg’s crap. Why put myself through through that?

    In fact, even though I appreciate 9500Liberty’s efforts to bring these issues live, I seldom watch the clips anymore. It’s not good for the soul to subject it to that kind of rot on a continuous basis.

    That’s also why I shut off my comments on my own blog. GL’s buds (and probably GL) were sending me all kind of nasty comments that I had to sort through in order to moderate moderate my blog. Why bother? I know what’s going on because I read this blog. And I can keep up-to-date without wading waist-deep in fecal matter.

    So Tom, I do think this blog is doing something good, though admittedly, responding to idiotic behavior gives them exposure. I had to learn the hard way that you can’t overcome racism, preferred-ignorance and bigotry by trying to reason with people like GL and gang. I still try once in awhile because I believe in the ability of human beings to evolve. But then I have to remind myself people will only evolve if they WANT to.

    Do I sound stuck up? Oh well. Too bad.

    “If you don’t like it, don’t read it.”

  17. Rick Bentley

    Isn’t calling him “Gospel Greg”, an attempt to diminish him because of his professed faith, a similar form of attack to the smears on his blog?

    Yes politicians exploit fear and lunacy. Pretty much all of them. Not a lot of heros there. America’s heros are fighting wars overseas. Not many in public office.

    Am I content with Jackson Miller if he doesn’t comment on a direct attack on his opponent’s campaign manager, by a man he has worked with and has an existing relationship with? No, personally I am not.

  18. GainesvilleResident

    Actually, my take on this – many on this blog seem to claim that Greg has lost his influence and has only a small following – yet there seems to be an awful lot of time and energy spent by some of those same people who claim that – to discussing him. If he has such a small following, then why do people care so much what he says? In that case, he would best be ignored. Those people almost give him some sort of legitimacy by continuing to highlight what he says, or they seem to convey more importance to him, yet at the same time claiming he is irrelevant, and has a small following. I find this kind of contradictory.

  19. Witness Too

    Gainesville Resident,

    I have refrained from commenting largely for the reasons you and others have cited. When a child acts out for attention, the last thing you want to do is give it to him. It will only encourage more tantrums. But Pinko also has a point in saying that this blog performs a public service by allowing us to stay informed about and discuss a number of issues, one of which is the antics of Mr. Letiecq.

    Now, I can tell you that I most certainly would not pay any attention to Mr. Letiecq if his bullying and slander was merely a hobby to pass the time. But the truth is that it is part of a larger political strategy, and, he has at times demonstrated an astonishing amount of influence over politicians like Corey Stewart and Jackson Miller. Stewart and Miller are both public servants, elected by the people. So, to the extent that Greg Letiecq writes policy for them, creates campaign strategies for them, and/or spreads libelous rumors about candidates that oppose them, we are as citizens naturally concerned.

    I agree with Rick Bentley, that stunned silence from Jackson Miller is not satisfactory in this latest instance. An abdication of responsibility, morality, and courage is below the standard that I would like to expect from Del. Miller, or from any elected representative in government.

    But I also agree with many posters here that Jackson Miller is forced to weigh the political pros and cons in this decision. Given the small percentage of registered voters who tend to exercise their civic duty in odd year elections, it’s possible that Del. Miller would rather keep the bird in hand (devoted followers of Letiecq) than go for two in the bush (moderates, Independents, and Democrats who are on the fence). It’s another case of putting politics before principle. Disappointing, but not surprising.

  20. Poor Richard

    FYI – Some interesting information on A14 of this morning’s WaPo
    including a map of the Metro area foreclosed auction properties
    “Geography of Distress” (Hardest hit: 20111 Woodbridge -3,041
    foreclosures through the 2Q of 2009). As the map illustrates,
    Greater Manassas and the Herndon area also had above average rates.
    Also note the article “Housing Market Teeters Between Recovery,
    Relapse – Sales,Prices Stabilize, but More Foreclosures Are Expected”.
    Will underline again that Herndon is located in the Great and Good
    County of Fairfax and not Dark Evil Prince William County.
    The driving force on the market – up and down – was guided by
    economics and demographics – BVBL, Corey,and the Resolution played
    small roles.

  21. Witness Too

    And as to whether Letiecq has lost influence, I think one could objectively say that he has. Back in his hey day, Letiecq managed to present some very radical, nonsensical, and hateful ideologies as mainstream. I think he has been successfully pushed to the right, way to the right, by those who finally realized that his bullying tactics were only bluster intended to hide a crushing weakness of character and bankruptcy of ideas.

    The fact that Corey Stewart and Jackson Miller would rather pander to Mr. Letiecq’s extremist followers than reach out to people in the middle is less a testament to Letiecq’s influence and more a testament to that fact that some politicians’ have no regard for responsible leadership and no respect for the intelligence of their constituents.

  22. Opinion

    This thread is the best thing going for BVBL. I read a lot of blogs (including BVBL & anti-BVBL) and have noticed that BVBL’s readership has been going down dramatically for a long time (some posts not even eliciting any response). I think the conversation on this side has been good for Greg (as I notice he is devoting a lot more ink to this issue).

    In the blogosphere, all publicity is good publicity.

  23. GainesvilleResident

    Poor Richard :FYI – Some interesting information on A14 of this morning’s WaPoincluding a map of the Metro area foreclosed auction properties“Geography of Distress” (Hardest hit: 20111 Woodbridge -3,041foreclosures through the 2Q of 2009). As the map illustrates,Greater Manassas and the Herndon area also had above average rates.Also note the article “Housing Market Teeters Between Recovery,Relapse – Sales,Prices Stabilize, but More Foreclosures Are Expected”.Will underline again that Herndon is located in the Great and GoodCounty of Fairfax and not Dark Evil Prince William County.The driving force on the market – up and down – was guided byeconomics and demographics – BVBL, Corey,and the Resolution playedsmall roles.

    Yes, that’s exactly what I’ve been saying for some time. Just compare the demographics of these areas (including Herndon). Demographics along with affordable housing played a huge role in determining why these areas were the hardest hit. And, if there’s anyone to blame it’s the greedy banks who gave out loans to people who couldn’t even really afford these houses, or they were adjustable loans that soon priced them out of their house.

  24. GainesvilleResident

    Opinion :This thread is the best thing going for BVBL. I read a lot of blogs (including BVBL & anti-BVBL) and have noticed that BVBL’s readership has been going down dramatically for a long time (some posts not even eliciting any response). I think the conversation on this side has been good for Greg (as I notice he is devoting a lot more ink to this issue).
    In the blogosphere, all publicity is good publicity.

    Yes, who reads a boring blog anyway. I’m guessing Greg is enjoying all this free publicity he’s getting, and hopes it will continue.

  25. GainesvilleResident

    Also on that chart on Page A14 in the Washington Post – take a look at Sterling – which is in Loudoun County. It is also has similar demographics to Herndon and similar cost of housing. Like Herndon, it has a very high foreclosure rate.

  26. Witness Too

    I agree that this blog is helping Greg Letiecq. He was becoming a footnote to recent PWC history and this has helped him breathe life into his lilting online imprint. It is helping Greg no doubt.

    But in another sense it is hurting Greg. In his warped mind he thinks he is helping Jackson Miller get reelected, but in truth he is making Jackson Miller look like a misogynist pig by extension. Anyone who happens upon this disgusting mess, including many people who are not guaranteed to vote for Miller just because he is quite handsome, are now taking a closer look at him. When you have a candidate besmirched by misogyny on top of mean-spirited bullying, even a handsome strapping young man like Jackson Miller can begin to look threatening and even lascivious. Del. Miller’s long association with Letiecq has always bothered me, but never so much as it does now that there is a very strange sexual element to Letiecq’s hateful obsession with certain women in our community.


  27. Witness Too

    Gainesville, what do you think about reports showing that crime is down all over the region, particularly in diverse communities like ours? I don’t know if that means we should be any more concerned that our 15 year trend of falling crime rates was reversed in the first year after the Immigration Resolution (crime went up slightly). But it certainly puts a damper on Corey Stewart and Greg Letiecq’s claim that our aggravated assault statistic has gone down a lot thanks entirely to immigrants abandoning our county.

  28. GainesvilleResident

    One other interesting piece of data in that article:

    In PWC for single family homes, the prices peaked at 281% of their value as of January 2000, and now are at 192% of that value (the value in Janauary 2000).

    By comparison, Fairfax County – the prices for SFH peaked at just 248% of their value as of January 2000, and now are at 177% of that value.

    This supports the contention that PWC had an exaggerated response – even its rise in housing prices during the boom was higher than that of Fairfax. So it stands to reason if it rose faster, it would fall faster, and recover faster. In fact, in PWC prices are up from the 4th quarter of last year, whereas in Fairfax County prices are still lower than 4th quarter last year.

    Comparing condo sales the same pattern can be noted.

    This seems to help show that this is economics and demographics at work.

  29. GainesvilleResident

    Witness Too – I’ve seen even the police say you cannot take a one year sample of crime statistics and call that a trend. There’s many possible reasons for that aberration. You really have to look at multiple years. In any set of data – there’s never going to be a continuous upward or downward movement, there will always be some momentary change and then the movement will continue. If after a few years the trend shows a reversal, then you have a valid argument. After just one year – even the statistics course I took in college tells me nothing meaningful can be inferred from what one way or the other. So, to me you can’t call that a reversal of a trend. I just consider it not meaningful, and I have a feeling people who are far more knowledgeable about statistics than I am might say the same thing.

  30. GainesvilleResident

    Finally, Manassas City crime rates were down last year for the most part. Yet, foreclosure rates were way up. This seems to put a huge hole in the argument about the resolution affecting foreclosure rates. People will on the one hand say Manassas is affected by the resolution, and that caused its foreclosure rate to be among the very highest in the area. On the other hand, those same people will probably say Manassas is a separate jurisdiction, and that’s why its crime rate continued downward.

    Again, the crime rate statistics from one year to the next are meaningless – only over a multiple year period can they be taken as a trend. Another way of saying this is – crime rate dropping from one year to the next, just those 2 years taken by themselves, does not constitute a “trend”.

  31. Witness Too

    Oh, I agree wholeheartedly that crime statistics fall under Mark Twain’s old adage, “there are lies, damned lies, and then there are statistics.”

    I’m just wondering if we are ready to put a fork in Corey Stewart and Greg Letiecq’s claim that a drop in one particular crime (aggravated assault) in 2008 and an overall increase in crime in 2008 is related to the fact that some immigrants left during that time. My belief is that these two were lying when they tried to connect crime to immigrants before the Resolution (when crime was going down), and they were lying when they tried to take credit for one category of crime going down when most others were going up.

  32. GainesvilleResident

    OK, well then it sounds like we agree about the statistics after all, as I feel like Mark Twain is quite correct in regards to the crime statistics.

  33. Moon-howler

    Opinion, I agree with you. That has been my contention all along.

  34. JustinT

    M-H, I figured you were ignoring Letiecq’s madness because it was bound to embarrass Jackson Miller and you tend to defend him as far as I can see. Then Alanna came back on line and forced you to deal with it, probably because of the same inevitability of Letiecq making Miller look like an ass.

    Ironic how the independent M-H wants to shield Miller from the cowardly kowtow to Greg accusation, while the evangelical Republican Alanna wants to rub his nose in it. But that’s what I like about this blog. Not predictable. No one voice dominates and no censorship.

  35. A good discussion on the Kojo Nnamdi show on WAMU today – “Peep” Culture in the Age of Oversharing:

    peep culture: the false sense of community brought on by technology

    oversharing: telling just a little too much so other people feel a little uncomfortable

    If you listen to it, it’s 13 minutes, but gives a good balanced look at why someone might want to have a blog that brings them attention or doesn’t think a Facebook posting will come back to bite them.

  36. Moon-howler

    justin, enough attention has been given to currish behavior already. No one forced me to deal with anything. Alanna, Elena and I do not agree on political realities is about all that needs to be said. I do not hold anyone responsible for Greg’s behavior but Greg.

    Don’t you think he has gotten enough attention for negative behavior?

  37. Poor Richard

    Looked at map again on A14 of today’s WaPo titled
    “Geography of Distress” and saw in the bottom right corner
    “NOTE: … Prince William includes Manassas City, Manassas Park
    and Manassas”. Say what? Three cities?

  38. Gainesville Resident

    Now that’s pretty funny Poor Richard! Now they have me confused, did I used to live in Manassas City or Manassas????

  39. Gainesville Resident

    Indeed, I don’t see why a lot of people want to hold Jackson Miller in some way responsible for Greg’s behavior. And, I tend to think for someone that many people on this blog have said is irrelevant, and his website gets little traffic – he sure does generate a lot of discussion on this blog. Anyone want to hazard a guess as to what percentage of posts and/or threads talk about Greg or his blog? I think that number would be very interesting. I am sure it is not an insignificant percentage, either.

  40. Gainesville Resident

    I’m also sure Greg loves every bit of controversy he stirs up, and the publicity he gets for it on this blog.

  41. Moon-howler

    If one’s own blog doesn’t get enough traffic and commentors, then all one has to do is go out to other blogs and post there, Gainesville.

    This really is turning into a case of “Beware of Unintended Consequences.”

  42. IWK Manassas

    Okay… now Delegate Miller is a “misogynistic pig” who appears “threatening and even lascivious”, Witness Too? But, he’s also strapping and good looking? Sooooo…. you think that is why people vote for him, because of his looks? This conversation has really gone into a downward spiral. I’m with Moonhowler, there are really important issues that we could be discussing instead of this ridiculousness.

    GL and Delegate Miller are two separate people, each independent of the other. Those who infer otherwise do not know Delegate Miller. Many like to present themselves as being “in the know” and they just simply aren’t.

    I realize Alanna’s intentions were not malicious in her original post regarding Delegate Miller, but some of the comments posted beneath by others certainly are both malicious and very low. Some of you should review your posts and take a good hard look at what some of you have said here about Delegate Miller. What is factual is that Del. Miller has served honorably as both a delegate and courageously as a police officer. Assumptions about Miller’s character based upon things that GL chooses to post is just plain wrong. In my opinion, the nastiness shown here by some is just as distasteful as what is being complained about on BVBL.

    To give this situation more attention by demanding that Miller issue a statement was a mistake, as it has lengthened the timespan of attention that the original post over at BVBL has received. It is time to move on.

  43. Witness Too

    @Witness Too
    I am replying to myself so that my post is available in context rather than with choice words rearranged out of context as IWK has done.

    I think it is a fair question to ask of Del. Miller. Does he share Greg Letiecq’s attitudes toward women? Is BVBL an arm of Miller’s political campaign? Was it ever? Perhaps back when Letiecq was more respected in the community? Does that mean Miller does not condone these sexist and hateful attacks? Does that in turn mean he would like them to stop?

    Could someone explain why these are not valid questions to ask of an elected official who is sworn to represent women as well as men in this community?

  44. Moon-howler

    Witness too, the attacks and the rhetoric has gone so far over the top, I am going to say that I agree it is a fair question to ask Del. Miller if he shares Letiecq’s attitudes not only about women but about all opponents.

    Letiecq seems to be unable to stop his diatribe against all that is Richell. This behavior is over the top and he is bullying her. Since Rishell is Miller’s only opponent, it is not unfair to ask him if disavows this type of behavior.

    Perhaps the difference has been all along, I never said I didn’t feel it was fair to ask him, I just would not have put him on the spot. Things are so out of control now, I feel he needs to do some damage control and fast.

  45. kelly3406

    I agree that Greg was over the top with this posting. He should remove the blog and apologize to the young woman. It is in extremely poor taste to attack family members of a campaign manager or a candidate.

    However, I have to say that Greg’s site sometimes has information that I have not seen anywhere else. An example of this was his discussion of DHS report about right-wing extremism. When I complained that such a report must have been politically motivated, I was castigated by Moonhowler and others that the report was based on intelligence reports. Well … well … well, a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request showed that the primary sources for the report were the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Ant-Defamation League. These are definitely NOT intelligence organizations and neither has credibility in setting counter-terrorism policy for the U.S.

  46. Moon-howler

    FBI not keeping its own records any more? On the other hand, one of those 2 groups had the goods on the Holocaust Museum shooter all along. They must be doing something right.

    I am glad you agree that the postings about the campaign manager are over the top. I don’t think anyone is related but I could be wrong on that one.

    Kelly, I think our major difference on the DHS reports is that I don’t care if it is liberal or conservative groups being put on the watch list. I just want the safety issues for Americans addressed.

    A post 9-11 world is just different. I also think the lines are blurred as to which groups are conservative and which ones are liberal. For example: the Muslim who shot and killed the soldier. Where would you place him on the political spectrum? To me, he would go into the reactionary pigeonhole. I think many of us are using old terms in a new world, myself included.

  47. ShellyB

    Kelly, just because you, me, and most other women in the county are disgusted by Greg Letiecq’s hatred, disdain, and perverted fixation on denigrating women, it does not mean that Greg will do anything about it. He simply has no respect for women. So you saying it or me saying it will not do any good.

    I think the only person who can stop the Greg Hate toward women in this county is Jackson Miller. C’mon Jackson, you can do it. Greg is scary but you are a policeman. You can handle him like Officer Sanchez did. Yank that spindly warlock back on message or you’ll be the one tarred with the misogyny.

    (Who would have thought the community’s only hope to end the hate of Greg Letiecq would be his biggest benefactor and biggest beneficiary!?!?)

    Go Jackson!

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